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The Battle of the Ultimate 90s Kpop Girl Group

It’s time for another Battle of the Songs! Sorry for the delay! I developed really bad styes in both of my eyes last week. I looked like someone punched me in the face. I had to rest for a while. Plus, I went on a weekend trip to Nishio City, which is about an hour away from Nagoya.

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of old school Korean pop songs from the 90s. I have loved Korean pop since 2002, but I really love songs from the 90s. In today’s battle, I will feature two legendary 90s Kpop girl groups: S.E.S. and Baby Vox.

S.E.S. – “Dreams Come True”

S.E.S. was the first group that got me into Kpop back in 2002. I remember when they just released “U” in Japan. That song opened the doors to S.E.S.’s discography. Even though they split a year after releasing “U”, I kept on binging on any materials released by them: Japanese songs, Korean songs, concerts, videos, live appearances, and etc.

“Dreams Come True” is a song from their second album, released in 1999. Every time I listen to the song, I keep on thinking on thought: What would happen if Ace of Base produced “The Sign” in 1999? It would be something akin to “Dreams Come True”. Maybe I am just basing that on the main instrumental melody in between the verses. But, doesn that instrumental piece sound something by Ace of Base?

(BTW, the S.E.S. song is a cover of the 1996 song “Rakastuin mä looseriin” (Like a Fool) by Swedish girl group Nylon Beat. This sounds like a future battle in a making, hmmm….)

S.E.S in their music video for "Dreams Come True"
S.E.S in their music video for “Dreams Come True”

Despite the eerily similarities, “Dreams Come True” is a relaxed tune. The instrumental and vocals are soft. The pace is also slowed down in order to create a magical effect on the song’s mood. But also, each girl’s vocal tones fit the song really nicely. Eugene and Shoo sing each line in the chorus and verses with a balanced softness. And then Bada comes in with a beautiful melody during the middle 8. Though each member has different vocal tones, they come together perfectly in this song.

Do you sense that “Dreams Come True” has a magical vibe to it? Tell me in the comments below!

(BTW, you should check out the original music video. It is simply magical!)

Baby Vox – “Meorihaneun Nal” (머리하는)

I almost didn’t choose this song for the battle. I really wanted to choose “Namjaege” (To Man) at first. However, I thought that the song would be a bit bizarre when put against S.E.S.’s “Dreams Come True”. That is the reason why I chose “Neorihaneun Nal” (Haircut), it was a better opponent for “Dreams Come True”.

“Neorihaneun Nal” isn’t a typical Baby Vox song. In fact, the album that the song is found on — their debut album EQUALIZEHER — is quite different than the popular Baby Vox sound. The sounds found in their debut album were much rawer and harsher than their popular cute and sexy images. The sounds found in their first album didn’t catch the attention of the mainstream Korean audience, so the producers changed the group’s sound from street-like to cute-like. Also, members changed between the first and second albums as three first-generation members quit, thus changing the sound completely.

First Generation of Baby VOX (1997)
First Generation of Baby VOX (1997)

Jung Shi Woon starts “Neorihaneun Nal” with an energetic, street-style rap. I love her rapping because of the way she delivers the words, it is so good. It is also interesting how she styles each phrase in how uses tones, rolled sounds, and the use of elongating words.

Although Jung Hyun Jun is the main vocalist in this song, the true star is Cha Yumi. Her voice, compared to the others, fits the song just perfectly as the tone is not too airy or deep. And, she doesn’t use a lot of pizzazz or vibrato to sing her lines.

Although it is not a typical Baby Vox song, “Neorihaneun Nal” is a great listen for it’s street-style raps and cool vocals. What do you think of “Neorihaneun Nal”? Tell me in the comments below!

Song Lyrics

Here is a translation of the lyrics, thanks to infiity13 at Lyrics Translate:

(I paid close attention to a lot of thoughts
After thousands of worries, I ended up in this conclusion)

Until the confirmation of the break up,
do you know how much I suffered?

