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The Daily Feature: A Mixture of New and Old in Deer’s “Noia”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Noia” by American Indie Rock / Alternative Rock artist Deer. This was a song that was originally written in 2010 as part of a weekly songwriting challenge. “Noia” is a mixture of rock from today and from the ’60s. Listeners will hear the influences of the ’60s from the variety of instrumentation, musicality, and effects. Listeners can hear the muffled effects of the drums and the vocals that are akin to something from a Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Then there is the use of staccato and separated beats in the melody lines. The final throwback is with the electric organ that appears in certain parts.

Yet, the throwback to 60’s rock is only one-half of “Noia”. Deer wonderfully interweaves the 60s’ sound with a more modern one. This more recent rock sound is heard in the beginning with its bright, upbeat guitar strumming. Instrumental to the song, the guitar leads the melody with a laid-back vibe. The melodic vocals is a perfect fit as it helps to amplify the calm mood with their breezy tones.

“Noia” is a brilliant tune that entwines two different sounds of rock together. With its 60’s rock sound blended seamlessly with the rock sound of today, Deer’s “Noia” is a great listen for any age!

Make sure to check out Deer’s “Noia” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Deer


This is what the artist had to say about themselves:

I’m a self-produced songmaker best classified as indie pop/indie rock/weird pop. I’ve got a pretty large catalog of music. I’m a big fan of bands like Ween, The Flaming Lips, Built to Spill and Beck, and while they influence me heavily I don’t really sound much like any of them.

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A Mixture of New and Old in Deer's "Noia"

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