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The Daily Feature: The Relaxed Vibes Featured in The Rungs’ “Not in Love”

“Not in Love” by American Electro Pop duo The Rungs is a must-listen for your day today. It is an indie synth-pop tune that tells the story of someone who doesn’t feel the same way in a relationship as their partner. This tune by The Rungs features retro synth lines that have contrasting sounds: one moment it is rich and dark and then it’s light and bright. There is some effect applied to the vocals, but that adds more texture to them. This works in favor of the vocals and the song as the texture makes the vocals stand out in a good way with their bright, electric tones.

The Rungs’ “Not in Love” is a beautiful Electro Pop song that features beautiful synth melodies. I love the countermelody that goes on in the second verse (around the 1:00 mark), it is just so colorful and addictive. The tune also features a chilled vibe that makes it easy to just lay back and daydream along with those colorful, electric melodies. Because of this, “Not in Love” is one of my favorite new discoveries and I am excited about what the duo has in store in the future!

Make sure to check out The Rungs’ “Not in Love” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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About the Artist: The Rungs

The Rungs

The Rungs are a female-fronted indie project based out of New York, formed by Mandy and Diwas Gurung. Inspired by 90s indie rock and 80s synthpop, The Rungs layer electric guitars with swirly synths, ethereal vocal harmonies, and hooky beats, to create a strain of uniquely refreshing pop music.

Mandy and Diwas never meant to be in a band together. When they met in Ithaca NY, Diwas was a guitarist in a psychedelic rock band and Mandy was studying botany with music the last thing on her mind. Sometimes life happens to us in ways we don’t expect, and certainly, neither of them expected that soon they’d be writing songs together, playing live looping shows around town, and staying up all hours of the night producing songs on an old MacBook.

With a true DIY ‘bedroom’ recording approach they spent years living in a home studio that doubled as an actual studio apartment in Brooklyn NY. After meeting drummer Steven Bartashev and playing around NY as a trio, they recorded EP Everyday Visions which features Bartashev’s drums on “Want you to Know” and “Grindstone” and “Trees” In 2021 they will release their third EP, with singles “Right Rooms” and “Not in Love” coming out first.

Make sure to check out The Rungs at the following sites:

Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify

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The Relaxed Vibes Featured in The Rungs' "Not in Love"

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  1. Rose Ann Sales

    IT’s so interesting, thanks for sharing about this!

  2. Renata Feyen

    I love the song, especially the beginning is lovely – she has a great voice

  3. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    This is the kind of music that one listens to when it’s raining.

  4. Knashz

    Love listening to this kind of music. Really lovely

  5. Rosey

    I wish them well. It’s a great story to tell (where they started) alongside their sucess.

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  7. Gracelene Dela Cruz

    I love her voice so much. It’s so full of emotions.

  8. Olufunke Kolapo

    I don’t know the artist before now but I feel like I know them already. I love the song.

  9. Alexis

    I haven’t heard of this group before, I’m definitely going to check them out.

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