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English Alt-Rock Band The Late Aprils Chats About Their Latest Single “Clouds”

English Alt-Rock Band The Late Aprils recently talked to ai love music on Zoom about the band’s formation and inspiration. They also spoke about their latest single “Clouds” both lyrically and musically. Continue to read on to find out who is The Late Aprils. And, what is the main thing in their latest single? Also, make sure to check out the song too! Let’s dive in!

Who Is The Late Aprils?

The Late Aprils

The Late Aprils are a four-piece alt-rock band from Hertfordshire, England. The band started in 2019 with bassist Louee and drummer George. They met at a street party, talking mostly about music. Then, they began to hold jam sessions at each other’s houses. Soon after, they wanted to form their own band and then roped in a guitarist named Greg. They initially thought they were going to be a cover band. However, Greg, as well as the others, had a lot of his own original ideas. So they decided to write their own material.

The band went through a fair share of singers since its beginnings. Their fourth and current singer, Mike, joined in July 2020. And, since then, The Late Aprils they felt they were settled down and ready to make and record music.

When asked what musical genres and artists inspire The Late Aprils, their reply was that they are a varied mix of musical inspiration. For example, the drummer George likes his rock. But, he is also very much into his jazz. Greg has a very wide range of influences, including emerging bands. Mike is influenced by music from 2005 to 2011. As for Louee, he is inspired by music that has a strong bass presence. Some bands that have this are Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Audioslave. He is inspired by these bands when writing The Late April’s music. But, Louee also likes pop-punk like Sum 41 and Blink-182.

What makes The Late Aprils unique is their soaring choruses and big, catchy riffs. Their songs can be heavy musically, but they are always melodic. Yet, they also try to be authentic as much as they can in their songs’ stories. Always sticking to the things they know or have experience about.

Their Latest Single “Clouds”

Speaking about the lyrics’ content, Mike had this to say: “So “Clouds” is about breaking free from something that is holding you back or stopping you from whom you want to be. You can take whatever meaning. It is somewhat poignant. Whatever connects to you.”

Musically, it reflects the same way. The song starts out with a dark tone with how the guitars are playing. The energy level is slow and low. Little by little, the chorus starts to build up. There is a swelling yet ambient guitar part. And the idea is that there is a substantial release musically but emotionally as the music is supposed to help listeners to release big expectations, pressure, and restrictions. The energy level is at the ceiling. By the end, you are free! You can hear that in the big finish. Check out that final note!

Louee was the first to come up with the skeletons of “Clouds”, first playing catchy bass riffs to his bandmates. They enjoyed it, but it sat on the table for a long time until Mike joined. He then added his lyrics to the tune, thus eventually becoming a single. “When I came into the band, they ask me if I wanted a crack at the lyrics. They gave me the instrumental. While I was listening to it, I kept thinking about the thought of clouds in the sky. It invokes thoughts of freedom. Thi thought led me down the route for the lyrics”, Mike explained.

The most important thing that the band wants listeners to listen for is finding their own connection in their music. How about you, what kind of connections can you find in “Clouds”? Listen to the song below and let me know what you think in the comments!

The band hopes that they can release an album or an EP in the future. They have the material, just need the time to put it together. They don’t know how long the process could take. This is because they want to many a really good record. Maybe at the end of the year? Whatever the case may be, make sure to be on the lookout for the future release by The Late Aprils here on ai love music!

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English Alt-Rock Band The Late Aprils Chats About Their Latest Single "Clouds"

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