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The Daily Feature: The Important Messages Nestled in Tennyson King’s “Sheng Ming De Jin Du”

Today’s Daily Feature is a really wonderful tune. It is “生命的进度” (Sheng Ming De Jin Du) by Chinese Canadian indie-folk musician Tennyson King. The song was created in the effort of Tennyson’s journey on re-discovering his Chinese heritage and the #stopasianhate movement.

Here is what the singer-songwriter had to say about the song itself:

生命的进度, pronounced Sheng Ming De Jin Du was originally written in English by Tennyson during his drive through the Australian Outback, a two-week road trip in his ‘91 Toyota Hiace camper van sleeping under the stars and playing concerts. Inspired by experiencing the openness and vastness of the scenery without any encounter with other humans, the song touches on embracing the unknown. Tennyson worked with Hover Chan, founding member of China’s premiere Indie Rock band Golden Cage, to translate and recreate this song with Chinese lyrics, sung in Mandarin. Tennyson is honoured to now share this song’s special message more intimately with the Chinese community around the world.

生命的进度” is such a beautiful song with its gentle melodies, feel-good guitar chords, and pleasant harmonies. Listeners should listen for the lyrics as there is an important message nestled instead. But also, listen for the intricate yet gorgeous guitar melodies, especially at the end of the voice. But also, listen for King’s vocals with gentle, earthy tones.

Make sure to listen for “生命的进度” its simple yet gorgeous arrangements, intricate melodies, and earthy vocals. Don’t forget to listen for the important message found in the lyrics while exploring King’s world together with him.

Check out “生命的” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Tennyson King

Tennyson King

The international touring act, Tennyson King, is rapidly gathering fans all over the world.
Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada, this nomadic musician brings a jovial personality to
the stage. He captures audiences – first with his reverberant, edgy sound and then with his
humorous stories of life-on-the-road. He often appears solo in great halls to small intimate
theatres stunning the crowd with stories of adventure and travels while strumming
electrifying guitar sounds paired with silky vocal lines. Bring in the band on the big festival
stage and they create a huge sound sure to get everyone moving. Folk-rock infused with
earthy roots and pop subtly laced in psychedelic ear candy.

Having performed with such notable acts as Paul Dempsey, Paul Woseen, Yirrmal, Geoff
Achison, Clare Bowditch, Bashar Murad, Basia Bulat, The Jerry Cans, Whitehorse, Sloan,
Elliot Broode, and Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tennyson is accustomed to bringing the
‘wow’ factor to stages around the globe

Playing hundreds of shows all across Australia over multiple tours, having great success
with his tours across Hong Kong and Mainland China, and a host of sold-out shows on his
tour to Brasil, this Canadian artist is growing in popularity, not only in his home country but
worldwide. He has been invited to perform at festivals such as Shambala In Your Heart
(Thailand), Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival (Australia), Beaches Jazz Festival (Canada),
Island Folk Festival (Canada) to name a few.

Tennyson’s latest EP release Coast saw his first commercial radio airplay with The Wolf
and BobFM. The album also has great success with college, community, and CBC radio. His
music has been featured on CP24, CTV, CHCH, BalconyTV, Triple J radio (Australia), StadsFM
(Netherlands), Billboard Brasil, and KKbox (China).

If you’re looking for the place where your soul can be wild and your heavy-heart assuaged,
follow the sound of Tennyson’s crisp, round voice, as he plucks an electric chord and
hammers out a beat on the kick-drum. Tennyson is a true folk-rock nomad.

Make sure to follow Tennyson King at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify | Soundcloud | Apple Music

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The Important Messages Nestled in Tennyson King's "Sheng Ming De Jin Du"

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  1. Gavin Sutherland

    Oh man – can’t believe I have never seen Tennyson considering how many shows he played across Australia. Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for the next one!

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    That’s very good music, thanks for sharing!

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    I love the message behind his song. We need more artists like him.

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    I have never heard of him. I’ll check him out for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Renata

    I haven’t heard of him before, but maybe he is not that well known here in Belgium

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    Truly unique sounding. I am glad to see such different music choices existing in the world. Thanks to your blog, I am tuned in!

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