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Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up 2022 Vol. 9

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for March 16, 2022

“Leaning On” by Beth George

“”Leaning On” is a song very close to my heart, mainly because when writing it I felt both a turning point in my personal life as well as my songwriting. I realised that writing music was my way of processing things so that’s how I then constructed the verses. From being completely in the dark with my emotions to slowly unravelling them with songwriting.”

UK Bedroom Pop artist Beth George brings pieces of herself in her newest single “Leaning On”. Using her struggles with mental health, George paints a picture of despair turned to hope. Organic sounds are mixed with layer vocals, pads, and reverb effects to create an emotional soundscape, especially in the chorus. It is a beautiful sound that offers an introspective view of her lyrics.

“Free Time” by Harry Vato x Whitney Tai

Canadian artist Harry Vato pairs up with American artist Whitney Tai to create the alluring electro-pop track “Free Time”. Harry Vato offers a wide range of electric pop sounds from different pop-inspired genres. There is a plenitude of musical tastes from electronic to bedroom pop to commercial. Whitney Tai’s vocals are a nice addition to the track as their melodic tones display a diversity of sounds that entices one to listen. It is a cool dance-inspired pop track with slick vocals!

“Love Like Fuego” by Kwaician

American Latin Pop artist Kwaician brings a mixture of two genres in his latest single “Love Like Fuego”. The track mixtures slick R&B beats with Latin Pop-flavoured melodies. This combination offers something laid0back, yet popping with morsels of warm, delicious flavors. It is the perfect track to listen to anywhere with its smooth vibes mixture with flavorsome Latin sounds.

“I Shed My Skin” by Skyelar

Dutch Indie Rock artist Skyelar is back with their newest track “I Shed My Skim”. The song speaks about new beginnings, the longing for that clean slate to start all over again. Skyelar mixtures of something classical with something modern with soothing piano are played with pulsing rock melodies. The piano builds up the mood gradually until it bursts with guitars played by Nashville guitarist Nicky V. It is a nice listen with its mixture of different sounds and moods featuring the moment build-up.

“There” by Chrome Daphne

Toronto-based Electropop duo Chrome Daphne features a slick sound in their newest single #There”. The track was inspired by a short-lived romance that left Jay Cherr wanting more in terms of intimacy, and when that relationship ended, it led him to a state of mindfulness. It is a futuristic dance groove that mixtures mood R&B with rich synthetic textures. This creates a certain warmth in the analog instrumentation that makes it a tune to really listen anywhere.

“All That I Wanted” by Daisy Briggs

American Country artist Daisy Briggs makes a splash with the bright new track “All That I Wanted”. The artist had this to say about the meaning of the lyrics: “being treated like less than you deserve, and goes out to anyone who has ever been treated badly by someone they cared about. I realized at the end of the day, all that I wanted was them, and that still wasn’t enough”. “All That I Wanted” is a colorful, pop-infused track with catchy riffs, slick vocals, and agreeable melodies. If you are a fan of Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, and Sam H, then you will like this track!

“Beauty High” by David Bell

American Alternative Rock artist David Bell brings his own slice of nostalgic rock with the track “Beauty High”. Bell was inspired by The Beatles, The Monkeys, and Pearl Jam to create this modern-day rock track. You can hear the influences clearly in “Beauty High” Pearl Jam-inspired instrumentation and The Beatles-inspired melodies. But, Bell is able to produce something that is his own with fun beats and catchy vocals with some serious grooves. Listeners cannot miss out on this track!

“In A Million Pieces” by Fatman

American Alternative Rock artist Fatman releases “In A Million Pieces” with Richard Thomas Verse on vocals. This is what the artist had to say about this track: “The song is God speaking to a man that the earth must be cleansed of man for the destruction he has caused. And the writer cries for the man as his heart breaks into a million pieces for man the species.” The track features a really interesting dynamic in the vocal lines as Richard Thomas Verse touches on different ranges and sounds. Listeners cannot miss out on the blazing guitar riffs, especially during the solos, as it is a total earworm!

“My Darling Angel” by Omar Jano

Travel back to the 80s with this synth-wave, pop, and rock hybrid by American artist Omar Jano. “My Darling Angel” mixtures colorful synth riffs, rockin’ guitars, and pop-influenced vocals. Listeners will be addicted to this song by the flavorful introduction that pays homage to the 80s synthpop. But, the mixture of pop vocals and rock-influenced guitars adds new depths to “My Darling Angel” that offers something new to something familiar.

“boy.” by KINGS

American Electropop artist KINGS brings her badass female energy in her latest single “boy.”. This electropop tune is a very attractive one with catchy melodies, especially in the chorus, and delicious musical progression. The badass female energy gives an edgy vibe that gives the song its sass. It might talk about egos, but “boy.” is one hell of a song with its sass and catchiness that will have listeners sing the chorus in no time as an anthem!

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