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TGTG Talks About Their 10-Year Plan and Their Latest Album

I recently caught up with the American alt-rock duo TGTG. I met up with the duo when they performed in Nagoya last month as part of their first-ever Japan Tour. They sat down with me to talk about their beginnings, their latest release, and TGTG’s future. 

Who is TGTG?

TGTG performing ive

TGTG started as a solo project for Tomás Gorrio. Gorrio started off in various rock bands. The last band that Gorrio was a part of was offered to record with a producer in Nashville. When the album was completed, Gorrio wasn’t pleased with the album sounding too commercialized. On top of that, a booking agent that checked the band out told Gorrio that she didn’t like his voice. Instead of continuing on, Gorrio quit the band and decided to make his own music while traveling.

[I] was leaving Nashville because I didn’t like how the Nashville music industry was molding my music.” Gorrio explained, “Like trying to be more commercial, trying to be more marketable. It’s good for some people. But for me, I don’t want to do this. Let me just go and do my own thing. And I’ve been to a lot of bands. I know how to record music. I know how to book a tour. I know how to make merchandise like silk screen t-shirts and all that stuff. So, I’m like, I can do this myself.

Tomás Gorrio
Tomás Gorrio of TGTG

Halfway into recording his self-produced solo album, Gorrio met Becca aka The Gylestial. They soon fell in love. Gorrio then proposed to The Gylestial a spot on his album and appear on stage with him, which she agreed to. The two then set out to travel around the world and self-produce their own material. TGTG released their first album in 2016, entitled We Create Our Maps. They have so far released three albums and performed in three countries.

As for the band’s musical style, Gorrio had this said: “A lot of people can’t put a finger on what style we are.” TGTG’s musical style is mainly classified as alternative rock. But their songs are a mixture of a lot of genres. For example, if you listen to songs like “Romantic Novel”, you can hear the Spanish Beat throughout. Yet, there is a punk rock vibe in most of their songs as that is where TGTG’s musical background comes from.

The Ten-Year Plan

Becca aka The Gylestia from TGTG

The name of their concert tour is The Positive Energy World Tour. The plan is to have the duo travel the world for ten years, recording and playing live. “It’s a 10-year plan to travel the world, spread positivity and inspire people to follow their dreams,” Gorrio explained. He then further explained why he came up with the “10 Year Plan”. He asked people working in the service industry how long they have worked at their jobs. The typical reply was 10 years. But these workers weren’t happy in their jobs. Yet, they didn’t want to change their situation. These people just wanted to be content in their misery.

Gorrio and The Gylestial didn’t want to be like that. The two didn’t want to be miserable. They didn’t want to be stuck in an unhappy situation. Instead, Gorrio and The Gylestial wanted to do something that would make their life meaningful. But also, to be about THEIR dreams. They also wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams and live life in positivity. Thus, the Positive Energy World Tour was born.

…. Follow your dreams. To those of you that are scared or don’t think you can do it: It’s okay. It’s okay to be scared and we’ve been scared. I’m in my thirties and it took me this long to figure that out: I wanted to do this. It’s hard to just leave your comfortable job and your income. But it’s okay, hang in there and keep building that dream.

And I have a theory [called] the “Fuck-It Spot”. The “Fuck-It Spot” is when you’ve had enough. You’ve had enough of your job. You’ve had enough of your day-to-day routine. You’ve had enough of everything that’s going on in your life and you just can’t take it anymore. Then you say “fuck it” and you go for your dreams no matter what…There’s nothing really to be scared of.

Tomás Gorrio

Their Latest: Nomadic Hearts

Nomadic Hearts is the title of the duo’s latest release. There is a bit of everything in this album. Are you a lover of punk rock? Listen to “Silver Boat”. Love the Spanish Beat? Try “Romantic Novel”. Want an acoustic rock song? Listen to “Lucky Duck”.

One of my favorite songs off this album is “Romance Novel”. There are three specific elements that mesh together well within the song. First, the female and male vocal combinations during the chorus. They are delightful as both vocals blend in harmony. Second, the synthesizer bits found in the chorus are very fascinating. These musical riffs are interesting as they something different. But they are a nice addition to the main melody. The synthesizer bits are well suited for the song. And finally, “Romantic Novel” comes full circle with the exquisite Spanish beat.

The sweetest thing about “Romantic Novel” that it is about the love story between the two members:

So, while I was in Nashville and recording my album, we met and we started falling in love. Then I was like, well you want to travel the world. And, you’ve talked about being in a rock band. We can make that happen. if you want to give this a chance, we can do this together.

And then. one day in Nashville, we were hanging out at our favorite spot, Percy Priest Lake. We were sitting there having a picnic and I proposed that to her. I was like: “Look, we can do this together and give you some instruments. We can live out of the car. it’s not the most luxurious life. But it’s going to be something that.

Tomás Gorrio

There is a lot more to each song found on the album than the various musical genres found within. Each song is crafted with a unique melody and set of lyrics that are relatable to current world affairs. One example is found in the song “Robotic Family”. Gorrio described the premise of the lyrics on “how we are all addicted to our robotic family essentially. It’s part of our day-to-day.” These lyrics are eye-opening to the way we live our lives in today’s world.

What is Your Favorite Song Off Nomadic Hearts?

My favorite songs off the albums are “Faceless Princess”, “Romantic Novel”, “Silver Boat”, “Bella Mariposa”, and “Hypnotized”. “Faceless Princess” reminds me of a punk rock song that I can’t exactly put my finger on. But it reminds me of a song that I listened to when I was in high school during the 2000s. Nevertheless, what I like about “Faceless Princess” is the guitar build-up to the chorus, the chorus’ staccato ending, and the airy female vocals. 

Also, check out the guitar as well as a mixture of English and Spanish lyrics in “Bella Mariposa”. Take a listen to “Hypnotized” and “Silver Boat” for their killer punk rock melodies.

You can check Nomadic Hearts on various streaming services, including Spotify:

After you finish listening to the album, tell me what is your favorite song off the album in the comments below!

Check Out TGTG

You can check out TGTG on their official website. They are currently touring around the United States. Check out their tour schedule on their website or social media.

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