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The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 3 – January 9

Happy 2022! It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Take Care Of The Silence” by Paul Weinfield

American singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield has recently released the song “Take Care Of The Silence”. It’s a song about the antidotes to loneliness we find when we actually take time to be alone. “Take Care Of The Silence” is a beautiful acoustic track that features bare emotions in the musicality and the lyrics. Down-to-earth vocals guide listeners through the song’s musical journey as it if they sitting right there with the artist. The vocals are backed by hauntingly beautiful backing vocals and a precious acoustic guitar. It is such a beautiful listen that cannot be passed up!

“Lost Angeles!” by scndskn

American Alternative Indie R&B artist scndskn hopes that listeners will find the nostalgic, romantic vibe in their latest single “Lost Angeles!”. The artist has this for the single’s tagline: “Imagine, driving down Sunset Blvd. at 7 PM about to hit the town with your love interest in the passenger seat.”. Listeners can hear in the instrumentation with the cool synth riffs and the smooth vocals. The chilled mood of the song overall makes it a perfect song to kick back and relax to. A perfect song to drive with!

“Les Feuilles Mortes” by Ghosts Of Rangoon x Milly x Shin Mon

“Les Feuilles Mortes” is a recent release of the Ghosts Of Rangoon x Milly x Shin Mon from Mynamar. It is a delicious mixture of chilled rock and blended vocals. Vocals from sweet female ones to bare male ones guide listeners as they are laid over a relaxed guitar track. It is the perfect track to listen to at home and rock with nice melodic lines, beautiful blends, and a relaxed soundscape.

“Tonight” by Dominic Giannou

Get ready to dance with “Tonight” by Australian Deep House artist Dominic Giannou. It is a danceable song with an upbeat tempo and addictive EDM-styled melodies. The heavy bass keeps the pulse of the song, creating a beat that would attract listeners to dance anywhere. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the vocal melodies as they are split into different tones: a deep one and a high one. “Tonight” is the perfect song to make your week more energetic with its alluring dance beat!

“Sea Fret” by Cries for Colour

If you are a fan of such bands as The 1975, Glass Animals, and Peach Pit, then you have to check out this song by Cries for Colour. “Sea Fret” features a blend of acoustic strumming, upbeat funky guitar work, and modern electronica peaking. This dreamy pop song expands its soundscape throughout as it travels to different sounds and textures. Of course, listeners cannot miss out on the funky guitar parts mixed with punchy synth riffs to create a unique ending. Cries for Colour creates a gorgeous world with their latest single that cannot be missed!

“O, Captain!” by James Zero

James Zero was inspired by the 1865 poem “O Captain, My Captain!” written by Walt Whitman with the recently released single “O, Captain!”. However, Zero compares it with a metaphor of Jesus Christ, making it a tongue-in-cheek Christian blues song. It is a song that is easy to listen to with its laid-back yet groovy melodies. It is the perfect song to listen to anywhere due to the chilled atmosphere. Don7t forgot to listen to the chorus with its catchy hooks song by soothing vocals. Perfect song for your week!

“Melífluo” by Graci

Graci hopes that listeners will listen for intimate lyrics wrapped in tranquil melodies in their newest single “Melífluo”. The artist blends organic and synthetic elements to create a soundscape that conveys lightness and a sense of tranquility. For the lyrics, Graci presents intimate lyrics that tell personal experiences of love and disaffection. The combination of both important elements creates a very relaxed yet gorgeous atmosphere in “Melífluo”. Listeners will be in awe of the sheer beauty featured and will want to listen to “Melífluo” over and over!

“The Edge” by Dahl Hates Disco

Dahl Hates Disco delivers an emotional performance with their single “The Edge”. It explores the Indie Pop soundscape with a variety of moods, textures, and sounds. But, it is the emotional vocal performance from Marie Clare that steals the show. Rich tones, sassy twists and tunes, and stunning build-ups in the vocals make this an addictive one. Listeners should listen for the chorus as they will not get enough of those catchy hooks that set the song on fire!

“Where the Buffalo Roam” by Dan Cugnet

Canadian Americana Artist Dan Cugnet seeks inspiration from the North American Plains in his song “Where the Buffalo Roam”. The song details the mighty North American Plains and how it has changed. This song takes traditional cues from the Americana genre. But it is the nostalgic lyrics that define this song. Listeners who have grown up around the North American Plains (like me!) will be able to share many experiences that have been mentioned in the song. “Where the Buffalo Roam” will stir up so many memories!

“Memoirs of Working in a Bowling Alley” by Dropper

Americana rock band hopes to relate to many listeners’ experiences with their song “Memoirs of Working in a Bowling Alley”. According to the artist, the song “is about working these types of jobs and how at times it makes you question humanity and never want to speak to a soul ever again; that emotional drain that can only be experienced when you’re dealing with shitty drunk people night after night.” Dropper holds nothing back as they showcase raw emotions of this emotional drain, both in the lyrics and their soundscape. Song breathes to life with its addictive hooks, electrifying guitars, and unapologetic mood.

BONUS: “Sad Boy (Sam Ourt & Juan Dileju Remix)” by R3HAB, Jonas Blue feat. Ava Max & Kylie Cantrall

BONUS: Hallelujah” by Mr. Ms. & the Infusions

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