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An Interview With U.S. Pop-Rock Band The Sparkle and Fade

Even though a new band, the U.S. pop-rock band The Sparkle and Fade has so much potential and creative energy. The members recently talked to the ai love music about themselves, their inspiration, their new singles, and their future. Continue to read on to find out who is The Sparkle and Fade and is what their music is about. Make sure to check out their singles “Up in the Air” and “Not the Enemy” and let me know what you think about their music in the comments.

Who are The Sparkle and Fade?

The Sparkle and Fade are a band that is made up of five members: Lindsey (Lead Vocalist), Jeff (Guitarist and Drummer), Tyler (Guitarist), T.J. (Bassist), and Courtney (Keyboardist/Sythenizer Player/Lyricist). The band came together when Tyler started to play around and made songs using his guitar in 2020. He then asked his wife, Courtney, to see if she could write any words to these tunes. They then brought on Courtney’s sister Lindsey and her husband Jeff as Tyler felt that the band needed more members. Then in December 2020, the band met T.J. and ask him to join as a bassist.

Even though The Sparkle and Fade just formed in November of 2020, the members have been involved with music since the early 2010s. Jeff and Tyler played in a band together called Double Dig. Courtney was played with the band Green Light for five years. Then Jeff, Tyler, Courtney, and Lindsey would play in a family cover band with Courtney’s and Lindsey’s father. Meanwhile, T.J. played in various shows with friends and also played in a rockability band called Zackie and the 843.

The band gets inspired by artists like CHVRCHES as they love the band’s female vocalist and their synth sound. They also seek inspiration from Coldplay, 90s bands (Foo Fighters, Weezer), Pop Punk (Blink-182), Fleetwood Mac, and Brit-Pop bands (Oasis, The Verve).

The band hopes that listeners listen for the storytelling element in their songs, especially in their upcoming debut album. Also, each song in the band’s catalog has its own distinct elements; different styles and influences. The Sparkle and Fade hope that listeners can notice these differences but also notice the pieces that connect their songs together.

Their First Single: “Up in the Air”

One of The Sparkle and Fade’s recent singles is “Up in the Air”, which was released about three months ago. “The single is definitely is a happy song,” Courtney explained, “It is really about that feeling when you are in a really great place and when you can be with somebody that makes you feel very comfortable and that wherever you go, you will be in a good space with them.” The song’s theme is all about new beginnings. It also revolves around the feelings of pure joy and happiness.

Tyler wrote most of the parts of the tune back in July of 2020. He then gave it to his wife to write the lyrics. He explained that it took her quite a while to write the lyrics, almost two months, as she didn’t want the song to be cheesy and wanted to take time with writing the words. “I really love the song,” Courtney said, “I just wanted to make sure that the words really fit the nature of the song.”

Recent Single: “Not the Enemy”

The band released their latest single “Not the Enemy” at the end of March. Check it out here:

The Sparkle and Fade hope that their debut album will come very soon. Make sure to check back here when the album is released.

Make sure to check out The Sparkle and Fade at the following sites:

Bandcamp | Spotify | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram

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An Interview With U.S. Pop-Rock Band The Sparkle and Fade

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