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The Battle of the Bands at the Beginning of Spring

It is time for a new Battle of the Bands. Since it is April, I wanted to dedicate this particular battle to spring. This season is very important in Japan as it is the season of rebirth, renewal, and freshness. It is a season of positivity as the blues of winters melt away as the warmth of spring rushes in. And, as the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, the images and words associated with spring will hopefully lift people’s spirits during these perilous times.

(This post is part of series called “Battle of the Bands” which other bloggers take part in their own battles. The blog collection is hosted by Stephen T. McCarthy over at STMoC PRESENTS BATTLE OF THE BANDS. Check out the other participants below!)

春: Spring

Spring at Nittaji and Cherry Blossoms

Spring is a very important season here in Japan. Well, each season has its own deep meanings to the Japanese culture, but spring is the most important of them all. Last year, I talked about how sakura (or cherry blossoms), a prominent early spring flower here in Japan that signals (re)birth, the start of something new, renewal, and a new year. The same holds true for spring as many will start a new journey, whether it be a job, school, a hobby, or a path. Springs brings a sense of change to Japan.

Because of this season of change, people here in Japan might think about goals towards the new season or school/work year. I face one of the biggest changes as I start at a new workplace today. It is the same type of job I been doing for five years (working a preschool) but at another school. Yet, this career change is important as I have reached a point in my life where I am questioning if I want to continue this career path or forge a new one. And, if I really want to stay in Japan or move back to the US (and live in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere). This will be a year of deep thinking.

Do you have any goals for spring? Are you facing any changes during the new season? Remember, it is never true late to start new goals, you don’t need New Years for that. You can make one now. What part of your life do you want to change and make renew?  Tell me in the comments below!

Spring, Cherry Blossoms, and me

The Battle of the Bands at the Beginning of Spring

For this battle, I thought long and hard about what types of songs do I want to use. Do I want to feature songs about spring? Or about flowers?

I eventually thought about using songs about spring as I can do flowers maybe in the next battle. However, I did pick Japanese songs for this battle as I always feel the deep Japanese meaning when I hear or see the word spring. Maybe I have been living here too long? But, I am hoping to use songs from other countries in future battles as I been using Japanese songs for the last three battles.

Enjoy the songs and vote for your favorite by commenting!

“Haru yo Koi” (春よ、来い ) by Yumi Matsutoya

Yumi Matsutoya is one of the most recognizable and prominent figures in modern Japanese music. Many argue it is because of her songs, her lives, or perhaps her distinctive voice. You might have recognized her voice in such songs as “Rouge no Dengon” (The Rouge Message) and “Yasashisa ni Tsutsumaretanara” (If Wrapped In Gentleness) as they were featured in the Studio Ghibli movie Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Out of the countless songs that Matsutoya has released in her 52-year-old career, my personal favorite is “Haru yo Koi” (春よ、来い Spring, Come). It is such a beautiful song that really encapsulates the emotions of spring: peaceful, soothing, and beautiful. Matsutoya’s distinctive voices are a perfect match for this tone as they are gentle and lovely. Although one might see it as a love song, others have seen as a song of encouragement, especially after the 2011 Touhoku Triple Disasters. “Haru yo Koi” is such a nice song with its calm melody, Matsuoya’s gentle vocals, and it’s words of encouragement.

Lyrics for “Haru yo Koi”

Here are the lyrics translated into English, credits got to Misachan:

Yumi Matsutoya
Yumi Matsutoya

In the pale light of a rain shower
From the beloved faces of the winter daphnes
Buds of tears overflow as
One by one, their fragrance emerges

And that, that, crosses the skies
Soon, soon, they’ll come for me

Spring, far-off spring, as I close my eyes, right there
You, who has given me love, I hear your nostalgic voice

My heart, which I’ve entrusted to you
Is still waiting for your answer
No matter how much time passes
Always, always, I will wait

And that, that, crosses tomorrow
Someday, someday, it’ll definitely reach you

Spring, as-yet-unseen spring, whenever I feel lost and stop
You, who has given me dreams, your gaze embraces me

Dreams, superficial dreams, I am here
Thinking of you, I walk alone
Like the falling rain, like the falling petals

Spring, far-off spring, as I close my eyes, right there
You, who has given me love, I hear your nostalgic voice

Spring, as-yet-unseen spring, whenever I feel lost and stop
You, who has given me dreams, your gaze embraces me


YUI is a popular sing-songwriter for young adults and high-schoolers here in Japan. Her rock-pop tunes are similar to Avril Lavigne which are catchy and relatable. I am not much of a YUI fan, but a lot of people love her as she appears on every TV music special. She was just on a spring-themed countdown special the other night with her band FLOWER FLOWER

And it was on this countdown that I learned that “CHE.R.RY” is a spring song with flavor. The idea behind the song is “☆ I will give you a spring song like sweet and sour fruit ☆”. YUI herself said that this a cute song that has the flavors of sweet and sour. You can feel the cuteness in the lyrics as it talks about puppy love.

