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The Best of 2020!

It is New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2020! My, what a year! It was a year of the unknown, a year that change how we live. But, we always had at least one thing nearby at any time or any day: music.

I want to thank the artists, the bands, the managers, the curators, and everyone else who gave me the opportunity to feature a diverse number of artists, songs, and genres from around the world! There was so much music that was featured on this blog, so take a look back!

The Playlists of 2020

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The Songs of 2020

“Blue Ice” by Siivers: ““Blue” is a quiet pop-rock tune that incorporates a strong piano melody, drums, guitar, and a synthesizer.”

“Astral Straits” by Lilac Kings: “Lilac Kings’ “Astral Straits” is a wonderfully crafted pop-punk song that will please both old-time pop-punk fans as well as those who aren’t familiar with it.”

“Growing Up” by Glass Cases: “Although “Growing Up” by Glass Cases is a short tune, it is definitely a must-listen with its marvelous melodies, captivating vocals and ukulele, and a theme found in the lyrics that are super relatable.”

“Melting” by Marley Wildthing: “Melting” is a must-listen, not only for its lyrics but also for its musicality. Starting as a quiet storm, “Melting” features a blend of different instruments from a variety of genres”

“Whatever Comes To Mind” by Siivers: “Whenever I listen to “Whatever Comes To Mind”, I imagine that it is like a gorgeous watercolor painting. You have different colors, from light to dark hues, that are painted in one picture. Even though they are different from each other, each individual color comes together to form one beautiful painting.”

White by You and the Blue: ““Reach me”, on one hand, is about what music can do for people, give them joy and energy. On the other hand, it’s about being a better musician and artist.”

This is Korie by Korie: This is Korie is a beautiful collection of acoustic tunes that have different messages and moods. The EP also showcases Korie’s talent towards songwriting, playing instruments, and also her beautiful vocals.”

“KAWAII YES” by TOKYO MARRY: “I really love the melody here as TOKYO MARRY composed it in such a way where he brilliantly ties folk, Shibuya-kei, and alternative together.”

“Sunset” by Terrie: The song “Sunset” really embodies a true sunset musically from the first note. It is full of warmth and laid-back yet positive vibes through each note.

“Blood Runs Cold” by Rags and Riches: ““Blood Runs Cold” is such a unique song with its distinctive melodies and a message that many can relate to. As I think back to the song’s message of being unique, I can’t help to think that the message is also emulated musically.”

“Ghosts” by The Daylight: “Ghosts” by The Daylight is such a well-composed tune about the mental health and struggles of losing a loved one. It is relatable with its well-written lyrics.”

“Ticking” by Terry Guy: “I would love listeners to emotionally connect with the song. It’s one of my favourites from the record… Some people who have heard it so far have thought instantly that “Ticking” was inspired by the COVID 19 pandemic crisis and the lockdown which has occurred in several countries, even though it was inspired by incidents, involving terrorism and austerity, which actually occurred in 2017. Either way, I hope the song has a profound effect on listeners.”

“Falling Down the Stairs” by LongDayLateNight: “I recommend listening to LongDayLateNight’s newest single “Falling Down the Stairs” not only for the nostalgic factor but also for how well-written it is. The elements of the blazing guitars, upbeat tempo, a great melody, and a great drum beat come together to make a catchy, high-energy rock tune.”

“Summer Hit” by Enjoyable Listens: “It’s a song about dreams. The non-linear. The proclivity one has to put themselves as the main character in the worldwide play of life, yet there’s a nagging, sobering realization in the back of the mind. We are all just supporting roles in the bigger picture.”

Tilt-A-Whirl by The Silent Boys:Tilt-A-Whirl is such a perfect album to listen to throughout the days with its luring acoustic melodies, soothing vocals, and positive lyrics. This album also elicits a sort of a nostalgic feeling as each song is inspired by the feels and melodies of the mid-80s.”

More of Me by Levina Lye:More of Me is a must-listen for its unique melodies. But also for Lye’s talent in songwriting and singing, crafting each song with different flavors.”

