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The Soulful “Little Black Dress” by Chris Howard: A Perfect Tune For This Autumn

It is mid-October: a time where the weather gets cooler, time seems to slow down, and the colors outside transform to shades of yellow, red, orange, and brown. Many enjoy this beautiful view of autumn colors, as well as the crisp weather, with warmer drinks and good music that make us feel good as well as soothe our souls.

For me, when I think of autumn and October, I think of mellow and soothing songs that emanate that perfect autumn vibe. One song that is perfect for October’s chilled autumn vibe is Chris Howard’s newest single “Little Black Dress”. But, why? Read on to find out the reason.

Make sure to listen to Chris Howard’s “Little Black Dress” down below and let me know what you think in the comments.

What is So Special About Chris Howard’s “Little Black Dress”?

From the first beat of “Little Black Dress”, you can hear the two main factors that makes the song so special. One factor is the perfect combination of the instrumentation to create this groovy, soulful tune. The instruments featured in “Little Black Dress” are strings, keyboard, bass, percussion, and electric guitar. But, what makes each instrument so unique in this song is its own individual characteristics: the string during the chorus, the electric guitar producing bluesy chord during the second verse, how the keyboards end the song, and percussion keeping the beat mainly in the high hats. These individual characteristics meld together so perfectly to create a groovy contemporary soul tune.

Another factor is the mood. “Little Black Dress” feature a variety of moods and vibes: relaxed, smooth, soothing, soulful, and bluesy. You can feel like these in the mid-tempo beat, the melody, and in the instrumentation as well as the vocals. There is a sort of a contrast of cool and warmth as the instrumentation inviting a cool vibe. While, there is warmth coming from Howard’s smooth vocals. Many have called them playful seductive, but I felt like the vocals bring a sort of warmth to the cool sub-melody from the instruments.

Final Thoughts

Chris Howard’s newest single “Little Black Dress” is a perfect song for this October as it has parallel some similarities to autumn. One reason is the perfect blend of the each of the instrument’s individual characteristics. Another is with the relaxed, smooth, soothing, soulful, and bluesy vibe that is executed well through the instrument’s cool notes and Howard’s warm vocals. Because of these two, “Little Black Dress” is a must listen for this October and a must add to your playlists.

Listen to “Little Black Dress” below and tell me what you think and feel about the song in the comments!

About the Artist: Chris Howard

Christ Howard

After spending the last 10 years singing, writing, and recording with many bands and artists as a session musician, multi-instrumentalist Chris Howard is now centre-stage and releasing music under his own name.

Falling in love with the piano aged 2 sat on his father’s knee, Chris plays several instruments and has played music for almost his entire life.

He formed his first band (as a drummer) aged 12 with Danny Jones (now of McFly), and over the years he has sung, played, written, and recorded alongside many varied acts including Albert Lee (Clapton/Everly Brothers), Neil Fairclough (Adam Lambert’s QUEEN), jazz guitar pioneer Oz Noy, Tony Levin (King Crimson/Peter Gabriel) and 90s girl-pop icons B*Witched.

After the death of his father, Chris moved to Liverpool and established himself as an in-demand session player, but a long battle with alcoholism and poor mental health (2 causes Chris is open with and feels strongly about) made these years difficult.

Chris is now sober (6 years and counting), healthy, and has quite a few stories to tell.

Make sure to follow Chris Howard at the following sites:

Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp

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The Soulful "Little Black Dress" by Chris Howard: A Perfect Tune For This Autumn

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