The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 16

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The Mid-Week Pickup for December 1, 2021

“Kujira” (鯨: Whale) by Nishino Kobayashi

Japanese pop-rock artist Nishino Kobayashi brings an honest feel with the stripped-down rock track “Kujira”. The theme of the track is facing myself / going forward while facing myself. It is the first time that the artist recorded with a band. And it is a wonderful sound! “Kujira” features laid-back, peaceful pop-rock instrumental and soulful vocals. If you are a fan of Japanese bands like back number or wacci, then you will love Nishino Kobayashi!

“Mary Mary” by The Banquets

The Banquets os back with their smoky new single “Mary Mary”. It tells the story of innocent little Mary, who eventually embraces her sexuality and comes out. All about female sexuality. It features a lot of the band’s signature sounds while being experimental. Listeners will be lured into the sweet honeytrap of the salacious-sounding vibrant and sexy yet husky tones. I am a huge big fan of The Banquets since this year as they have a smokin’ hot alt-rock sound with addictive melodies.

“Diamonds” by BRLY DRSSD x Chanty Thushara

UK artist BRLY DRSSD has teamed up with Sri Lankan artist Chanty Thushara to release the single “Diamonds”. “I wrote this song for my wife and all the ladies who sometimes don’t think they are strong or worth listening to,” the two spoke about the meaning behind the song,” but they ARE strong and worth listening to!” It’s ok to shatter, you wouldn’t bleed. It is an inspiring track with meaningful lyrics. The instrumentation is also mellow yet bright with colorful instrumentation and sweet vocals. It is truly an inspiring track!

“Old Friend” by Akine

Alternative blend with some pop and rock influences with Akine’s newest track “Old Friend”. It is an emotional yet upbeat track that talks about the rollercoaster of relationships. You can hear this rollercoaster in the rhythm as the artist switches from slow and fast to highlight different stages of relationships. Dark vibes come from the instrumentation with a blazing guitar and striking synthesizers. However, they are contrasted by sweet vocals with rich vibrato. Lovely track!

“Runnin’” by INNOMUNO

Neo-Soul artist INNOMUNO has a slick track that features an important message with “Runnin’”. This track talks about the constant search for wealth and success. How you live in a world where you can’t set the rules,, but don’t who sets them. These vital words are embedded in soothing yet soulful R&B melodies. The dreamy vocals, especially the backing vocals, echo all over. Listeners should listen to the chorus with its catchy hooks and misty atmosphere.

“Boon feat. Cheedera” by Acer Chap

Acer Chap has released his latest single “Boon” with Cheedera. The track starts off with an upbeat, positive start with its meek pop-rock instrumentation. Melodic male vocals singing with eagerness during the verses with sweet female vocals serve as backing vocals. By the middle, the track changes gears with a smooth rap section and with powerful female vocals taking over the lead. It is an inspiring track with talented vocals and mellow instrumentation.

“Violins” by The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang

The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang blends a plentiful of groovy genres in their new single “Violins”. The track features the addictive favors of blues, funk, rock, and soul. It features really intriguing melodies in the main vocal lines. Yet, it also has groovy instrumentation that has some cool solos, especially in the rhythm guitar. The lyrics pack a punch with humor as it dives into the what-ifs with “What if you have a neighbour who doesn’t appreciate you practicing your music?”

“Violins” by The Freaky Friday Jailhouse Gang is a very flavorsome track that listeners REALLY have to listen to today!

“Reminder” by Card Reader

US pop-punk band Card Reader hones into the memories of a lost childhood friend with the track “Reminder”. This song is about the feeling of losing someone in life while they still walk the earth. The track is filled with rambunctious energy that pours out from the high-energy guitars and melodic vocals. It is a solid pop-rock track but with the band putting their own spin with their lyrics and arrangement. It is a well-written song that hooks listeners from beginning to end with its infectious pop-punk melodies and the band’s own musicality.

“Porcelain” by Color Palette

Get inspired by loss, love, and the beauty of humanity with “Porcelain” by Color Palette. The lyrics talk about the fragility of life. “Porcelain” features a dreamy atmosphere that tings just with 80’s vibes. This indie shoegaze features multiple vocal tracks that combine into one. Cloud-like vocals appear throughout the track to give off a sense of surrounding warmth. It adds a unique texture. It also features soothing synth riffs with a mellow guitar just strumming along. If you are looking for a mellow, feel0good tune, then you have to check out “Porcelain”.

“Memory of a Car Wreck” by Alexis Perry

Alexis Perry releases “Memory of a Car Wreck”, a track that will catch listeners’ attention with its energy and lyrics. The track is a driving stadium anthem that will send listeners on an intense emotional ride. The singer had this to say about the track: “It’s a bipolar road we all can relate to in one form or another.”.
“Memory of a Car Wreck” is a track that bursts pure rock ‘n’ energy from its blazing instrumentation and down-to-earth vocals. But, it’s the messages featured in the lyrics that listeners should listen for as they are truly inspiring and relatable.

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