One Fine Day by The Harbours: “We want our listeners to appreciate where we are coming from with our sound and stories. Music being completely subjective, our listeners will ideally be able to relate and reflect on the stories told in This Fine Day. ”

“Cults” by Conrad Deadly: “Conrad Deadly’s “Cults” is a delightful listen with it’s blazing electric guitars and hard rock vocals. Fans of Rolling Stones or The Clash should especially listen to this single!”

The Wild World EP by Amey St. Cyr: “The Wild World EP was two years in the making. I split from the funk-rock band I was in previously and really enjoyed the freedom of being a solo artist. I have been a fan of House music since the late 80s so it seemed the perfect choice of genre for me.”

“Broken Youth” by Danny Wright: “This is about my latest single “Broken Youth”, the subject of the song is about speaking up for what you believe in no matter what and making your own mind up on your choices in life.”

Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home by Lucky Iris: Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home is their debut EP, one that is filled with different feels and sounds. “Get Ready with Me” is an electronic track that gets the listener ready for a fun night out. Meanwhile, “Take 5 (Why Can’t You See Me?)” is a steady jazz-based tune. The next track is entitled “Glitter Vision” is a Billy Ellish-like tune. The last track, which is called “I Fell Backwards”, finishes the EP with an acoustic piano vibe.

“Saw You There” by Gurba: “It is a well-crafted tune with a beautiful balance between the dreamy instrumentation and Gurba’s smooth tenor vocals. It is a must-listen, especially around the 2:26 mark. This bridge is one of my favorite parts as it is so lush and dreamy!”

“Don’t Be So Lonely Now” by Zkeletonz: “Don’t Be So Lonely Now” by Zkeletonz has a really great message in the lyrics, but it also has a wonderful groove! From the first beat, the song will have you get on your feet, dancing along to the blazing beat.”

“Troublemaker” by Tokyo and Rose: The band explains that “Troublemaker” is “a synth-heavy, bass-driven track with crunchy guitar lines and melodic vocals that combine together to form an ultra-modern rock banger.”

“Down Down” by Screams From The Sun: “Being for so long in the streets has taught us and showed us how achieving this dream can be really frustrating sometimes. Every artist has a different story but we all have one thing in common, the will of making it.”

“I Kinda’ Like You” by Edith: “dith’s “I Kinda’ Like You” is the perfect summertime tune with it’s laid back and chilled vibe. But what really makes this song a must-listen is Edith’s vocals with its warm, vibrant, and rich.”

The Slow March of Time Goes By by The Shadowboxers: “This album represents a decade of taking on different stages, from being the backing band on folk-rock duo Indigo Girls’ live jaunt to the opening act on Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods Tour. We’ve spent a decade in search of our identity, meandering our way through different styles and genres in hopes of landing on something that all three of us can see ourselves in. This is the album where we found it.”

“Make Up Your Mind” by Leyla Diamondi: “Make Up Your Mind’ is about how relationships can sometimes be complicated. I found that being in quarantine makes one more aware of both the best things and all of the mess in one’s relationships. In light of the mess, one must decide whether they can work through it or not. You have to ‘Make Up Your Mind,’ essentially.”

“Fools” by Nix: “Fools” was actually pretty easy to write… as in, the theme and lyrics came naturally since I am no stranger to being ghosted and lead on (unfortunately!). The song explores today’s toxic dating culture, and how normal it’s become to swipe on people, with complete disregard for their feelings. I consider it a pop anthem because the song speaks about realising that you are always worthy of love, and the people who treat you like dirt are the fools, and they can never make a fool out of you.”

“Roadside” by 100 Fables: “Roadside” is a catchy tune with a summer-like pop vibe with a deep story embedded within its lyrics. But, don’t be fooled by its bright vibe as the more you listen to the song, the more you feel a connection to the song and see the dark/edgy side.”

“While It Rains” by Melany Thompson: “”While it Rains” was written after the bad bushfires here in NSW at the beginning of the year. It started raining one day and it was just such a relief for everyone. Rain brings new growth, and it often forces us to pause, slow down, and reflect.”

Begin Again by Lyn Koonce: “Lyn Koonce’s “Born Again” is a superb album with inspiring stores, messages, and a soothing ambient. This album is a collection of magnificent tunes and skilled musicianship that is filled with lessons taken from Koonce’s life. It is an album that will inspire you during these tough times and even encourage you to find your path once more.”

