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How The Harbours Integrates Our Stories in Their Latest EP `One Fine Day`

I’m back with another interview. This time it is with UK indie band The Harbours from Great Yarmouth. Through email, we talked about the band’s history, their musicality, and their latest release, One Fine Day.

Make sure to check out their EP down below while reading their interview. Let me know what is your favorite track in the comments below!

Can you introduce yourself? How did The Harbours come to be?

We are The Harbours, a five-piece indie rock outfit from the east coast of England. Adam Benjamin on lead vocals, Alex Grimmer on guitar, Ryan Smithurst on guitar and backing vocals, Dean Wilson on backing vocals and bass, Lee Potter on drums.

We came to be through a shared interest in producing an Indie sound we had all envisaged. Adam and Dean were the catalysts that bought us all together to begin The Harbours. We had all known each other for many years, most of our lives for some so we knew we could come together and make music with people who all understood each other.

What are your musical influences?

During our 18 months together, our sound has evolved to include a much further-reaching set of influences. Our sound has elements of 80’s new wave and early 90’s indie. Influences for us have come from The Stone Roses, The Cure, and Joy Division. We also take influence from some lofi Indie bands such as Sea Pinks and Far Caspian.

In your press release, you describe yourselves as a “blend nostalgia with a sound fit for the future of indie music”. Could you elaborate on this a little bit?

As our influences suggest, we take our cues from a wide range of music. We didn’t ever want to restrict ourselves to one genre, so blending all our greatest influences into something newer and fresher was always our goal. We all bring something individual to the band which drives our creative process.

Let’s talk about your newest release This Fine Day. Is there a cohesive message or sound featured within the songs or are there many?

The messages portrayed though the lyrics are stories told with real honesty. These stories all centre around things that happened in our day to day lives, really in everyone’s day to day lives which make them seem familiar and relatable. There is an overwhelming positivity that we try to portray in our music with lively rhythm lines underlying clean bright guitars, giving the tracks a danceable summer vibe. Ultimately, we want to create hooky, relatable tracks that we would want to listen to!

What was the creative process like for This Fine Day?

Generally one of us will come up with an idea, whether it be a story we want to portray or a guitar lick. This is where our collaboration begins, we are all focused on producing something we all love- nothing is left unsaid- we are all passionate about what we are doing and we don’t stop working on an idea until we are completely happy with it.

We recorded and produced all This Fine Day, we all had 100% control of our creative output and I think we really flourished in this environment. We are now looking to the future- recording in a studio environment with a producer, something we are all massively looking forward to!

What do you want listeners to listen for in This Fine Day?

We want our listeners to appreciate where we are coming from with our sound and stories. Music being completely subjective, our listeners will ideally be able to relate and reflect on the stories told in This Fine Day. We are making music we would love to hear on the radio, hear at festivals, or the next gig we went to. We would love people to be uplifted by the catchy tunes we make and be the band people are telling their mates to check out.

What is everyone’s favorite song off This Fine Day?

Always a contentious issue! All the tracks tap into something different for us all, whether it be lyrically or musically. The title track, “This Fine Day”, has to be the most agreed one within the band. It’s a great uplifting track with a big catchy chorus. Although sitting here now, I’m still not entirely sure! Flynn with its biographical storytelling, groove-driven bass, and drums with cheeky guitars on top, Hired Gun with its driving rhythm section… We can’t choose…

What are your future plans and goals?

Our future plans and goals are to keep driving forward with The Harbours. We are creative people but with a business-like approach when needs are.

At the moment, we all have our tasks to do within the band and we are all focused on making this the distance. We have weekly Zoom meetings in the current situation to make sure we are all keeping to our schedule and our individual tasks. We have WhatsApp threads with dedicated topics- keeping
all cogs moving, creative, and otherwise. We are currently making contacts anywhere we possibly can, we understand that this business is incredibly difficult to get into and make something happen- so we work as hard as we can at it!

We are currently writing and working towards our second EP, securing studio time and a marketing campaign to go along with it.

Keep watching!

Do you have any message for the readers of ai love music?  

Thanks for reading- keep watching this space, we are always moving forward!

Check out The Harbours’s latest EP One Fine Day down below. Let me know what is your favorite track in the comments!

About the Band: The Harbours

The Harbours

A five-piece indie band from the East Coast of the UK. Blending their influences, experiences, and surroundings they have managed to create a unique sound that’s completely self-produced. Across a trademark mix of uplifting melodies, catchy hooks, and driving rhythms. The Harbours blend nostalgia with a sound fit for the future of indie music.

With a subtle nod to many classic UK indie bands including; The Stone Roses, The Las and The Cure, their songs tell honest stories of day to day life through the eyes of the observer, underpinned with a bold as brass strut, The Harbours serve to please, inspire and charm.

Catchy hooks from the quayside crooks!

Make sure to follow The Harbours at these sites:

Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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How The Harbours Integrates Our Stories in Their Latest EP `One Fine Day`

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