You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of June 20 – June 26

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of June 20 – June 26

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Pretending” by Darity

“With dreamy, contemplative verses and hard-hitting guitar-driven choruses, Darity speaks to how trauma sits with you and costs you, regardless of how much you try to pretend as nothing happened. ” — Darity

“Undo” by suncream

“Produced as an ode to Manchester, the track sets the scene on a dark, rainy Tib Street, stood outside Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club as the nights are drawing in. Over time the mood continues to shift and we gently drift into a warm festival evening as the track develops into a euphoric yet modestly understated summer dance anthem – both scenes equally as charming and sentimental in their own rights.” — sunscream

“Stat the Night” by Martin Hammar

“Inspired by the song Satellit and Hold the line. Vibes from the ’80s.” — Martin Hammar

“Ahead of Line” by Phatt James

“At the Sea” by Gran Noir

“Pollen” by Joynoise

“Joynoise is an alternative rock group from Orange County, California. Full of personality and passion, Joynoise is a force to be reckoned with—on and off stage. Their new song “Pollen,” marks the start of what would be a “new” Joynoise. It represents the start of a completely different band moving forward. The song is influenced by the actions of frontman Koch as well as other friends around him. It’s basically detailing the narrator’s descent into insanity as they desperately cry for help.” — Joynoise

“Flawless” by Jordan Jones

Edmonton-based solo artist Jordan Jones just wants to spread the love with his music. After multiple Canadian tours over the last 10 years—fronting a band as lead vocalist and as lead guitarist in two separate projects—he is ready to share himself completely. With a range of influences, his diversity is a fresh approach to pop music.

“Just Give Up” by Wiesinger x Jessa Sky

““Just Give Up,” despite its title encourages listeners to keep going; to live with the hope that things can get better. Every setback is really simply a disguised setup for future success or victory. ” — Wiesinger x Jessa Sky

“Future” by Shrey Panda

Shrey Panda is a hip-hop violinist from Austin, TX. Through melodic violins, classical instruments, and colorful beats, Shrey Panda is creating a new genre of music where listeners will be able to contemplate their own life experiences and connect with the music on a deep, emotional level.

“What Can I Do” by Isabelle Fries

“American singer and humanitarian Isabelle Fries release a new single to critical praise, “What Can I Do.” Her powerful, emotive, and soulful vocals create a sound that highlights themes that capture the essence of what drives Isabelle in her life and her music — her love and advocacy for others. “This song is about being there for someone no matter what the situation is. Just being a steady foundation and source of hope for when someone needs it the most,” said the songwriter, Seth Baer.” — Isabelle Fries

BONUS TRACK; “Ambeish” by Thirdeye Spy

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