Promises by Edith: “It is a definite must-listen as it features the different sides of Edith’s vocals: to the smoky low tones to the euphonious high ones. Each song features addictive melodies, powerful messages, and attractive tempos. Promises is a solid album with a lot of promise in terms of talent and musicality. It is a must-listen, especially if you are a fan of Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello.

“God Bless The USA” by Jodi Essex: “This take of “God Bless the USA” is a must-listen as it displays Jodi’s talented vocals as well as her big heart. Her own personal message, stories, and feelings are woven in throughout the song from her passionate vocals singing each note to the guitar chords.”

“Trigger” by NIIVA: “It’s about my partner pushing my buttons when I’m in a mood and me basically telling him to buckle up, cause you about to blow my fuse.”

A Whisper in the Wind by Savannah Philyaw: “The main theme of the album is about following your intuition and listening to those little nudges within us that we so often ignore. “A whisper in the wind” is a lyric in the song “Go Alone” which refers to the invisible messages that are all around us that can be so hard to catch unless we are tapped into our true nature. I have found that all the best decisions I have made have been when I have listened to that inner voice. This theme was true when I was writing the songs, and it is also sprinkled within the lyrics and concepts of each song.”

“Hope and Fire” by Jed’s A Millionaire: ““Hope and Fire” by Jed’s A Millionaire is such a heart-warming yet beautiful song that shouldn’t pass up. It offers such a romantic yet intimate message of everlasting love/relationships in each word found in the lyrics.”

“My America” by Onism E: ““My America” by Onism E is such a powerful tune that challenges one to reflect on the current issues and invites them to take action. Words and melodies are woven together perfectly to create a powerful message. Lyrics that invites one to view Eline’s own portrait of America but invites listeners to paint their own. A folk-rock melody that adds an important depth with a folk-rock melody a soulful, emotive singing.”

The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly by TOKYO MARRY: “TOKYO MARRY’s latest album The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a must-listen as it displays the many sides of the artist’s talent in songwriting and singing. True to TOKYO MARRY’s roots and preferences of alternative rock, folk, and Shibuya Kei. this album is a true vision of the Japanese artist’s artistry as it is music that he always wanted to write for himself. An album that encompasses his total creative vision, The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly is a pleasant listen with its calm, laid-back, rockish, and features interesting melodies.”

“Heart Emoji” by Ludic: “Funky and very danceable, we want you to fall in love and think about the rest later. We were hoping to write a song that is equally at home residing on contemporary pop playlists and more eccentric ones too; “Heart Emoji” is a song for casual music listeners who just want to dance and musician’s musicians alike.”

“Ue wo Muite Aruko” by Love Ghost: “We found out that the song was being shared on Japanese social media during Covid as a song of support for people affected, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to give back to our fans in Japan, as well as everyone else over there.”

Wonderland by Via Barcelonia: “We’d love for them to hear our honesty and our authenticity. These songs came from our hearts and in a lot of ways we wrote them for ourselves, to be reminded of the life we have. ”

 “Little Black Dress” by Chris Howard: “Chris Howard’s newest single “Little Black Dress” is a perfect song for this October as it has parallel some similarities to autumn. One reason is the perfect blend of each of the instrument’s individual characteristics. Another is with the relaxed, smooth, soothing, soulful, and bluesy vibe that is executed well through the instrument’s cool notes and Howard’s warm vocals.”

“Leave Summer Behind” by Josh Sahunta: “I wrote this song for a national song-writing competition. The only requirements for the competition were that the song had to be a “summer song.” It was really difficult to write a happy summer song when this summer has been very difficult for a lot of obvious reasons. I decided instead, to write a song that was very relevant to this summer specifically. The song ended up winning the competition, which is something I’m still surprised about but so grateful for.”

The Lockdown Session by Fiona Liddell: “Fiona Liddell’s latest album “The Lockdown Session” is a must-listen for its raw emotions, Liddell’s incredible musicianship, talents, and brilliantly crafted tunes. From the powerful piano to the soulful vocals, there is something in each song that displays Liddell’s talented vocals and songwriting skills, but also something that everyone can connect with.”

