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The Daily Feature: The Majestic Musicality in “The Empress” by The McDades

Today’s Daily Feature is “The Empress” by Candian Folk family band The McDades. The track comes off from the band’s latest EP of the same name. The band had to say about the song and the EP:

 In the tarot, the third card is The Empress, who represents the richness of the subconscious, the germination of new ideas, and who inspires strong bursts of creative and artistic energy. The Empress is deeply connected to the natural world. When deciding on a title for our third album, we were drawn to the concept of “The Empress” and also to the symbolism of the number three, both having ties to creativity, growth, new ideas, and expression, and because at the core of the band has always been the combined forces of three distinct musical entities

The McDades’ latest track is a gorgeous folk one that is infused with Celtic musical flavors. Lively violin melodies are accompanied by an acoustic guitar strumming along. The song starts off with an upbeat swing at the beginning, with the fiddle serving the main star. Yet, by midway, the tempo changes to a slower one as the fiddle hands off the main melody to the flute. This instrument starts off in the low register, then expands to a higher one as it plays intricate melodies. In the end, the violins rejoin the flute to play one more lively round with the flute ending the piece musteriously.

“The Empress” is a gorgeous folk tune that features intricate, catchy melodies with an upbeat tempo. It is something that any kind of music lover cannot miss! Its lively mood will brighten up anyone’s day!

Make sure to check out “The Empress” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Check out the full EP here:

About the Artist: The McDades

From Montreal and made up of siblings Shannon Johnson (violin and vocals), Solon McDade (bass and vocals), and Jeremiah McDade (multi-instrumentalist and vocals) – the band were performers at an early age, playing folk music with their parents, Terry and Danielle McDade, in the McDade Family Band from 1974–1994. Since then, they’ve gone on to win awards, play the Canadian National Exhibition, showcase at the Commonwealth Games, and perform for the British Royal Family. They even were the subject of the documentary The McDades  – Brother Sister Making Music.

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The Daily Feature: The Majestic Musicality in "The Empress" by The McDades

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