The Magic Behind "Pocketful of Miracles" [25 Days of Holiday Songs]

Welcome to the second week of “25 Songs of Holiday Songs”. I am a bit late, but I wanted to talk about one oldie that has become one of my favorite Christmas songs in recent years.

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It was precisely a year ago that I entered the local Starbucks to take haven from the cold December air and to study for an exam. While enjoying my hot chai latte and studying Japanese, I would listen to the holiday music streaming from the speakers above. One of the songs that caught my attention day was Frank Sinatra’s “Pocketful of Miracles”.

I Feel So Good, It’s Christmas Every Day!

I don’t know if “Pocketful of Miracles” is a true Christmas song. It was placed on the album Sinatra’s Sinatra, which was released in the spring of 1963. But, there is some sort of Christmas charm to it. It might come from the lyrics that hint Christmas with “I feel so good, it’s Christmas every day” and “I hear sleigh bells ringing, smack! I go around like there’s a snow around”. 

It could also be the upbeat, youthful mood of the song. From the start, you can tell that song exuberates positive vibes as the song is written in a major key and the tempo is like the beat of a person skipping around, deeply in love like the character in the song. Even the lyrics are positive, a sense of hope with them, and maintains a good. And that positivity and feeling of hope spread to the listeners as Sinatra sings:

So if you’re down and out of miracles,
I’ve got a pocketful of miracles
And there’ll be miracles enough for you, and me.

Even though this song is clearly a romantic type, you could pull out a meaning of positivity and hope through some parts of the songs. Who doesn’t want a pocketful of miracles readily available to use on those bad days?  Frank Sinatra gives us that hope with a pocketful of miracles with this 1963 classic.

My Miracle of This Year

My miracle this year is surviving this year. I have had a rough year as I owe more money then I make. I don’t want to share the whole story as it was my careless mistake and I feel embarrassed to make an unintentional error on a tax form. Even though I have to pay a lot in taxes and health insurance, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I will be free of the debt someday.  Maybe not next year but eventually. Till then, I will keep marching on and paying those bills every day.

I am hoping that next year, my miracle is that I can discover myself. I felt lost this year and just need to find the direction once again. 

What do you think of “Pocketful of Miracles”? What is your miracle of this year? Tell me in the comments below?

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  1. Shanz B

    I had a pretty rough year too, many traumatic events. But I did receive a miracle also. #grateful. I pray 2019 is the year for you!

  2. Despite Pain

    Love your choice. The old ones really are the best ones sometimes.


    I am sorry you had a rough year, but I will tell you that I just love your blog. You will be successful one day – I just know it! You have gifts.

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