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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up 2022 Vol. 1

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for January 5, 2022

“Alone” by DeadAudioSaints

First off the bat is “Alone” by UK alt-rock band DeadAudioSaints. The song is a wonderful mixture of electronica and hard rock. Raging guitars are mixed with electronic sounds to create a unique sound. Listeners have to listen for the chorus as it features a haunting melody that falls in a melodic way. If you are a big fan of the Alt-Rock scene of the 2000s, then “Alone” is the perfect song for you!

“Big Wave” by Sue Helix

American singer-songwriter Sue Helix gets inspired by the literal big wave wipeout in Hawaii with “Big Wave”. Helix connects this wipeout about the concept of facing fear head-on. This acoustic tune features a laid-back presence in the instrumentation with a groovy electronic guitar strumming on its own accords. What makes the song is Helix’s vocals as she uses vocals dynamics to sing the melody with a smooth low register at some points and then sweet, high range. It is a relaxing tune to listen to!

“Unnamed Planet” by Aerafell

If you are a fan of such synthwave artists like Dance With the Dead, F.O.O.L., Daniel Deluxe, and Magic Sword, then you have to check out “Unnamed Planet”. This tune takes inspiration from the 80s with its synth-heavy melodies. Mixed with these light synth riffs is a heavy saw wave bassline that drives the beat. It is a fast-paced song with lots of nostalgic sounds that will grab the listener’s attention.

“At The Bottom” by Sïckö

Hungrian rock artist Sïckö is inspired by the alt-rock sound in their latest release “At The Bottom”. A pure rock instrumental, listeners cannot pass up “At The Bottom” as it features riveting guitars of variety sounds taking hold of each part. It features an alt-rock atmosphere that can create some nostalgia for listeners. But, don’t get too comfortable as Sïckö twists this sound creates their own unique sound. Great listen!

“The Way Back” by Luke Beling

Luke Beling responds to his fears with the single “The Way Back”. It is a response to a long battle with introspection and self-doubt. This acoustic tune is a pleasant listen withs acoustic guitars and driven percussion. Listeners should listen for the chorus as that is when the energy explodes with bigger sounds in the vocals and instrumentation. “The Way Back” is an infectious tune with its positive soundscape and upbeat tempo that will have listeners dancing along.

“Marvelous Fool” by Khalil Marquis x EricGodlow

“It’s a feeling most people can relate to being in a relationship or a “situationship.” Everybody would like that validation from someone they admire. And sometimes that validation can push you to take risks that could potentially hurt you.”

Artists Khalil Marquis and EricGodlow have come together to create the Alt-Indie R&B gem “Marvelous Fool”. It was written to illustrate the efforts of someone that seem well-rounded in most aspects to other people but not to its desired. This slow-burning Alt-Indie R6B tune has a relaxed electronic soundscape. But, what makes “Marvelous Fool” a gem is the smooth and slick vocals that are accompanied by a gospel chorus. It is a real experience listening to those vocals!

“The way of kings” by Royal Preference

If you are a fan of Nick Johnston and Satriani, then you have to listen to “The way of kings” by Royal Preference. The instrumentation starts off with a light affair with an acoustic guitar strumming a gentle melody. But, then it explores into a cool-burning rock sound with detail strumming. Don’t forget to listen for the hard rock sounds in the chorus as they are the ear-pleasing fury of raw rock power!

“Bittersweet” by Artfair

Artfair’s recent single “Bittersweet” features musical morsels that will delight listeners. The lyrics describe the breakdown of a relationship in vivid detail. The singer’s rich vocals tell the song’s story with evocative details. The song swells with a crescendo to build the chorus with intertwined delayed guitar and live piano hook. “Bittersweet” is a lively song with bursting energy, intricate instrumentation, and lush vocals. It is an energetic listen for your mid-week!

“Galaxies” by Roaming Weazel

“This track draws particular inspiration from retro wave and video game stylings but leans into a heaviness characterised by trap, goth, or even metal, whilst simultaneously hosting a spaciness found in trippy, psychedelic tracks.”

Go on a musical journey with Roaming Weazel’s “Galaxies”. The song features a foundation set up with a lush yet distorted synth that is entwined with 8-bit reminiscent melodies. complex, The hard-hitting kick, and hat rhythms are the song’s backbone as they set the beat. It is truly a musical masterpiece with n expensive soundscape of synth sounds, textures, and nostalgia.

“Train Cho Cho” by TENDO

Noreweign pop-rock artist TENDO brings a fun atmosphere with their latest song “Train Cho Cho”. The song features a playful theme and a dynamic arrangement to craft a motivating song. It is filled with electronic textures, blazing guitar solos, interesting sound bites, and feel-good melodies. Don’t forget to listen for the break as it features an interesting instrumental combination with the guitar and horns. You might not know where you are going when you first step on a train, but you will know your destination with more confidence with “Train Cho Cho”.

BONUS: “ya no salgo mas” by Club Filatelico Jose Peralta

BONUS: “Dreams” by Essam Sami

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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