You are currently viewing The Deliciousness Featured in Silk Cinema’s “Too Many Times”

The Deliciousness Featured in Silk Cinema’s “Too Many Times”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Too Many Times” by the London-based Neo-Soul / Alternative Indie R&B duo Silk Cinema. The song is about the turmoil you face when you experience infidelity and overcoming the hurt & embarrassment of everyone knowing before you. It is to empower the listener not to “leave your coat behind’ in a chance of going back because that door is firmly closed.

The song features diverse vocals, a low bass riff, and cool synthesizer lines. “Too Many Times” starts off with a funky bass accompanied by a mellow synthesized backing. The real action comes with vocals that deliver a variety of tones: cool, smooth, smoky, and light. The singer’s vocalists go back and forth, changing from one tone to another, with slight ease. With the combination of the funky bass and the array of tones in the vocals, these together produce a groovy jam with alluring yet slick R&B melodies. “Too Many Times” is a song that will capture the listener’s attention with its deliciousness.

Make sure to check out “Too Many Times” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Artist: Silk Cinema

Silk Cinema

This independent emerged onto the scene in 2017, since releasing a string of singles that have been well received by online blogs, as well as their debut album ‘Spells’ in 2019. Fusing together influences from indie-R&B, electro-pop, jazz, and neo-soul, Silk Cinema has created a chilled and contemporary sonic signature that feels akin to floating on a cloud. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sade, Steely Dan, and Jessie Ware, this duo evoke a sound comparable to some of R&B’s brightest names of the moment, including Sinead Harnett and Raveena

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The Deliciousness Featured in Silk Cinema's "Too Many Times"

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