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The Daily Feature: Taking a Deep Look At Taylor Roche’s “All I Need”

Today’s Daily Feature is “All I Need” by New Zealand pop artist Taylor Roche. According to the artist, the song “an anthemic, ‘hopeless romantic’ Pop ballad that paints the inner complexities we face when falling in love.” Roche wrote the song with Auckland-based producer Will Henderson, infusing modern-day pop and R&B sounds with those from the 80s from artists like Prince, Tears For Fears, and Chicago. You can hear this fusion clearly within every beat of “All I Need”: there are 80s-inspired soothing synthesized melodies, modern R&B beats, and popish vocals. You can hear a guitar solo between the first and second verses that harken back to the 80’s electric guitar melodies of Prince and Chicago.

The main theme of the tune is all about “embracing the idea of just letting guards down and being true to what you feel because regardless of what they reciprocate, you know that underneath all the self-doubt, they’re all you need”. You can hear not just in the words but also in the melody. For example, you can hear self-doubt in the dark tensions that are featured in the verses. However, that dark tension of self-doubt transforms into empowerment in the chorus with big vocals and synth lines.

Taylor Roche’s “All I Need” is a beautiful, mid-tempo ballad that features soothing synth lines and mellow vocals. However, the most important thing to listen for is the song’s meaning found not only in the lyrics but also in the melody. A wonderful mix of modern and retro music, “All I Need” will not disappoint, but will have you sway along to its melodies while thinking on similar memories.

Make sure to check out Taylor Roche’s “All I Need” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Taylor Roche

Taylor Roche

Taylor Roche is a Pop artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. From an early age, Taylor was performing on stages across New Zealand and Australia and finding his deep passion for music along the way. He left university at the age of 18 after only a year to further pursue his love for songwriting and performing. Since then he has performed across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and has spent a year and a half based out of New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, and the Caribbean performing as the lead vocalist for a 9 piece Pop party band for the largest Cruise Line corporation in the world.

While on his travels around the world and since being based back in New Zealand, Taylor has banked away on some big projects, recently of which have featured on radio stations across Australia, New Zealand, and America and as well as on numerous online publications. Taylor blends his love for nostalgic 80s ballads and deep synth melodies, with modern Pop and R&B to deliver his crisp, aesthetic and authentic Pop sound.

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Taking a Deep Look At Taylor Roche's "All I Need"

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  1. Neely Moldovan

    OH I this! I will for sure want to listen to more of his stuff!

  2. Stephanie

    I can definitely hear those 80s vibes in his music. That’s all my mom still listens to, so I hear it any time we are visiting her. She will probably like Taylor Roche’s music, too, so I will have to introduce her to it.

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