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"Tenchi Muyo": What Does This Song Actually Mean?

The words that were chosen for this week’s #SongLyricsSunday challenge were “Bottom/End/Middle/Side/Top”. The challenge is hosted by Jim at An Unique Title For Me. My first choice for the challenge was Shania Twain’s “Up”. I mentioned in another post last year that “Up” is my favorite song by her. However, I eventually chose something that I have loved since I was in elementary school: “Tenchi Muyo”.

The Meaning Behind “Tenchi Muyo”

Tenchi Muyo on a package label

“Tenchi Muyo” (天地無用) is the name of a popular Japanese anime series that started in the early 90s. There are two meanings behind the word. One meaning, which a lot of the show’s fans stick to, is “No Need For Tenchi”. But, the other meaning is used as a shipping terminology. When you see “Tenchi Muyo” on a box, it means “this side up” or “this way up”.

It is interesting to note that “muyo” (無用) is translated as “useless”. The literal translation of “Tenchi Muyo” is “useless heaven and earth”. However, negative sentences, verb conjugations, and words in Japanese actually mean “an action that one must do”. So, if a package is written with “Tenchi Muyo”, one must follow the instructions — no ifs or buts.

The double meaning behind “Tenchi Muyo” really confused anime fans in the 90s. I don’t know if the creators behind the series were intending to create a pun or not. But, there were a lot of mistranslations of the series’ name back when it first came out.

The Lyricist and the Band

“Tenchi Muyo” was recorded by a duo named SONIA. There isn’t much information about the group as they weren’t popular except among anime fans. They only lasted for two years from 1994 to 1996. They released four singles and one album.

SONIA on the back cover of the "Tenchi Muyo" Single
SONIA on the back cover of the “Tenchi Muyo” single

I tried to find out who was in SONIA but there is so little information on Google: in Japanese and in English. It seems that the members were bilingual as they could sing English and Japanese seamlessly. You can hear this in their bilingual cover of Sheena Easton’s “Modern Girl“.

The lyricist behind the Japanese version of “Tenchi Muyo” is Natsuko Karedo. She made her debut as a lyricist in 1988 with Hiroko Kasahara’s “Hard-Boiled tte Naani?” (ハードボイルドってなあに?; What is Hard-Boiled?“. This lyricist from Osaka wrote many songs for Tenchi Muyo! as well as other anime series. She also wrote for other artists like Shounentai, C.C. Girls, and Miki Fujitani.

Get Ready, Love Will Leave You Cryin’

The plot behind the story is more of a warning: Be careful of that woman who you want to fall in love with; she is dangerous. Now, this is based on the English version (which the lyrics are written by a mystery person), which I shared below. The lyrics tell of someone warning his/her friend that looks are deceiving! The woman you want to fall in love with will only break your heart in the end. Isn’t this a vicious warning?

The cast of Tenchi Muyo!

It is a mystery how the song’s lyrics to relate to the anime series of the same name. The reason why is because the series’ plot is about six space alien females who take up residency at the house of the part-human male named Tenchi Masaki. There are fights and serious storylines at times. But, the overall genre of the series is comedy: What would Tenchi do when he is stuck with five beautiful space aliens in one house?

(My favorite character of the series is Sasami, who might look young but is actually over 700 years old. My username (Aisasami) is partially derived from the cute character’s name.)

Tell Me What You Think

Listen to both the English and Japanese versions below. Afterward, tell me what you think about the song below! What do you think the story behind the lyrics is?

I recommend listening to “Tenchi Muyo” because it is filled with high energy. From the first beat, you know this is a song that you want to dance to. And it never stops! It is a perfect song to play during that morning workout as it will help to inspire you to become energetic!

Here is a video recording of SONIA performing the Japanese version live in 1996:

The Lyrics of “Tenchi Muyo”

  • Get ready love will leave you cryin’
    It’s gonna hurt you til your heart is dyin’
    Can’t escape it ain’t no use in tryin’
    No exception, love will leave you crying too
    Till you’re a broken man, poor you

The day you see her, a lovely stranger
You only pray that soon you’ll know her name
You finally touch her then you’re in danger
It won’t be long before you feel the pain

‘Cause your emotions will overtake you
You’ll look for heaven in her big brown eyes
But she’s no angel and she’ll forsake you
That shouldn’t come as any great suprise

Passion isn’t really happiness
There is trouble in her sweet caress
Lost in confusion
You’ll drown in delusion
If you don’t run

  • (repeat)

You think you’re macho, a real soldier
But you’ve never seen this women smile
You can’t resist her, You can’t control her
Soon you’ll be helpless as a little child

You’ll feel so foolish, but just remember
There is no man who wouldn’t be her slave
She’s hot as fire, cold as December
Her kiss will drive you to an early grave

Every time you try to run away
Your desires are gonna make you stay
Still in her power weaker by the hour
Why even fight

  • (repeat)

Passion isn’t really happiness
There is trouble in her swet caress
Lost in confusion
You’ll drown in delusion
If you don’t run

  • (repeat)

Credits: Anime Lyrics Dot Com

If you want to participate, here are the rules:

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    Very cool song, and fun to read about the anime series. I liked both videos. It was fun to see them singing it, but also I liked hearing it in English as the first one. I don’t know much about anime, but sure wish I could draw those wonderful pictures like they do. They fascinate me. 🙂

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    My oldest is a huge anime fan – I’ll definitely be sharing this and find out her take on both versions. 😉 Thanks for the intro, and the dance!

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