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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 18

Wednesday is always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for December 15, 2021

“Fall” by Timeless Void

Canadian rock band Timeless Void is back with another stellar song, this time with “Fall”. The lyrics talk about the struggle younger generations face. Even though they are born into a generation of riches, they enter into adulthood of opposite that is filled with problems and distraught. This song really highlights the band’s unique sound of haunting, otherworldly psychedelic rock. It is really interesting to listen to the recording techniques that were employed back in the late 60s & early 70s featured in “Fall”. It really brings back listeners to those decades!

“Always Fading” by Glass House Point

Alt-rock band Glass House Points hopes to bring their genre-bending sound to listeners with “Always Fading”. It is about the beauty and difficult reality of living in a state of ever-fleeting moments. The musicality really reflects this message perfectly with the hazy atmosphere. Dreamy synth riffs are mixed with smooth vocals to create this vivid indie pop-rock piece. If you are a big fan of bands like The 1975, then you have to check out “Always Fading”.

“The Spirit Love” by Marius Billgobenson

Get your week serenade by this smooth jazz tune by Swedish jazz artist Marius Billgobenson. The artist has created “The Spirit of Love” with the soulful and empowering fusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B. He has smoothly mixed the dynamic rhythms of jazz with the vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. The blend of jazz instrumentation and African music featured in “The Spirit Love” is infectious and a must-listen! It is well-written with big energy, lots of love, and addictive melodies infused in this track. It is a lively yet gorgeous track!

“Levitate” by Sane Pale

German Indie Pop artist Sane Pale has a new track called “Levitate”. Hypnotic synth instrumentation starts off the track, attracting listening with its unique presentation. Soft vocals start off the verses but increase in energy until it exploded with bursting energy at the chorus. Listeners should listen for the chorus with those catchy hooks, smooth vocals, and big energy!

“The color of the sky seen from here” by HAKOIRO EDEN

HAKOIRO EDEN brings a mixture of hard and soft with their single “The color of the sky seen from here”. The track blends pop, hard rock, and electronic to create this electrifying tune. The pop comes from the honeyed vocals that guide listeners through the track with their sweet tones. The hard rock comes from memorizing hard electric guitar riffs, especially at the beginning and during the chorus. The electronic comes from both the instrumentation and the vocals as that part features some sort of element of electronica. It is an intriguing track!

“Riddle” by The Morning Yells

Venice-based band Morning Yells mixes familiar and new with their track “Riddle”. Vibrant synth riffs are blended with jarring guitar riffs to create invigorating instrumentation. But, the power lies in the vocals, especially at the chorus, as they are filled with big energy and emotions. The contrast between the mellow feeling of the instrumentation and the passionate vocals makes “Riddle” such a fascinating listen.

“The Smell of the Clouds” by DisCovers

Feel like you are floating on the clouds with the colorful EDM tune by DisCovers.” The Smell of the Clouds” features airy bass synths with a sweet, melodic main synth. Then, at around the one-minute mark, an attractive piano melody is added into the mix. DisCovers’s latest tune features upbeat, vivid melodies that are both ear-pleasing to dance to and something to get up and dance to.


Get mesmerized with “Maria” by Grammy award winner SICKOTOY with artist IRAIDA. This track talks about love in both the lyrics and the music. At the first beat, listeners will be entranced by IRAIDA’s engrossing vocals. She is supported by a fiery dance beat that is featured in the electrifying instrumentation. “Maria” cannot be missed as it is super addictive with slick vocals, catchy hooks, and hypnotizing rhythms, It will be your new dance track this week!

“Circles” by Alex Roumanidakis

Alex Roumanidakis entices listeners with his entrancing new track “Circles”.Progressive rock features a lot of interesting mutualities, from the rhythms to the vocals. The beginning might seem like it is disconnected, but it is an ear-pleasing mesh-up as it features some intriguing rhythms and ear-pleasing melodies. Everything eventually comes together to create a prog rock track with big energy in the guitar riffs and vocals. Listeners should listen to the end as there is a change that anyone cannot miss!

“Не догорай” (Don’t Burn Out) by IMSTORIE

Russian Power Pop artist IMSTORIE hopes to get listeners’ attention with her newest single “Не догорай”. This track is a mixture of pop and rock. Pop is featured in the charming, melodic vocals and the synthesized drum kit. The rock is from the electrifying and acoustic guitar riffs that are strummed along with the song. The pop-rock feel is extended in the song’s soundscape as it features that familiar sound. It is an ear-pleasing tune!

BONUS: “Небо Лондона ” (London Sky) by Olga Bukh

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