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Why Must You Listen to The Banquets’ Debut Single “Red Sky Morning”?

Enigmatic songs are the name of the game on today’s post. Have you listened to any recently? I have and it is such an addictive and superb tune! What is the song you say? It’s “Red Sky Morning” by UK pop-rock trio The Banquets. Besides being enigmatic, there are other qualities that make the trio’s debut single one of the best singles of 2020. Why is that? Let’s explore a little more down below!

Diving Deep Into “Red Sky Morning”

They [the band] wanted to produce a bigger sound with electric guitar and western vibes, accompanied by a stunning music video to capture the story. 

Press Release

The song starts off with a tantalizing bluesy rock introduction. You can hear in the twangy electric guitar that introduces the song but also sprinkles a chord here and there throughout. But, the guitar doesn’t just play bluesy rock, but a folk-rock vibe too. Listeners can hear the folk in the acoustic guitar’s powerful chords as well the small solo bits by the acoustic guitar in the chorus. Each guitar part brings their unique edginess as they help to support the main melody in the vocals. But, don’t forget the other instrumentation as the bass adds a smoky depth and the drums add a soothing touch.

Now, the main star of The Bouquet’s debut song is the melody, which is found mostly in the vocal line. Gemma Dee’s vocals are infectious as they pull listeners throughout the song’s journey with their distinctive and soulful tone. Gemma Dee has unique vocals, yet they are filled with an endless amount of passion and energy. Each note that the singer croons is filled with soulful tones, vibrato, and colors that are hard to resist.

Final Thoughts

The Banquets’ “Red Sky Morning” is a captivating tune that is filled with smoky instrumentation, alluring vocals, and delectable melodies. There is something for everyone as the tune offers a diverse range of talent and sounds. The song is well-crafted and features amazing talents from all three members, such an amazing feat for being the band’s debut single. With the smoky bluesy rock guitar, the soothing beats from the drums, and the distinctive yet enigmatic vocals of Gemma Dee, “Red Sky Morning” is a magnificent start for the UK based trio. It makes one ponder: what is in store for the band’s next single?

Make sure to check out “Red Sky Morning” by The Banquets down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: The Banquets

The Banquets

The Banquets are an alternative rock/pop trio. The members are Gemma Dee (vocals), Leon Russell Hills (guitar), and Francis Watson (drums). The trio had quite an explosive introduction to the music scene in 2019-2020, appearing on the Introducing Stage at the Great British Folk Festival, supporting The South (formerly The Beautiful South) on their UK tour, and supporting legendary icon Toyah Wilcox. They captivated audiences up and down the country with their infectious energy, their northern charm, and the formidable voice of their lead singer.

The Banquets’ sound is a simple mix of rock, blues, and pop music, and they try to maintain the great tradition of British rock. The musical influences of the band stretch far and wide, and go right back to the early 20th-century blues scene. Their sound is hugely impacted by the music that has flowed out of America over the last century, and like most British music, it reflects back that sound and rubs in some northern British magic. Although on the surface they might appear to be an acoustic outfit, they aim to make as big a sound as possible, and their sound often leans towards the ecstatic.

Their goal is to “We are very passionate about making quality original music that gives people a strong visceral feeling”.

Check out The Banquets at the following sites:

Official Website | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Soundcloud

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Why Must You Listen to The Banquets' Debut Single "Red Sky Morning"?

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