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How The Daylight’s “Ghosts” Relates to the Struggles of Losing a Loved One

Music can help express a variety of emotions that we go through in our lifetime. Through the melodies, instrumentation, and lyrics, each song we have listened to in our lifetime has influenced our lives, thoughts, and emotions somehow. Today’s featured tune, “Ghosts” by The Daylight, is a perfect example as it expresses similar emotions that one might have experienced before: the feeling of losing a loved one.

You can listen to the song down below. Can you relate to the lyrics: do you still hold onto the memories of deceased loved ones?

Ghosts: The Emotions After Losing a Loved One

The Daylight

According to the press release for the single, “Ghost” is about “the grief of a friend and the struggles of mental health that come with losing a loved one.” You can hear this struggle in the lyrics as the song’s character still mourns the loss of their loved one. “I need you, the one that I lost” is sung throughout the chorus as a way to show that this character is still coping and has a hard time letting go. “You don’t want to be around me” 

Another example can be found in the verses, especially in the second part, where the character ponders about the what-ifs. What if you were alive? If you were still with us, Would you look back through me? What would you do? There is also the act of remembering happening throughout as the character tries so hard not to look at the photos, memories, and the things belonging to that specific person. Yet, in the end, the character embraces those memories and feelings as a coping mechanism.

The lyrics are further played out in the melodies and instrumentation. The melody is evocative, dampened, and poignant. With how the instrumentation is composed to reflect the song’s spirit, it is such a beautiful rock piece. Even though The Daylight is influenced by The Cure, DIIV, The Murder Capital, and The Drums, I couldn’t help to hear some of The Police while listening to “Ghosts” due to its poignant ambiance.

Like She Never Left

I asked you in the beginning if you could relate to the lyrics for “Ghosts”. Do you still hold onto the memories of deceased loved ones?

The answer for me is: Yes, I do. You see, this Sunday was supposed to be my grandmother’s 79th birthday. She passed away about fifteen years ago due to a heart attack from smoking. Although I have come to terms with her death for a long time now, I still hear her voice, smell her scent, and remember her warmth from time to time. At first, I thought I was crazy for remembering her and thought it was unhealthy. But, when I grew up, I accepted these memories as a way to cope and just to know that she is here in spirit.

Now, coming to terms with any loved one’s death is no easy feat, just like the message with The Daylight’s “Ghost”. It took me some time to get over both the loss of my grandmother. There were so many emotions that I had to deal with: sadness, guilt, criticism, regret, and others. Yet, I eventually got over them by talking to my family about the emotions I was feeling and turning those negative emotions into positive ones.

My Final Thoughts

“Ghosts” by The Daylight is such a well-composed tune about the mental health and struggles of losing a loved one. It is relatable with its well-written lyrics. But also, “Ghosts” has alluring melodies and instrumentation. With the tune’s evocative, dampened, and poignant mood, you are sure to be drawn into “Ghosts” with its first beat. Due to the song being so well-crafted, “Ghosts” is sure to be one of the best post shoegaze tunes of 2020.

You can listen to “Ghosts” below and let me know what you think of the tune in the comments below!

About the Artist: The Daylight


Indie/Post Shoegaze (related to dream pop) outfit ‘The Daylight’ hail from the suburbs of South East London & Brighton. Formed by Jacob Chandler (Lead Singer & Guitarist), Theo Byrd (Bass), and Alex Probert-Jones (Drums). The band draws in lyrical inspiration from personal issues including Mental health, romance, grief, and the ever-evolving decline in the landscape of modern society. Their music is influenced by The Cure, DIIV, The Murder Capital, and The Drums. 

The band has received rave reviews from BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson & Radio X’s John Kennedy and have played a string of sold-out shows at the 100 Club, Old Blue Last, The Lexington, Green Door Store and more, supporting: FLUNK, Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, Dog In The Snow & Beatenberg. 

The band is set to support HANYA on the 17th of September at The Rosehill in Brighton. But, with uncertainty in the air with the current pandemic, the shows may or may not go ahead. 

You can follow The Daylight at the following social media:

Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

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