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Tennyson King’s “Garden Of Truth”: Breaking Through to Start Anew

Earlier today, I talked about a song that emits a feel-good vibe within its lyrics and melodies. One other song that emits the same vibes is “Garden of Truth” by Chinese Canadian indie folk musician Tennyson King. Let’s take a look at why the song has a feel-good vibe. And also, why the lyrics are about “breaking through to start anew”?

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Try to Start Over

From the music video for "Garden of Truth"
From the music video for “Garden of Truth”

Why does “Garden of Truth” make us feel good? The answer lies in the instrumentation, vocals, and the melodies. The song is mostly a guitar-centered song that mainly features a gentle acoustic guitar and light tambourines. You can hear bits and pieces of a drum kit, synthesizers, and an electric guitar throughout the song, but they play a minor part. The main star of the song is King’s vocals as they set the mood with their whimsical and mellow tone. They make the listeners feel good and relaxed. (However, I thought it was cool how King sings the backing vocals as their distinct tones gives the song more depth.)

The lyrics are also the star of “Garden of Truth”. As explained below by King himself, the lyrics tell a story of a couple who leaves their current society to create a new one for the sake of love. The story is told from start to finish in a detailed and whimsical way. By the end, the story doesn’t finish, but it is transformed into an invitation for anyone to join this “garden of truth”. King’s way of storytelling within the lyrics is brilliantly done as captivates the audience with a easy-to-follow narration and smooth transitions.

The single joyfully plays with the idea of living through love and how in our current world, we need a break down to the fabric of society for us to rebuild as one community.  This song is his personal invitation to everyone out there, to join him and his community.

Yet, with King’s lyrics, it feels like this song is relatable to our own lives as if we have experienced our own “garden of truth”s before. How about you: have you ever journey to a “garden of truth” before?

Final Thoughts

“Garden of Truth” by Tennyson King is a delightful tune that will make anyone feel good with it’s calming and soothing vibes. This is because of the whimsical and mellow tone of King’s vocals as well as the light and acoustic sound of the instrumentation. But, the other thing that makes this tune so delightful is the lyrics as it tells of a story in a detailed and whimsical way. It may also make listeners connect to their own personal experiences with the song’s story. Whatever may be the case, “Garden of Truth” is a mellow and whimsical tune that will you delight your day!

Check out of “Garden Of Truth” by Tennyson King below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Tennyson King

The international touring act, Tennyson King, is rapidly gathering fans all over the world.
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, this nomadic musician brings a jovial personality to
the stage. He captures audiences – first with his reverberant, edgy sound and then with his
humorous stories of life-on-the-road. He often appears solo in great halls to small intimate
theatres stunning the crowd with stories of adventure and travels while strumming
electrifying guitar sounds paired with silky vocal lines. Bring in the band on the big festival
stage and they create a huge sound sure to get everyone moving. Folk-rock infused with
earthy roots and pop subtly laced in psychedelic ear candy.

Having performed with such notable acts as Paul Dempsey, Paul Woseen, Yirrmal, Geoff
Achison, Clare Bowditch, Bashar Murad, Basia Bulat, The Jerry Cans, Whitehorse, Sloan,
Elliot Broode, and Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tennyson is accustomed to bringing the
‘wow’ factor to stages around the globe

Playing hundreds of shows all across Australia over multiple tours, having great success
with his tours across Hong Kong and Mainland China, and a host of sold-out shows on his
tour to Brasil, this Canadian artist is growing in popularity, not only in his home country but
worldwide. He has been invited to perform at festivals such as Shambala In Your Heart
(Thailand), Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival (Australia), Beaches Jazz Festival (Canada),
Island Folk Festival (Canada) to name a few.

Tennyson’s latest EP release Coast saw his first commercial radio airplay with The Wolf
and BobFM. The album also has great success with college, community, and CBC radio. His
music has been featured on CP24, CTV, CHCH, BalconyTV, Triple J radio (Australia), StadsFM
(Netherlands), Billboard Brasil, and KKbox (China).

If you’re looking for the place where your soul can be wild and your heavy-heart assuaged,
follow the sound of Tennyson’s crisp, round voice, as he plucks an electric chord and
hammers out a beat on the kick-drum. Tennyson is a true folk-rock nomad.

Make sure to follow Tennyson King at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify | Soundcloud | Apple Music

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Tennyson King's "Garden Of Truth": Breaking Through to Start Anew

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