You are currently viewing 2020 Holiday Feature: “Silent Night” by The Canary Yellow feat. Megan Brown Constantin

2020 Holiday Feature: “Silent Night” by The Canary Yellow feat. Megan Brown Constantin

It’s Christmas Eve! Are you excited for tomorrow? Although we might be social distancing during the holidays, which means limited contact and no parties, we can still enjoy the holiday season with music!

This week, I mentioned “Christmas Eve” by English Pop Singer-Songwriter Charlie Max and “Just One Night” by Brian Mackey. Today’s song is American artist The Canary Yellow’s take of the classic song “Silent Night” with Megan Brown Constantin. It features two languages: English and French! It is pretty soothing and a nice rendition of the classic!

Check it out down below and let me know what you think in the comments! (And don’t forget to check my Holiday Playlist at the end of this post for a big playlist of amazing music for your Christmas!)

About the Artist: The Canary Yellow

Here is the artist’s bio written by The Canary Yellow himself:

I am a music artist that navigates the varying darknesses of anxiety through song. I think my story would bring value to your pieces as I have struggled with anxiety and obsessive compulsiveness in part because of trauma from my upbringing. Much emotional and some physical abuse has given me a purpose-driven perspective on my art, life, and family I share via songwriting and podcast guest interviews.

I funnel all of this through my music project called The Canary Yellow geared toward improving mental health awareness and helping those struggling, feel seen.

Make sure to follow The Canary Yellow on the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube

The Joys of Holiday Music Playlist

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