You are currently viewing Talking To Sophie’s Latest Single “Mariposa”: A Refreshing Yet Different Perspective of Life

Talking To Sophie’s Latest Single “Mariposa”: A Refreshing Yet Different Perspective of Life

We got two more days to the end of 2020! I have another song that you must listen to that was released in 2020. It is such a fascinated listen! What is it? It is “Mariposa” by German Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Talking To Sophie. But why is the song is such a fascinated listen!? What makes it such a great one? Continue to read to find out!

Make sure to listen to “Mariposa” down below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

(By the way, I will have a best of 2020 post coming out on New Year’s Eve! Be sure to check that out as I review 2020! Then hopefully, by next week, I will have a New Years playlist out that will help to inspire your 2021 to be a great year! Be sure to check it!)

Faded to Treetops

What makes “Mariposa” such a fascinated listen is just everything about it. There is a lot of good things within the vocals, the lyrics, and instrumentation. The feel-good instrumentation features a light-sounded electric guitar with bold power chords played by the piano. The combination with the guitar, the piano, and the drums makes the sound feel so light-hearted and relaxed.

The vocals also hold a feel-good vibe that makes the listener feel good and relaxed. Talking To Sophie’s vocals are light, warm, and smooth that create that feel good vibe. Their tone also support the lyric’s story about looking at daily life in a whimsical way. The combination of the lyric’s story and the vocals remind me of the experience of just sitting in a forest, sensing everything with all five senses: taking life slowly and looking at every detail.

Final Thought

“Mariposa” by Talking To Sophie is such a beautiful tune that makes the listener whimsical yet feel-good. With the feel-good instrumentation, vocals with a light, warm, and smooth tone, and the lyric’s story about looking at daily life in a whimsical way, “Mariposa” is a must listen with its laid-back vibes and it’s main message of taking in every moment slowly.

How do you feel after listening to “Mariposa”? Listen to the song below and let me know in the comments!

Talking To Sophie’s New Album: In Technicolor

Last month, the German Indie Pop singer-songwriter released his fourth album. Although “Mariposa” is not featured on it, there are 11 tracks that have the same whimsical, feel-good vibe. My personal favorites are “Umbrella”, “In Other Words”, “Time After Time”, and “The Future”. How about you, what are your favorite tracks? Listen to the album down below and tell me what are your favorite tracks!

About the Artist: Talking To Sophie

Talking to Sophie

Klingklang! Talking To Sophie creates Klingklang, wrapped in pop structures, and dizzying sound scramble. After months of playful experiments in the studio Talking To Sophie, alias Marcel Krell releases the self-produced debut album onto multifaceted german stages, whether great or small. Supported by lights, friends, and delight a unique sound art is created with alternating orchestration.

It all started by creating cover songs of the very first self-bought record; songs sung by the boyhood idol. The resulting versions of those songs consisted of power chords and squealing solo action (autodidactic, of course!). Two years later the first band assembled, which would eventually also turn out to be the last.

Five years later, between pop-rock and acoustic shows; after tiring band practice and touring the Brandenburg suburbs, it was time for a new beginning. The band leader now had to shift for himself. This is the story of how Talking To Sophie was created; the self-realization in image and sound.

Make sure to follow Talking To Sophie at the following sites:

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Talking To Sophie's Latest Single "Mariposa": A Refreshing Yet Different Perspective of Life

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