You don’t know I’m like this
when I was cutting my attractive long hair
I wailed

(My determination will sway
I was pledging my consciousness)

Your two eyes become big
You look at me without saying a word

You can’t close your wide mouth
what is happening?
you start to ask
While you are startled
instead of an answer you crossed your arms
you open the door of the coffee shop for me
like you always do

Together watching a movie
eating dinner
a light beer
what is so good that you’re smiling?
there’s no way
you didn’t know that it was the ending

I gave to the clueless you
a break up

(Why are people like this?
the treasured
cherished grow
I understand why they give them up and cut them)

If you make them short,make them as short as they can get
the sadness will become lighter
will become expectation
if you cut your hair, cut them as much you can otherwise
the past days with endless sadness
can find you again)

Let’s go a little further
you hate breaking up
you hold me

you keep on insisting
I’m in front of my house
I still hope
tears flow
I can’t say a word
like we will meet tomorrow
I send you away
when you find out about break up
you’ll understand the reason
I cut my hair
with your grief
my happiness was obtained
to me more than love
the temptation for a stable life was getting bigger

when you find out about break up
you’ll understand the reason
I cut my hair
with your grief
my happiness was obtained
to me more than love
the temptation for a stable life was getting bigger

Who Will It Be?

Now it is your turn to vote! Who will be the victor? Tell me in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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  1. Arlee Bird

    For me it’s about the style. Not a big fan of the sound of the song by Baby Vox so give my vote to SES. I have a number of dreams that I’d like to see come true.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Megan

    I’ve actually never heard of either of these groups! I do prefer the S.E.S. song, but Baby V.O.X. had a fun video!

  3. Cyndi Buchanan

    I’m all about some 90’s music. I’ll have to check this out!

  4. Lorita

    i’ve never heard of both of these groups. But as long as their songs are catchy , i’m good lol

  5. Joanna

    I have actually never heard K-pop music before. I know it’s been growing a lot and it is very popular in Korea, but mostly listening to the radio, I didn’t come across it until now.

  6. Luna S

    I haven’t heard of either of these groups, but it is always neat to find new tunes to listen to.

  7. Trent A Peek

    Funny how I have heard of KPOP before, but I have never listened to that type of music. Love the videos so now I can understand why its a popular type of music.

  8. Fransic verso

    I have never heard these and I’m not if I have actually listened to any 90’s song before. I think this is good and had nice lyrics.

  9. Listened to kpop songs for the first time. Seems like songs and groups I need to check out more! 😀

  10. Brandi-Leigh

    I have never heard of KPOP before. Pretty cool! Thanks for introducing this!

  11. Michele

    I am not a fan of Kpop music, my step-daughter is… so I am going to share this with her.

    1. aisasami

      Let me know what she thinks about this group!

  12. Magen

    I’ve honestly never been a huge k-pop fan so I’ve never heard of either of these group. I love 90s alternative and rock music but I may have to check these two out and see what they are about.

  13. Julie

    This is definitely not my thing… and i’ve never heard of it before… very interesting stuff. I love me some TLC though lol

  14. Prakhar Kasera

    I truly believe 90s era was the best, we never really could have any more songs so meaningful that we had back then. I really got to check out the above mention.

  15. I am not a really fan of KPop but once I followed this amazing girl band, 2NE1. Hihihi. I’m quite sad they’ve all gone their separate ways, Anyway, I don’t know any of these pop bands, but I’m sure my sisters know them.

    1. aisasami

      2NE! was great! What was your favorite song?

  16. Jasmine E.

    Ok, in this battle, I pick Hair Cut! It’s so darn catchy, and now I can’t get it out of my head! I love it!

  17. Mike A.

    I really tried, but I just couldn’t get into K pop music. Can’t knock anyone who likes it, though!

  18. Lavern Moore

    I never got into kpop music but you are so well versed in all genres that I can leave it to you to fill me in!

  19. Lily

    That’s adorable 90s Kpop! I bet the music is fun!!

  20. remo

    This looks cool. Never heard of them though. Will surely check them out.

  21. semmarys

    I am a big fan of Korean Movies but never get in to Korean music. I must try. Thank you for sharing

  22. Constance

    I absolutely remember Baby Vox they were incredibly 90s is still my go-to when it comes to music

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