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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 14

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for November 17, 2021

“Pain” by Doo Crowder

Doo Crowder experiments with Avant/traditional music with their latest single “Pain”. The lyrics were inspired by feelings like unrequited love, failed revenge, and kratom. The artist delivers an antique sound as if the song was recorded on old 45s. “Pain” features an antique “saloon-style” piano with mellow funky and jazzy chords played various instruments. Don’t forget to check out Doo Crowder’s vocals as they are filled with various emotions that the artist doesn’t hold back from showing.

“Play Her” by Benjamino

Australian soulful singer-songwriter and producer Benjamino is back with a delightful track entitled “Play Her”. The song tells the possibly fictional story of the songwriter’s mysterious neighbour; starting from humble beginnings with society tossing her to the curb, only to emerge as an underworld lynchpin in her twilight years, pulling the strings of the ruling class who once oppressed her. Benjamino features retro influences like Latin, funk, and Vegas show-tunes, as well as Indietronica sound in this feel-good, listen. It is a really lovely listen!

“Remember The Time” by u-sayn feat.Valerie

Get ready to dance this Wednesday by going back to the 80s with “Remember The Time” by u-sayn feat.Valerie. This synth-heavy track with familiar melodies from the 80s dance floor. Listeners might also feel that the track was influenced by ABBA with similar melodic sequences. Yet, it has a modern feel with the vocals as they are melodic and full of energy. “Remember The Time” by u-sayn feat. Valerie is a mixture of modern and nostalgic that will be a hit on the dance floor its addicting melodies and upbeat tempo.

“Sit Like Buddha” by Coop Mahndala

Artist Coop Mahndala wanted listeners to remember to find courage and persevering in the face of failure with his newest single “Sit Like Buddha”. A soothing tune that talks about forgiveness, “Sit Like Buddha” surrender to the rhythms of life with the acoustic guitar chords and down-to-earth vocals. The vocals are the true star as they feature intriguing melodies that listeners wouldn’t expect from this acoustic track. Coop Mahndala’s down-to-earth vocals also feature familiar warmth and colors that invite listeners to listen affectionately.

“Quasars” by Machitone

UK artist Machitone brings a unique fusion of alt-rock, soul & electro with their latest single “Quasars”. The artist’s latest features funky guitars, deep vocals, and wobbly synths. Don’t forget to listen to the chorus, it is my favorite part of the song. That is because it features funky synth bits that grab the listener’s attention with its syncopated, addictive rhythms. If you are looking for something funky and cool for your week, then you have to check out “Quasars” by Machitone.

“A Cold Room, A Warm Room” by Baba Sonya

Alt-rock artist Baba Sonya invites you to enjoy their latest single “A Cold Room, A Warm Room”. The track features an array of different melodic temperatures, from the cool verses to the fiery hot ending. How Baba Sonya arraigned the build-up is the highlight of the track. It starts off soft and cool in the beginning. But, note by note, it gradually grows fiery in sound tell it explodes at the end. Fans of Indie Rock, Garage Rock, and Alternative Rock will love “A Cold Room, A Warm Room” by Baba Sonya.

“Time to Pretend” by Sorry It’s Over

US Alt-Rock artist Sorry It’s Over observes life with their latest single “Time to Pretend”. The lyrics are about people that are addicted to social media. They want to start a revolution, however, they would just do it on social media than in person. “Time to Pretend” featured intricate melodies with a variety of instrumentations: piano, guitar, vocals, and drums. I really love the unique twists and turns the melodies in the instrumentation take, especially during the verses. “Time to Pretend” features modern and vintage sounds that any listener of any age can enjoy.

“The Chills and Frills” by Trey Warner

Trey Warner hopes to keep listeners young with his latest track “The Chills and Frills”. “I don’t want to grow up, I never want to die” This fun-loving track features big energy in the chorus as the artist vigorously sings that he wants to stay young for a long time. It’s a crazy life. However, the artist adds a bit of cinematic quality to his track. You can hear this in the instrumentation with Trey’s innate sense of atmosphere featured in the unique melodies and the carefully styled sequences. It is a fun song that is well-written and an ear-pleaser that will inspire you to rock on!


UK artist PHAT FLAVOUR CREW is back with the single “Dreamin'” The artist hopes listeners can journey back with their latest as it features old school 80s funk. There is also a Shuffle 2 Step Groove featured that will have listeners get up and dance with their funky yet addictive grooves. The track also has big vocals that guides listeenrs through with their dreamy tones. Get up and dance like its the 80s with “Dreamin'”.

“I Was a Moth” by Grimson

US Indie Folk Grimson hopes that simple melodies can invoke deeper feels with his newest single “I Was a Moth”. It tells the story of a big change that came and went, leaving a sharp divide between the past and the future, and the melancholy associated with looking backward to a simpler, more confident time.

This track featured a hypnotical, soothing six-part string arrangement with guitars and strings. Although the song seems really simple with not a lot of chords, it is such a gorgeous track with guitars and strings. I just love the instrumental break towards the end of the song as the strings deliver a big solo that you cannot miss. Yet, the song features such deep questions that have listeners think: is it ok to look backward with such nostalgia if he was so unhappy?

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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