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Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up 2022 Vol. 11

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for April 6, 2022

“ALONE WITH YOU” by Michael T Downing

“Breakaway” by Glassio

“‘Breakaway’ is my ode to anyone feeling out of place in a community and needing to find the courage to leave that place in order to fulfill their dreams and self-actualize. It stems from the perspective of leaving a broken home and turbulent childhood behind through self-reinvention. I liked the idea of packaging these two songs as an A/B single because to me they capture opposing moods, but from different sides of the same coin.”

“Bitter” by Rosie Dean

This song is an energetic ode to the punk-pop anthems of the 2000s, but with a twist. It’s a song about young-adult angst. How we live in a world where youth is glorified and aging is frowned upon.

“Back Around” by Venturist

Venturist is a Brooklyn-based artist that combines his strong vocal technique with heavily produced digital instrumentation to create an indie electronic pop sound unlike any other. With relatable lyrics but stories personal to the writer, Venturist presents material that can be received by a wide audience while still sounding incredibly unique

“Rooftop (Kid Motive Remix)” by Dance STASH

“Darryl” by The Dionysus Effect

The hypercharged alt-rock song is based upon the bestselling book Darryl. “I love juxtapositions, so having this hyper-masculine rock song about a cuckold who feels most alive when someone sleeps with his wife felt like a fun and interesting rock song to do,” said Lead singer and bassist Christoph Paul.

“Mexican Girl” by The Cool Adorers

“ONCE+” by KellyMarie

“ONCE+” is KellyMarie’s second single from her debut album “IT IS MY ALBUM.” which is a collection of love songs inspired by the beloved TV show “The Office”. Although “ONCE+” is a reference to Jim’s bold declaration of love, it is relatable to any listener who’s ever wanted more than “just friends.”

“Smile” by Learn to Lie

“Smile” is about being forced to put on a happy front. Inside you could be really enjoying yourself but there will always be that one person asking “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Alternatively, it could be that you’re having a bad day but there will always be that one person saying to “put on a smile” and carry on. It seems that our society wants us to put on a happy front all of the time. Far too often we are told to mask our true feelings with a smile to “put on a brave face”.

“Written In The Sea” by Hannah May

This environmentally inspired track is one to listen out for with its confronting message about climate change. It features raw acoustic roots with an earthy edginess.

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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