“Wicked” by Executive Order: “The song brings to mind how people can blame their behavior on situations, other people, or even some shadowy “entity.” This song leans more toward wicked-fun or wicked-excess as in a night on the town leading to a raging hangover or the wicked-goodness of eating a decadent dessert.”

“Sleepless” and Hierarchy by Milk White Throat: “One of the main things is that we were thinking about when writing the music was trying to morph a somewhat melodic death metal guitar part into a song that is decidedly not that. We usually have a key component to the song, in this case, the verse riff, and then build the music around that. Whilst the chorus might be more prominent in the end, the verse and that style are what had generated the rest of the music.”

“First Date” by Abi Muir: “First Date” by Abi Muir is such a catchy tune with its strong dance beats and the sweet vocals provided by Abi Muir. The song has a sweet side, represented by Abi’s vocals, and a dark side, represented by the instrumentation, that really meshes well.”

“Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova: ““Ain’T No Time” by The Aviator’s Club feat Mova is a must-listen! It features groovy instrumentation that is a mix of reggae, go-go, and afrobeat beats, a pretty strong message, and harmonious vocals. It is a solid tune that will win the hearts of many. With the reggae and afrobeat beats from the Boston-native music produced Mova and The Aviator’s Club’s background in go-go music, the combination of music genres as well as the message embedded in “Ain’T No Time” make the song a really catchy yet solid tune.”

Smoke and Cinder by Steam Train Hearts: “Steam Train Hearts’ newest album Smoke and Cinder is an album for everyone, especially for non-rock fans, as it has a little bit of everything; pop, rock, melodic, brash, indie rock, pop-rock, the 80s, 90s, and so on. Each track features a different type of musical genre with its own diverse musicality. But, what else makes this album a must listen to is the fact that it relates to our lives as it reflects on current affairs of the world as well as the human journey. Because of its diverse musicality and the close relationship to ourselves, Steam Train Hearts is a must-listen album of 2020 for anyone.”

“Modern Man”, “Wrong”, “I’d Like to Watch”, and “For the Both of Us” by Pseudo Cool: “Pseudo Cool is an Alt/Indie/Punk band based in Maesteg, South Wales. The music is witty, punchy, and raw with influences from The Clash, Lily Allen and Fontaines D.C. The band was formed in 2019 and started creating original material during Lockdown 2020 which is all Produced and Mixed by Cody Reynolds-Shaw of Trenova Sound.”

“Closed Eyes” by Milk White Throat: ““Closed Eyes” by Milk White Throat is a must listen as it is such a powerful rock song with raw emotions, blazing melodies, and high rock energy. It is a powerful rock tune right until the final note. Don7t believe me, listen for the chorus as it is a fine example of how great this song is and why I love this song so much! If you are a fan of 0s and early 00s alt-rock bands like 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Creed, and Audioslave. you have to check out “Closed Eyes”! But if you not, you still have to check this song out because it is such an amazing song!”

“Secrets” by Talk in Code: “Talk in Code did it again with another great tune that is a must-listen! “Secrets” is a feel-good, uplifting feeling that is infectious from the first beat. But, it features sounds and vibes from such influences as The 1975 and The 80s. A well-crafted track for this year, “Secrets” is a must-listen track with its nostalgic vibes and feel-good, uplifting feeling.”

NIIVA by NIIVA: “A well-crafted album with strong tunes and diversity of vibes and sound, NIIVA’s self-titled EP is a must-listen for any music lover! It features a little bit of everything for every listener of any genre. The tracks featured have their own personality as well as their own force of power that showcases the reasons why they are so worthy of listening to.”

“Modern Struggles” by Mandala Raps:Chronicles of a Blind Man is Mandala Rap’s recently released EP. It features six tracks that have different vibes and moods but almost the same message: the evils in our worlds. But however, like “Modern Struggles”, the EP starts off with a bare, raw look of the brokenness of the modern world. But, by the last song (“Little Faith”), the EP shifts to hope as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, everything will be ok.”

