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The Weekly 2022 for the Week of January 10 – January 16

Happy 2022! It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Pink Duct Tape” by Sugarstone

“Pink Duct Tape” by Sugarstone is a funky Synth-Punk track that is perfect for the start of your week. It was inspired by a sinister dream, which you can hear elements through the lyrics and the unique electronica techniques. The quirkiness of the musicality is what makes this song a must-listen. It seems like everything doesn’t fit together, but it does! All the quirky sounds from each element of the song fit perfectly to create this intriguing tune.

“Something In The Way” by Faded Rose

If you are a fan of Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, then you have to check out “Something In The Way” by Faded Rose. This mellow country track features gorgeous female vocals over a soothing acoustic guitar strumming along with bass and drums. But it is the vocals that listeners have to listen for as they soar musical heights that cannot be missed. Such a beautiful song!

“Miracles” by Luis Paul

Make your day even more magical with this gorgeous piano track by Luis Paul. “Miracles” is about the small and big miracles that we experience every day, although we don’t always notice them. How you perceive and value the world around you always depends on your perspective and mindset. Idyllic chord progressions flow throughout the song in a delicate and light manner. How the song twists and turns in each melody are delightful to hear. It is a perfect piece to start off your Monday on a positive note!

“Shot in the Back” by Slick Ringfield

Sit back and relax with this electrifying chillwave tune by Slick Ringfield. Let “Shot in the Back” take you on a journey of thick 80’s synth riff dancing around buzzing guitars. Listeners shouldn’t miss out on the slow sax lead that leaps in and out as it is enchanting. Slick Ringfield’s newest tune will take you on a nostalgic trip with chilled vibes.

“New Chapter” by Ant St.

Another great tune to make your week more relaxed with this bluesy tune by Ant St. “New Chapter” tells about the devastation and frustration of the last years of high school and university. This mellow blues-jazz tune starts off slow, but it turns to a fast-paced, bouncy jazz bop by the chorus. The jazzy yet mellow vocals are joined with the majestic trio of piano, bass, and acoustic drums. It is a fantastic jazz tune to listen to!

“Dreams and Hopes” by Angils

Angils channels a mellower side of the 90s grunge scene with their newest track “Dreams and Hopes”. Although a calmer track, dark alt-rock elements seep in at various points. Here and there, listeners will hear the grungy guitar pushing through, or the vocals taking a heavier tone in the chorus. If you are a fan of darker alt-rock or grunge, then you have to listen to “Dreams and Hopes” as it is a perfect blend of grungy and light.

“Simple” by Jason Schmidt

Jason Schmidt expresses the experiences of relationships in this slick pop tune. “Simple” begs the question of what we’re allowed to experience in a relationship with no future. We’re both in. We both know it’s not lasting more than this summer. Catchy pop hooks are laid over an upbeat electronic beat. The instrumentation is joined by melodic vocals that are very expressive yet sultry. “Simple” is a fun pop song that will have listeners dancing along to it!

“Grumpy Sun (Remix)” by Shannon Clark & the Sugar x A-F-R-O x Trus Real

“Grumpy Sun (Remix)” features a delicious mixture of Americana soul and old-school hip-hop. This remix was a collaboration between Shannon Clark & the Sugar, A-F-R-O, and Trus Real. The song starts off with the bittersweet, expressive Shannon Clark in a soulful country style. Then by midway, slick rap bars performed by A-F-R-O come cutting in to give listeners a wakeup about the perils of modern life. A-F-R-O’s rap bars and Shannon Clark’s catchy hooks (especially in the chorus) are what define this song as it is a total hit!

“The world is for all” by Heléne Hellmon

Heléne Hellmon’s newest track is a tropical indie-pop that many have to listen to in this current age. The lyrics talk about how we need to take care of each other and our world, and about being grateful for life itself in this pandemic era. “The world is for all” is a light-hearted pop with a tropical feel in its soundscape. Listeners cannot miss the chorus as catchy hooks are repeated over a slick, upbeat electronic instrumentation.

“One More Time” by Jesse Correll

Jesse Correll explores the addiction of love with his newest track “One More Time”. The artist uses the lyrics to explore where love ends and love addiction begins in the wake of a break-up.. This playful Indie Pop track features Correll’s silky vocals over a mixture of soulful, rock, and pop sounds in the instrumentation. Each melody attracts the listeners to listen further, begging for more. “One More Time” is a passionate track that is oozing with deliciousness in both the vocals and instrumentation. You cannot miss this track!

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