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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Terez Talks About Her Win at the Her Music Awards

Canadian Métis pop singer-songwriter Terez is a winner of one of five honorable mention awards at the second annual Her Music Awards. Terez is a young Métis pop singer-songwriter and producer with a fan base of over 130,000 followers. She has collaborated with influencers such as Nicole Arbour, and shared stages across North America with heavy hitters like Keith Urban. She has been making her mark since releasing her debut EP Sad Girl Summer, showcasing her original pop-punk sound.

The singer-songwriter recently spoke to ai love music via email about her winning the honorable mention award at the Her Music Awards as well as releasing her EP Sad Girl Summer. What does winning this award mean to Terez and what advice does she have for other artists who are looking to enter their own music in this prestigious award.

Hey! Could you please briefly introduce yourself to those who don’t know you!

Hello, hello! My name is Terez – I’m a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer with a love of pink. I write songs across different genres like Country and K-Pop, play guitar and piano, love all things style and fashion, and have arguably one of the cutest dogs on the planet (I might be a little biased). 

What got you into music? How has your musical journey been since then?

My brother had a guitar when we were growing up, and I used to sneak into his room and play it. My parents very kindly got me a toy-like guitar when I was about 10 years old so I would stop playing his guitar, and that’s when I found my love for songwriting! I didn’t know that what I was doing was considered ‘songwriting,’ I was just having fun with my newfound creative outlet, which resulted in numerous songs and ultimately my career path.  

My musical journey has been like a good old fashion road trip – there’s beautiful scenery, I’ve gotten lost multiple times, been too proud to admit I’m lost, found my way back, hit a pothole or two, and have eaten lots of candy! On social media, I can look like I have it all put together, but I have been so humbled by my experience in the music industry. I’ve been lucky to find many amazing mentors to guide me and keep me pushing forward. Ultimately, I’ve found the most fulfilling way to share my innermost thoughts and a career path that challenges me a lot but excites me even more.


What artists and genres influence you?

I am a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, and Ariana Grande. When I was younger, my parents would listen to all different types of music, so I grew up loving every genre. Even today I find influences from all these genres but especially Pop, R&B, and Punk. I like to blend catchy Pop melodies with the soulfulness of R&B and the attitude of Punk Rock

It has been a year since you released your debut EP Sad Girl Summer. Could you briefly tell the readers what the EP is all about?

Sad Girl Summer mixes the fun of Summer with the deeper emotions that we can have behind the scenes. I wanted to show the contrast between happy melodies and sad lyrics, the same way that we can portray a happy exterior but have deep emotions on the inside. 

How did it feel that you released your debut EP a year ago? Have you learned anything valuable in this past year?

It’s crazy to think it’s already been a year – I guess the first lesson I learned is that time goes by insanely fast when you’re having fun! But in all seriousness, I feel really proud of myself for putting that project out. It was a lot of work and a long-time dream of mine, so releasing this EP was quite a big accomplishment for me and a big achievement for my career. I learned a ton through the process like budgeting twice the amount of time I think I’ll need for EVERYTHING, sticking to my creative vision, fighting for it when I need to, and that everything will be okay in the end.

I stressed myself more than I needed to, so with my next EP I plan to be much more zen. I’ve even started using incense to cleanse my home studio when I record. I find this gives me clear, fresh energy for the session (even if it’s just the placebo effect).

Congratulations on winning an honourable mention award at the Her Music Awards! What does this award mean to you?

Thank you so much! This is the first time I’ve received any type of recognition from an awards ceremony, so for me, this is so incredibly exciting and such a privilege. I feel so proud to be considered among the other women who received honorable mentions and be a part of this community of women blazing their own trail in the music industry. 

Could you please talk about the Her Music Awards and why they are so important?

There’s been this stereotype that ‘behind every female success in the music industry, there must be a man doing the work’. There’s no shame in having men on your team helping you build your career, but this stereotype is aimed to discredit women’s capabilities, talents, and work ethic. Additionally, a study found that 98% of music producers are male, leaving only 2% to be female or non-binary. I’m passionate about empowering women to step into these roles so that music can reflect all different experiences and backgrounds regardless of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

The Her Music Awards empowers and celebrates women to continue stepping into these roles within the industry, eliminates harmful stereotypes, and inspires the next generation of young women. 

What is your advice for those who are looking to be nominated for the Her Music Awards?

Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Take time to find your sound and your authentic self, very rarely are the ‘best copycats’ recognized the way free thinkers and innovators are. Don’t be afraid to be weird! Align yourself with other women in the industry through collaborations, networking, and friendships. My best friend, Justine Tyrell, is an incredibly talented R&B singer-songwriter. When Justine and I discuss our experiences in the music industry, it makes us both more understanding of the need to empower women while also providing a safe space. 


What is next for you?

I’m currently recording my second EP in Mexico – I figured I could either work in the snow or pack up my gear and find somewhere warm. I chose the warm destination and have no regrets. So, lots of music is on the way… Sooner than you think!

Finally, do you have any words for the readers for ai love music?

I want to say what an honour it is to be featured on your blog. I have had a crush on Japan for so long and can’t wait to travel there someday very soon, I’ve even started learning Japanese when I come to visit. Many of my favourite treats are from Japan like Hi Chews, Kawaii goodies, and Yakult. I found a place in Mexico that sells Yakult in bulk and can confirm that I drank approximately 50 of them in one month and just bought another pack of 25 today.

Am I probably overdoing it? Yes, absolutely, but they’re my little treat every time I finish a hard task. I have so much appreciation for your culture and feel so incredibly privileged to be interviewed by ai love music. Thank you so much, and I hope I get to visit you very soon! 

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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Terez Talks About Her Win at the Her Music Awards

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