“Grow Slow” by PINLIGHT: “PINLIGHT’s “Grow Slow” is such a delight to listen to as the tune has its own unique charm within the retrowave synth, the vibes, and the vocals. The tune’s vibe is catchy with a combination upbeat vibe full of brightness and the slow burn effect in the bass synthesizers. However, one cannot miss out on the richness and diversity of the retrowave synths as they paint a vast digital landscape with vividness and a variety of colors throughout the songs with their vibes and notes.”

“The Mirror” by Valdii: “This song is completely raw, vulnerable and honest. It speaks on my insecurities and dark times that I’ve been through in my life. I’ve definitely hated some things about myself but also loved them all at the same time. It may not make a lot of sense to say you love and hate something all at the same time, but that’s truly how I felt. I would look in the mirror and see this person, so I decided to write about it. I think a lot of people can relate.”

“Waking the Damned by Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders: “he song was inspired by the Camus tale – “The Myth of Sisyphus”. It’s about a fallen god, who’s doomed to push a stone up a hill over and over again. As in the Camus tale, this song explores the sensation of feeling misunderstood, trapped, and as if your life was already decided and programmed. Waking the Damned is to wake up those who are doomed to the world and can’t become independent and unique human beings.”

“Salvation” by Enoka: ““Salvation” is such an enjoyable song! It features a pretty solid and professional production with a catchy beat. It also features Enoka’s alluring honeyed vocals that are pleasant to listen to. Finally, the tune features a throwback in its melody and composition to pop and R&B songs from the late 90s and early 2000s.”

Remember It All by Jonny Glenn:Remember It All by Jonny Glenn is an EP that has a little bit of everything within the five featured tracks. There is “Remember It All” that doesn’t hold back any words or emotions, upbeat, guitar-driven “Home”, “Over the Moon” is funky with its catchy beats and slick vocals, the tantalizing “Woah”, and mellow and sweet “Don’t Wanna Let Down”. Though each track is different in its unique way, they are worthy of listening to as individual tracks.”

“LILO” by Superheart: “With its dreamy musical landscapes, the talented creativity from the artist, and melancholic beats, “Lilo” is a delectable tune that will entrap you into its world from the beginning and end.”

 “Indecision” by MONEYPHONE: “A tune that holds nothing back with its raw, honest lyrics and its smooth raps and melodies, “Indecision” is a song that will bridge our 2020 and 2021 as we look into the new year.”

“Mariposa” by Talking To Sophie: “”Mariposa” by Talking To Sophie is such a beautiful tune that makes the listener whimsical yet feel-good. With the feel-good instrumentation, vocals with a light, warm, and smooth tone, and the lyric’s story about looking at daily life in a whimsical way, “Mariposa” is a must listen with its laid-back vibes and it’s the main message of taking in every moment slowly.”

“Garden Of Truth” by Tennyson King: ““Garden of Truth” by Tennyson King is a delightful tune that will make anyone feel good with it’s calming and soothing vibes. This is because of the whimsical and mellow tone of King’s vocals as well as the light and acoustic sound of the instrumentation. But, the other thing that makes this tune so delightful is the lyrics as it tells of a story in a detailed and whimsical way. It may also make listeners connect to their own personal experiences with the song’s story. “

“Don’t Think I’m Shallow” by Temperature Falls: ““Don’t Think I’m Shallow” by Temperature Falls is a delectable mixture of sweetness and spiciness that will make listeners crave for more. A fine balance of two contrasting tones can be found in the vocals as well as the instrumentation: performing an angelic, sweet melody for one moment and then instantly switching to a bolder and a darker one.”

Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic” and Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures Dr Schwamp: “With the funky beat and the unique lyrics, one must not overlook Dr Schwamp’s talent embedded in the tune With the groovy melody, the flawless beats, and the musician’s fantastic guitar solos, “Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic” oozes with so much talent that you have to listen to this funkalicious tune!”

“Crew” by Alex2e: “This song features a lighter side of indie-pop as it features an acoustic guitar, an interesting electric guitar riff, a synthesizer, and percussion. It is very light, with the percussions taking most of the lead, as the melody is mainly present in Alex2e’s smooth vocals. Because of the light-hearted vibes between the vocals the instrumentation, the song is so refreshing, yet it also features an ear-pleasant melody.”

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