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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 6

Wednesdays are always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for September 22, 2021

“LIFE” by Yoshimitsu4432

About the song: “This guitar instrumental song was written paying homage to the hard rock ballads in the 80s ~90s.

I usually make all the other parts by myself, in this extraordinary pandemic time, it was my wish to acknowledge and celebrate our personal bonds, so I had players from Tokyo, Osaka and Ishikawa perform their parts remotely.

It’s a classic hard rock style completely different from the popular guitar music, neo-soul or Djent which are mainstream today, but I believe it will appeal to all rock guitar fans regardless of an era.” — Yoshimitsu4432

“DY3-thx12-4432” by DY3-thx12-4432

Make sure to check out DY3-thx12-4432 on Instagram!

“Breathless” by Beau Audio

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“At The Door” by Omri Lahav

About the song: “This song was written after a 10-year relationship ended, leaving nothing to hold me in place – and at the same month it was released, I embarked on the greatest journey of my life at the time – moving to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams of a career in music.” — Omri Lahav

“Xurlur” by sinX

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“Tras Noche” by Xyz Collective

Make sure to check out Xyz Collective on Instagram!

“Veneno Vil” by YOPO

Make sure to check out YOPO on Instagram!

“Amber” by Paul Bäcklin

About the artist: Paul Bäcklin is an Indie / Alternative Rock artist born in Sweden that has been playing music for about 20 years. He is known as the front person of Sony / GAIN-signed Stoner Rock / Americana band The Diamond Man Clan that released their latest full-length album in 2017, the year before Paul’s father died, and Paul began studying a bachelor in what used to be an impossible-to-get-in-to program called “Individual Performance” Now, with a completely new level of artistic maturity, Paul as reemerged with an incredible and interesting solo album in his hands.

“Show Yourself” by the august arrival

About the band: Since its inception, this Yukon (Canada) band’s sound has centered around the songwriting of Sara MacDonald, which one reviewer noted as being “laced with a wisdom that comes from experience without being bitter”. Check out the august arrival on their official site!

“Hollywood Goldmine” by Glass Dove

About the song: “The songs have a similar thread,” Glass Dove elaborates.“Thematically, they’re about a lot of dysfunctionality in relationships. They were written before 2020, but a lot of it was strangely tied to how the country felt throughout the last year. I initially wrote some very specific autobiographical things, but most of the concepts took on a new meaning—like they were right for the time. How did we come to this Half-Life Wilderness?

“Waiting To Be Found” by Gabrielle Ornate

About the song: “‘Waiting To Be Found’ is the ultimate summer tune. From its anthemic chorus that reaches deep into your soul to its sentimental lyrics that pull at the heartstrings, this song oozes attitude. Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, ‘Waiting To Be Found’ seeks to find a way into your psyche.” — Gabrielle Ornate

“Saturday Night Seepby” by Brian Mackey

Make sure to check out Brian Mackey on his official site!

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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  1. Stephanie

    I love the idea of a mid-week pick up list! What a great way to get through the rest of the week.

  2. Neely Moldovan

    Truly a great pick me up! Love these songs! so fun!

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