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25 Days of Christmas: Listen to The Collectables’ Gorgeous Rendition of “Silent Night”

Welcome back to the fifth day of 25 Days of Christmas. Here on ai love music, let’s celebrate this warm holiday season by transforming the Daily Feature into 25 Days of Christmas. Each day, we will feature a holiday song from any artist from any genre. Today’s holiday song is “Silent Night” by the American acoustic duo The Collectables.

The duo’s heartfelt rendition of this classic Christmas tune is filled with warmth and peace. The track is filled with intimate sounds from the acoustic guitar strumming to the melodic vocals. Calamity radiants from the soothing yet melodic coming both the female and male vocals. Yet, the duo makes it their own by adding gorgeous “oohs” and “hallelujahs” between each part. The Collectables captivate the magic of the holiday season perfectly with their beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” which is filled with intimate acoustic sounds and warm feelings with the vocals.

Make sure to check out “Silent Night” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: The Collectables

The Collectables was formed out of a desire to re-educate ourselves in the new world of streaming music. Both Anna and Aaron Everitt were touring musicians in the late ’90s and early 2000s with other bands. After several years off, they decided it would be an incredible opportunity to reinvent their music and create a new and different sound.

The Collectables is a name that indicates the desire to use their collection of ideas, influences, and connections to create something entirely new.

Their debut EP was a collaboration of people that are friends and fellow musicians who helped take folk songs and turn them into modern takes and soundscapes. Hope you enjoy the music!

Make sure to check out The Collectables at the following:

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25 Days of Christmas: Listen to The Collectables' Gorgeous Rendition of "Silent Night"

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