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A Different Side of The Banquets With “Restless”

British folk-rock band The Banquets are back with their newest single entitled “Restless”. The band has been mentioned on this blog several times before. Back in 2021, “Red Sky Morning” was said to be a captivating tune that is filled with smoky instrumentation, alluring vocals, and delectable melodies. Then in the summer, “Black Mirrors” was described to be a delectable tune with a mellow and easy-to-follow melody, infectious vocals, and profound lyrics. By Christmas 2021, the band’s single “Mary Mary” was said to have a smokin’ hot alt-rock sound with addictive melodies.

But, how about “Restless”? How is it different than the previously mentioned singles? And why is it worth a listen? Let’s dig a little deeper down below.

We Never Wanted to Be Restless

The Banquets

The Banquets’ newest single details the feelings and experiences of band members Leon and Gem during a lockdown. They couldn’t stay in one place for a long time as they are active people. “Restless” captures these desires of going out into the world and being active. There is so much more to life than being holed up in one place. Listeners will relate to these lyrics as anyone during this pandemic has similar experiences.

Yet, I feel like the lyrics to “Restless” have another meaning, one of a dreamer who is always seeking their newest adventures. Never really settling down or being conformed to one place or society, this dreamer always has wings on their feet, leaping towards their freedom.

“Restless” is different from the other The Banquets tunes as this one is more mellow, slower-paced, and acoustic. The other tracks have infectious melodies and fast-paced, addictive soundscapes, “Restless” offers more of a whimsical piece of mind with its gorgeous acoustic soundscape. The instrumentation is minimal but has that calm folk-rock feel that makes the listening experience relaxing and simple. Of course, Gem Russell-Hills’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with as they are the magnetic force that drives the song. Yet, the addition of the backing vocals in the chorus with the lead vocals makes the vocal melodies more powerful and vivid as there is more depth added to them.

The Banquets’ “Restless” is a magnificent track that features mellow soundscapes mixed with introspective lyrics. It is a tune listeners can relate to with their own experiences, pandemic or no-pandemic, and dreams. These are wrapped in the warmth of ethereal acoustic melodies and striking vocal layers. If you are looking for something to enjoy your days with, then you have to check out “Restless” today!

Make sure to check out “Restless” down below. What do you like about the song? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: The Banquets

the banquets

The Banquets are an alternative rock/pop trio. The members are Gemma Dee (vocals), Leon Russell Hills (guitar), and Francis Watson (drums). The trio had quite an explosive introduction to the music scene in 2019-2020, appearing on the Introducing Stage at the Great British Folk Festival, supporting The South (formerly The Beautiful South) on their UK tour, and supporting legendary icon Toyah Wilcox. They captivated audiences up and down the country with their infectious energy, their northern charm, and the formidable voice of their lead singer.

The Banquets’ sound is a simple mix of rock, blues, and pop music, and they try to maintain the great tradition of British rock. The musical influences of the band stretch far and wide and go right back to the early 20th-century blues scene. Their sound is hugely impacted by the music that has flowed out of America over the last century, and like most British music, it reflects back that sound and rubs in some northern British magic. Although on the surface they might appear to be an acoustic outfit, they aim to make as big a sound as possible, and their sound often leans towards the ecstatic.

Their goal is to “We are very passionate about making quality original music that gives people a strong visceral feeling”.

Check out The Banquets at the following sites:

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A Different Side of The Banquets With "Restless"

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