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The Daily Feature: POESY’s “Multiply”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Multiply” by Canadian Indie Pop POESY. This goth-pop song is all about facing an all-encompassing rage in the dead of pain. This thrilling tune is the perfect masterpiece with addictive choruses that bobble up in delicious melodies. There are also synths that are accompanied by syncopated bass lines and theatricality sinister string arrangements. Each note of “Multiply” have the listeners on the edge of their seats, anticipating in wonder as the build-up is encaptivating. Don’t forget to check the equalling amusing music video with its medieval setting entwined with the theme of divine femininity.

Make sure to check out “Multiply” down below. What do you think about the song? let me know in the comments!

About the Artist:: POESY


POESY is the solo project of classically trained singer, songwriter and pianist, Sarah Botelho. She was discovered after she appeared on the first season of the hit Canadian music competition show, THE LAUNCH. Her incredible breakout performance propelled POESY to new heights yet unseen, landing her a major label deal with Big Machine Records and an opportunity to collaborate with esteemed composer and producer Stephan Moccio (Celine Dione, Avril Lavigne) on her debut single “Soldier of Love”.

Her live show is a choir girl gone rogue – with her whimsical outfits and charming storytelling, she commands your attention and pulls you headfirst into every song.

Check out POESY at the following:

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The Daily Feature: POESY's "Multiply"

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