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Canadian Country Artist Tebey Releases Vibrant New Single “Song of the Summer” With Una Healy

Canadian Country artist Tebey recently spoke to ai love music about the release of his new single “Song of the Summer” with Una Seely who was a member of the multi-Platinum UK band The Saturdays. Tebey has been actively building an international fanbase. Doing tours and promotional visits in the UK and Germany, he has been fulfilling a dream of connecting international audiences together with his music. Tebey approached Healy to collaborate, and the duo decided to remake Tebey’s ode to bittersweet summer love – ‘Song of the Summer’ – and took it to new heights!

Make sure to find out why Tebey decided to remake “Song of the Summer”. Check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments!

For those who don’t know you, please tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m originally from Toronto, Canada but have lived in Nashville since 2008. I write songs for myself and other artists. Some of which have gone on to be #1 hits.  


What kind of musical genres and artists influence you and your music? 

I have a very eclectic taste in music. From Top 40 pop to country and EDM. I love it all. And because I love all different genres of music, you can definitely hear that influence in my own songs.  Whether is in the production, or the melodies I write.

How did you get your start in music? And how has that journey been? 

I grew up singing in church as a kid and eventually started entering singing competitions. I moved to Nashville with my father at 16 years old, and I’ve been on this crazy ride ever since. 

Let’s talk about your latest single “Song of the Summer”. 

I had the title ‘Song Of The Summer’ written down on my phone for a while before I actually sat down to write it. I wanted people to relate to the story and find their own truth in the lyrics. Cause no matter where you’re from, or what decade you grew up in, everybody has a song of the summer.  A song that takes them back to a certain place and time.  

What did you choose to remake this tune? 

The song was never originally intended to be a duet. It just kind of happened. I remember one day my manager Jill suggested we do several different versions of the song. One being a duet. I had always been a fan of Una’s since she was a member of The Saturdays, so we approached her team, sent them the song, and the rest is history.

 How was it like working with Una Healy? 

Una & I have actually never met in person. Normally it would be a bit weird to release a single with a person you’ve never met, but with the pandemic stretching into 2021, we haven’t been able to physically be together in the same room.  From recording Una’s vocals in Ireland to shooting the video and the various interviews we’ve done together.  Everything has been done virtually.  

Una Healy

It’s such a killer country tune with great summer vibes. What was the most important thing you wanted to focus on when making this song? Was it the melodies, the vibes, the chemistry between the two singers, or something? 

The melody is the first thing a person hears when they listen to a song, so that is always priority #1 when I sit down to write. Pairing the right words with the perfect melody is a lot harder than it sounds, and I’m very picky. Sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes it takes weeks.  You never know.

What would you say is the most important thing that the listeners should listen for in “Song of the Summer”? 

I want the listener to find a little bit of themselves in the story my co-writers and I created.  If they can do that, my job as a songwriter was done properly.  Music is all about making people feel something. 

What’s in store for the future? 

I’ll probably start writing for my next album this fall. I’m gonna take a trip down to Mexico with my main collaborators and see why we can come up with it. No rules, no boxes. Just great songs. 

Any messages for the readers?

I truly appreciate each and every person who listens to my songs and hope I can play them for you live in the future! 

Make sure to check out Tebey at the following sites:

Official Site | Twitter | Youtube | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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Canadian Country Artist Tebey Releases Vibrant New Single "Song of the Summer" With Una Healy

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  1. Ivan M. Jose

    I love reading about other people’s thoughts in interviews. I think he did a good job with this song as it’s completely relatable. In terms of what he said about songs that remind us of a certain place and time, I do love songs that take me back to my youth in the 90s.

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    This song reminds me of summers as a teenager. IT brought back some fond memories. I like it!

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    I love country music, it gives that certain homey vibe to it. Thanks for sharing the artist with us.

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    I absolutely love songs that give Summer vibes. This is a must have song to have on my Summer playlist.

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    Such a wonderful beat and rhythm and I can imagine it will be a good song for a road trip~ thanks for sharing it with us!

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    I also grew up in church and I came to like singing because of it

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    As you have stated, I am quite interesting in listening to this. Have added to my Spotify playlist!!

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