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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Vol. 9

Wednesdays are always a time to celebrate! It is hump day! Two more days until the weekend, time to celebrate! I am starting a new series where I present ten songs that will help you celebrate your Hump Day and make your week more awesome!

Check out the songs below! What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

The Mid-Week Pickup for October 13, 2021

“My Angels Sang to Notre Dame” by All The Queen’s Horses

“My Angels Sang to Notre Dame” is a dismal tune that talks about one’s perspective at their funeral. What they felt before and ater dying with their mindset and feelings. All The Queen’s Horses is a tune that features a spoken word performance in the verses but haunting yet catchy melodies in the chorus. With the words featuring sadness and darkness, “My Angels Sang to Notre Dame” is one tune to check out!

“No Need To Say Goodbye” by Seth Cloe and The Silver Liners

Seth Cloe and The Silver Liners’ newest single talks about how it is important to walk away from a toxic relationship. The song features aggressive guitar riffs at first, but it softens up with lighter melodies in the chorus, Vocals harmonies are layered in with the main vocals during the chorus to create a softer depth to the song. You have to check out the ending as it features something drastically different with violins and cello. It is pretty symbolic!x

“stories from outer space” by Timothy Edward Carpenter

“stories from outer space” is a way that American Timothy Edward Carpenter can find a way to unpack his own feelings and words. His newest song talks about his journey in finding his own identity. It is such a beautiful song with ethereal acoustic guitar strumming and mellow vocals. However, don’t be fooled as Carpenter brutally mixes a vocal layer to display the true inner turmoil of self. Really well-crafted and beautiful tune!

“Rock DJ” by Stay Safe

Stay Safe’s newest single is a very intriguing pop-punk version of Robbie Williams’ “Rock DJ”. Featuring really lively pop-punk guitar riffs and engaging vocals, I love this version so much! Stay Safe did a great job as each second of the song attracts with their alluring and talented pop-punk qualities.

“Silence Of The Night” by Tiger Mimic

“Silence Of The Night” will certainly keep you listening to the end. This highly addictive indie-rock tune features an urgent groove, unexpected riffs, and biting vocals. It tells about a shadowy world infested with predators and parasites that acts as a metaphor as a call for justice, accountability, and the reclamation for our communities. This indie-rock tune is something you have to check out!

“We Are Done” by Homesick

xxxThis pop-punk tune from Spanish band Homesic will want you to make you dance. Highly addictive punk melodies with melodic vocals make this tune such an addictive one. It has an alluring upbeat tempo that is danceable. At the end of the song, there is an intriguing surprise that really fits even though it is so different. If you love pop-punk music, this one is for you

“A Watch” by Oded Dahan

This soothing yet energetic acoustic tune by Oded Dahan tells of a relationship in a cheesy but lovely way. Dahan tells the story about “a young man finds himself waiting for his girlfriend who’s almost always late because she takes a lot of time to get ready for their dates.”. The listener will listen to the cheerful acoustic vibe but also the sweet tones featured in the lyrics.

“Be True” by The Jeebs

The Jeebs will take you back in time with their latest single “Be True”. Inspired by classic rock influences like Journey, the band’s new singles take what makes those rock tunes so memorable and mixed them with modern production and musicality. The song equally features each member in their own way, hoping that listeners have a chance to hear each unique side. But don’t expect the expected as the band has some tricks up their sleeves!

“Don’t Stand Still” by Tiffany Davis

Tiffany Davis’ newest single is one that will uplift you 100%! As her life was chaotic last year, the singer-songwriter learned one thing: don’t stand still! Keep on moving, working on those dreams. Expected or unexpected changes are positive things. This adult contemporary tune will inspire you with its bouncy tempo, inspiring lyrics, and catchy melodies. This is a song that will most definitely inspire you today!

“House Of Cards” by Sophia Alexa

“House Of Cards” is a single by up-and-coming artist Sophia Alexa. It is a gorgeous indie-pop tune that features dreamy melodies in each area: the instrumentations, the vocals, and the backing vocals. The tune also features very relatable words featured in Alexa’s well-crafted lyrics that talk about shattering one’s fears and challenges them with bold actions. Alexa is a very promising artist as listeners can hear her detailed song-writing in a vivid yet dreamy landscape in “House of Cards”.

BONUS: “That Don’t Impress Me Much (Remix by Xelpy)” by Shania Twain

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The Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

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