You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Check Out This Catchy Pop Tune by Tarra

The Daily Feature: Check Out This Catchy Pop Tune by Tarra

Upcoming Indian singer-songwriter Tarra wants to represent singles in her latest single “Fangirl”. The song’s subject revolves around celebrity crushes and unattainable romances. “Unrequited love is a theme we see in a lot of songs, but what happens when the other person doesn’t even know you exist.” It is a slick turn with catchy melodies from the verses to the chorus. But how Tarra sings the song is what makes this song stands. Her sweet yet edgy vocals transform each melodic line into lush musicality that grabs your attention. Punchy yet sweet! This is a song that has to be on your playlist today!

Check out “Fangirl” down below. What do you think of the song? let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Tarra


 Rolling Stone featured artist Tarra has been writing songs since the age of thirteen. She hails from Mumbai, India, but her musical sensibilities are global, inspired by songwriters like Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels. The artist found her calling in English pop music a few years ago, and, being of a shy nature in real life, she proceeded to use music as her medium of expressing herself. Each of her songs aims to capture a situation and emotion that listeners will be able to identify with (and make it their own).

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Check Out This Catchy Pop Tune by Tarra

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