“CHE.R.RY” isn’t my type of song as it is a generic pop-rock song but it is pretty cute. If I have to describe the song in relation to spring, “CHE.R.RY” is about finding new love in the season of new beginnings.

Lyrics for “CHE.R.RY”

Here are the lyrics translated, credits got to


A tremble in my hand that turns into a bit of courage
I’m bad at emoticons, but I get nervous when it’s from you

I heard from someone that I shouldn’t send a reply too soon
I can’t play mind games

…but I love you, ah ah ah ah

I fell in love with you, but you probably haven’t noticed right?
I deeply wish upon the starry night, “CHE.R.RY”
~A message I send to you by the tap of my fingers

The sakura are blooming; I’m watching the scenery from my room
Still won’t swap this moment for mere ten seconds of your world

Just a single line is totally fine; your words are all I want
True or not, I can keep on believing

…’cause I love you so, ah ah ah ah

I fell in love with you, but you probably haven’t noticed right?
I deeply wish upon the starry night, “CHE.R.RY”
~A message I send to you by the tap of my fingers

A fruit that slowly ripens is better
I want to build up from simple chats, ah ah ah ah

A beginning of love--my chest tightens from the excitement
I’ll wait forever, entrusting my message to the wind of the cold spring night

I fell in love with you, but you probably haven’t noticed right?
I deeply wish upon the starry night, “CHE.R.RY”
~A message I send to you by the tap of my fingers

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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The Winner For “The Battle to the End for Kobushi Factory

Thank you to all who voted in the Battles of the Bands which I honored one of my favorites: Kobushi Factory.

The Winner of the Battle is…

Both Songs!

Yes, you read it right! Both songs won! First time ever that I had a tie!

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The Battle of the Bands at the Beginning of Spring

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  1. Arlee Bird

    Yui has an upbeat sound that is very appealing to me, but in this Battle my vote goes to Yumi–that song took me to a place of memories, relaxing to listen to.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. World In Eyes

    Spring is beautiful everywhere, thanks for sharing good songs

  3. Krysten Quiles

    Yay, I love new songs for springtime! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  4. Kelly

    I didn’t get to vote in time, but if I did, it would be CHE.R.RY. It’s very catchy and makes me feel ready to jump into spring. Thank you for the introduction!

  5. Spring is my favorite season! I love seeing all the flowers blooming everywhere, especially the cherry trees! Love the songs!

  6. Amber Myers

    I love spring flowers! I love the warmth of spring as well. I will have to check these out for sure.

  7. Marie Phillips

    Wow, you have some big decisions to make in the coming year. I have a feeling that whatever you choose will be fine for you. You will land on your feet!!

  8. HiYa, AMY! A Joyful Spring to you!!

    When I was a kid, growing up in Santa Monica, California, my favorite season was Summer. Because Summer meant “no school” and “riding waves at the beach every single day”. As a kid, living just 17 blocks from the beach, you couldn’t beat Summer.

    But as an adult, living in Nevada, my favorite season is Fall. I love the colors of the changing leaves, the slight chill in the air, the smell of fireplace smoke in the air… Ahhh!…

    But most definitely, nowadays, having lived in cities that get snow for the last 5 years, my 2nd favorite season is Spring. I am NEVER SORRY to see Winter fading away into the past.

    I really enjoyed this Battle of yours. Probably my favorite of your ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installments up to this point.

    The second song wasn’t bad at all. Kinda catchy, actually. BUT!… without a doubt, my favorite of the two was ‘Haru yo Koi’. That was a peach of a song, which really conveyed a sense of Spring (and I didn’t even read the English translation, so I don’t know what the words were really saying).

    Plus, I absolutely LOVED the video that went with the song. (NOT that I allowed the video to influence my opinion, because BOTB is strictly about the music, unless the BOTBer states that the videos can be considered in the contest. Which occasionally occurs, but it’s very rare.)

