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UK Indie-Pop Band Talk in Code Is Back With a New Single Entitled “Secrets”

UK Indie-Pop Band Talk in Code is back, this with a new single! I mentioned this band about three months ago in the article “Why YOU Must Listen to UK Indie-Pop Band Talk in Code“, where I talked about the singles “Talk Like That”, “Courage”, and “Taste the Sun”. But how about “Secrets”, how does it stack up against the band’s previous release singles? Continue reading on to find out!

Make sure to listen to “Secret” by Talk in Code below and let me know what you think about the song in the comments!

Feelin’ Good

Whenever you go on their social media pages, you might see that Talk in Code introduces themselves as “Pure feel-good, uplifting indie pop. Think Daft Punk meets The 1975”. And, it is so very true. From the first beat of “Secret”, you can hear the feel-good, uplifting feeling in everything: the synthesized melody, the punchy beat supported by the drums, the warm vocals, and even in that guitar solo during the break. Every part of the song is vital for keeping this feel-good, uplifting feeling.

Each part makes you feel good in their own special way. The synthesizers are bright with a popish, sweet sound. The main vocals feature a lighter as they are warm and soothing. Then there is the guitar! Oh, that guitar solo during the break is a must listen as spirited!

You can hear certain influences within “Secrets”. One influence is from the UK band The 1975 (which I am a big fan of). You can hear the influences in every corner of the song: the popish melody played by the synthesizers and the guitar solo. But, can’t you hear similar sounds in “Secrets” from such 80’s heavyweights like Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking”, Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”, or perhaps Alexander O’Neal’s “Criticize”? You can hear the morsels of what made 80s music so great within “Secret”.

Final Thoughts

Talk in Code did it again with another great tune that is a must-listen! “Secrets” is a feel-good, uplifting feeling that is infectious from the first beat. But, it features sounds and vibes from such influences as The 1975 and The 80s. A well-crafted track for this year, “Secrets” is a must-listen track with its nostalgic vibes and feel-good, uplifting feeling.

Take a listen to the song below and tell me what you think about it!

About the Band: Talk in Code

Talk In Code

Pure feel-good, uplifting indie pop. Think Daft Punk meets The 1975

Talk in Code is an indie-pop band from Swindon, United Kingdom. The band comprises of four members: Chris Stevens (guitars, vocals), Alastair “Snedds” Sneddon (guitars, programming), Mark “Titch” Turner (bass, programming), and Jamie O’Sullivan (drums). The band first recorded material in 2014 with their self-titled album and single “Make It Happen”. They have since recorded many singles as well as a couple of albums.

The band hopes the readers and listeners interact with them on social media and they enjoy hearing from anyone.

You can check out Talk In Code at these following sites:

Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

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