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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 15

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for November 24, 2021

“Fenderr” by Kyoto Kyoto

Enjoy this Wednesday with this Math Rock tune from the UK band Kyoto Kyoto. “Fenderr” is a monologue about time passing by through the eyes of an aging dog. This experimental piece brims with energy with a pulsing riff with spacey guitars. The energy builds up until it bursts in the chorus with loudness and an increase in tempo. “A depiction of how time is the only constant in the chaos.” The band does an amazing job characterizing them with the tempo, melodies, pacing, and volume. Check it out!

“Think I Have Misunderstood” by Anton Commissaris

Dance your Wednesday with this swingy mixture of blues and jazz by Anton Commissaris. “Think I Have Misunderstood” is the perfect blend that features R&B influences. Just everything about the song is top-notch: the vocals, the instrumentation, the melodies, and the tempo. Anton Commissaris really envisioned big band jazz and blues from the 40s when he created “Think I Have Misunderstood”. You really have to check this out because this is a smash hit!

“Eye to Eye” by Zach Crean

US Pop Punk artist Zach Crean creates hope for those who have been in a toxic relationship with his new track “Eye to Eye”. It is for those who struggle with being in a toxic relationship The track has a sense of hope that even if it feels they are trapped, there is a way out. Crean creates a catchy bop with slick vocals, rich instrumentation with punk guitar and pop synthesizers, and cool melodies. Yet, listeners have to listen to the lyrics as they may or may not relate to the lyrics and feel a sense of hope.

“Look My Way” by Lines&Laces

US Country duo Lines&Laces creates a catchy, up-beat musical atmosphere with “Look My Way”. The song talks about realizing that a relationship has turned toxic. It touches on the difficulty of cutting them out of your life. “Look My Way” features beautiful harmonies, melodic vocals, and just a feel-good vibe overall (even though the lyrics might not reflect that). The moody tones in the lyrics really blend well the soothing country instrumentation. It is a well-written track that listeners can take it anywhere but also think about the context as one could relate to it.

“It’s Never Too Late to Be Old” by Monoq

“Love someone until your heart explodes” Israeli band Monoq features something unique with their newest track “It’s Never Too Late to Be Old”. The first thing that listeners will the unique blend between melodic, soft vocals in the chorus and harsh raps in the verses. Another thing would be the beautiful acoustic guitar strumming throughout. Finally, don’t forget to listen to the song completely as how the band builds up the energy to the chorus is amazing! With the help of electronic guitar, increase the tempo in the rhythm, and the crescendo in the volume. It is a cool tune with distinctive instrumentations and vocals.

“Dance” by Miriam & The Quinces

“Dancing through the night makes me feel good.” Miriam & The Quinces will have listeners get up and groove with their latest single “Dance”. This disco-inspired tune is everything that will make your Wednesday groovy and make you dance with its WahWah Guitar, funky bass, slick vocals, and sweet melodies. Everything about “Dance” makes it such an addictive tune that has listeners over and over. It is such a feel-good and delicious tune!

“Your Heart Is Overrated” by Antonio Velez

Have you ever felt that someone treats you so bad only because they feel entitled to? This hard rock from Mexican rock artist Antonio Velez will help you to relate to this feeling. “Your Heart Is Overrated” for that person whose heart is overrated. This captivating rock tune features memorable melodies, radical guitar riffs, and big energy. Listeners should listen to the chorus as it features sing-along melodies that are so addictive. It just wants to sing along “Your Heart Is Overrated”!

“Status Quo” by Faron Sage

UK Indietronica/rock artist Faron Sage asks one important question in “Status Quo”. In the face of modern society, is this what you really want when it comes to living? What can you do that could make a better world for you and others? “Status Quo” is a mixture of prog rock and electronic music that take inspiration from the decades: ELO, Daft Punk, and Tears of Fears. It is a groovy electronic track with a heavy message that will have listeners dance but think.

“44” by Brian Hoyt

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Brian Hoyt crafts “44” from real-life inspiration. The concept for his recently released album about the letters serial killers wrote to the public. “44” is about the letters from the Son of Sam Killer. These haunting words are weaved into equally haunting instrumentation with grunge vocals. Listeners should check out the bass riffs, especially at the end of the chorus, as they are very unique in the rhythm that makes them really stand out.

“Love” by Daedr1k

Russian Indie Pop artist Daedr1k writes about her personal struggles with the track “Love”. The artist wrote the song while she was depressed. “The girl quit, there are no auditions, no money, I can’t leave my parents, because there is no work due to a hand injury after an accident. ” Daedr1k crafts a provoking tune that gives listeners a peek into Daedr1k’s world. It features eerily piano notes that are played in a loop with such belligerence. Meanwhile, the vocals are sung with melodic softness that is a total contrast with the instrumentation Though the two parts are completely different, they form something really intriguing once listened together. A must-listen!

BONUS: “Time” by Ricky Pross

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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