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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 13

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for November 10, 2021

“Under a Spell” by SAVEN

“Under A Spell” is a mid-tempo rock ballad by Saven that will have you dancing along. This song is all about understanding in the sense that you completely let your sexual desires and romantic yearnings get the better of you before you even realized what was going on. This rock ballad is a sound one with captivating melodic lines in the vocals and the instrumentation. The energy swells throughout the song as it starts off mellow at the beginning and then builds up until the energy spills over at the end. Check out that electrifying guitar solo at the end!

“Over My Head” by Redlands

American pop rock artist Redlands is tugging and pulling with their latest song “Over My Head”. The song is all about the constant tug-and-pull of the modern relationship, Dreamy vibes fill the song with soothing vocals and colorful instrumentations. There are glimmers of energetic energy in the depth of the song’s dark tones. The highlight of “Over My Head” is the chorus as it features catchy hooks. Redlands’ newest tune is one to not miss!

“O’ Lover” by Melody Mortal

If you are looking for catchy art pop-rock tunes, then you have to check Melody Mortal’s “O’ Lover”. This revenge tune oozes with goodness: from the addictive vocal lines to the mesmerizing guitar riffs. This ultimate anti-love song with cinematic qualities from every note. Both the high energy and strong female vocals keep “O’ Lover” going as their own distinctive features charm the listeners from the very first beat. The danceable beat in the energy and the power in the vocals. “O’ Lover” by Melody Mortal is a song that has to be on your playlist today as it is so darn good!

“VERACITY” by Mary Jeans

Mary Jeans is mixing the contemporary pop of Dua Lipa and retro sounds of the late Ace of Base and Eurythomics with her newest song “VERACITY”. The artist holds nothing back as she fully demonstrates her emotions towards hypocrisy facing young adults and invites them to take off their masks. There is everything in “VERACITY” that will attract the listener to move along to the beat: the mood, the rhythm, and the catchiness. Listeners have to listen to Mary Jean’s vocals as she displays a multitude of tones, from smooth to powerful. If you are needing a tune to dance to this Wednesday, then you have to check out “VERACITY” by Mary Jeans.

“Warning Signs” by Leanna Oki

Leanna Oki experiments withs an edgy and moody tone with her latest single “Warning Signs”. It reflects back on the singer’s feelings of regret and disdain after an ex left without any warning. However, Oki doesn’t want to mope around with the song, Instead, she hopes that listener will let out their inner rage by dancing to this upbeat disco-pop tune. It is a fantastic dance-pop song with haunting vocals, heavy synths, and rich harmonies. Dance away your inner rage with “Warning Signs” by Leanna Oki today!

“I Like You” by Ada Alora

Ada Alora hopes that listeners will love their recent fun-loving single. “I Like You”. This fun in-your-face-feel-good track is all about loving yourself. The track’s character is unhappy with their life, but they know who they are and know to be content in the moment. The track features catchy, positive vocal lines that will have listeners singing along with their repetitive nature. During the chorus, feel-good vibes ooze from the lyrics and even vocals. Just listen for those layered vocals, they just want you to sing along: “Aaaaah, I like you!” Such a super catchy song with positive and upbeat messages.

“Feel the Groove” by PHAT FLAVOUR CREW

Sit back and let PHAT FLAVOUR CREW take you on a groove with their newest track “Feel the Groove”. This track features mellow synth lines, chilled moods, and groovy vocals. There are big leads in the chorus with the vocals singing repetitive melodies. However, the charm of the song lies in the Moog Lead but also the various other instrumentations featured. This Neo-Soul/Funk/Contemporary R&B is such an alluring one with its groovy melodies in both the instrumentation and vocals. It is something you can’t miss!

“Don’t Cut Me Down” by empty measures

“Was originally a poem about an old heritage library tree (from the tree’s perspective), then a few people told us they related to because it felt broader – like a political or other social issue or even relationship (not taking any more crap from anyone anymore – a lover – or family or – any friend).”

empty measures’ newest track “Don’t Cut Me Down” hopes that listeners can relate to its lyrical content. An acoustic guitar-driven track, “Don’t Cut Me Down” features big energy in the vocals. The vocalist doesn’t hold anything back as he expresses what they feel towards the lyrical content with such emotion. The band crafts the melody brilliantly in a way that perfectly highlights the lyrics and the emotions behind them. It is a nice 90s Rock-inspired track with poignant and big emotions.

“Stones” by SKY

Pop Rock SKY takes on the American Christian Church with her darkest song yet: “Stones”. The track twists big vocals with audio bits and haunting instrumentation. “Stones” starts off like a slow-burning fire as listeners will sense there is something big under the starting embers. The track slowly builds up with burning energy beat-by-beat until the chorus. There, the energy explodes with fiery vocals, chorus-like backing vocals, and just fierce instrumentation. It is a tune to listen to from the start to the very end with its fierceness!

“Misty Morning” by Allan Corby

American singer-songwriter Allan Corby is back with his latest single “Misty Morning” It might be a short instrumental, clocking in at one minute and thirty-eight seconds. But, the song is a very beautiful listen with is bittersweet melodies featured in both the strings and acoustic guitar. I just love how the strings and the acoustci work together to create such a beautiful melody, especially at the chorus. Corby does an impectiable job with his strumming as he incorporates different methods to showcase his talent. Listeners will want to listen to the song over and over because it is just so sweet and gorgeous!

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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