    So often lately – like over the course of the last 3 years – I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my own childhood and how wonderous and lit up with Golden Light it was. So, that childhood-celebrating video for ‘Haru yo Koi’ very nearly brought tears to my eyes. (Not to mention that the singer is kind of yummy… er– I meant, Yumi. ;^)

    Very nice Battle! And please cast my BOTB bote for Yumi Matsutoya.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  9. Wow. I am happy that both of them won! I used to watch and attend battle of the bands before. This is so fun!

  10. Following the Rivera

    There are some great bands here, and songs too. You’ve given me some new music to listen to!

  11. Sayanti

    Spring is one of my favourite seasons and I love watching everything so bright and colourful around in this period. Listening to good music is like a cherry on top. Thanks for sharing

  12. Cathy Kennedy

    Amy, my dear, I hope you’re doing well. How’s things in Japan? We’re under a ‘safe at home’ order with the COVID-19 outbreak. This new norm feels very strange but it’ll pass in time. Meanwhile mewsic brings me joy and I found both of your artists delightful. I loved the cheery upbeat tone of the second song but I found Yumi relaxing for my mind and so I give her my vote. Please when you get a chance stop by to participate in my BoTB showdown rolled in with my Cathy’s Pinup Girl A to Z Challenge Art Sketch Series post. Stay safe and sound during these troubling times, my friend. Sending love, hugs, and prayers to you!!

  13. Joanna

    Nice theme for the battle of songs. It reminds me o fa really beautiful song from the country I was born in, which translates as “You are my spring”. It’s such a poetic and heart warming song.

  14. Marysa

    I am not familiar with this music. It sounds like a fun battle with good musicians!

  15. Lyosha

    how beautiful! Cherry blossoms are so very special!

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    Thanks for sharing these songs! I love when new songs come out. Spring is my favorite!!

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    Some fun, upbeat options – definitely giving off the spring vibes! I love the fresh starts and new beginnings associated with spring!!!

  18. Thanks for another great article. Music is so important in our society, especially now. Love all the different bands that you share. Thank you!

  19. Some beautiful lyrics here by all of the bands. They are all great songs. So I didn’t get to this earlier.

  20. Rose Ann Sales

    Great songs! Thanks for sharing. Love the lyrics of it.

  21. wonder seeker

    This looks so much fun, great songs.

  22. catherine santiago jose

    I’ve definitely love new songs, you feature song that lingers in my mind as it makes the LSS out of me. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Both are winners. Very different, and so unique. Again, learned something new today thanks to your research and passion for music.

  24. Jimmy

    Thanks for sharing this very important information!

  25. Fransic verso

    I wish I can be there during the spring and live the beauty of japan and the amazing view of flowers haha.

  26. MAYSZ

    Spring in Japan is really awesome how I wish I have a chance to visit there someday. 🙂

  27. Marienne G.D.

    I don’t know the songs, but do like the lyrics. And Spring being the season of rebirth and renewal, is making so much sense.

  28. Megan

    So funny that you ended up with a tie! I’m definitely ready for Spring and it’s freshness – and to make a few new goals.

  29. Kate Nnonyelu

    I really like the cherry! Yes, Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal, and freshness, I hope for the best this Spring.

  30. mariah green

    thanks for introducing this genre of music to me, I like

  31. Blair villanueva

    These songs are beautiful and emotional. It touches my heart and making me feel missing Japan enough more.

  32. Jessica L

    I’m such a music lover, and battle of the bands are so fun! Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy!

  33. Magen

    I didn’t have a chance to vote but I think I like Che.r.r.y the best. It’s upbeat and just feels springy.

  34. Lavern

    I went back and had another listen to Haru yo Koi” (春よ、来い ) by Yumi Matsutoya and now I’m not so sure about the winner of the battle.

  35. Ella Stearn

    Oh I can’t wait for us to all get our freedom back!

  36. Such cool songs! I haven’t head of them before . The lyrics are so lovely and just enjoy listening to these songs.

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    Ahh, springtime. I miss going to the battle of the bands. These songs are fantastic, thank you for sharing!

  42. Olufunke

    I really love the one by Haru yo Koi. If I’m to vite I’ll definitely be voting for it.

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    It’s nice to listen to new kinds of music, it widens the genre of the music I’m into. Some of these music are inspiring.

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