You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of April 4 – April 10

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of April 4 – April 10

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“New Love” by Michael T Downing

Get ready and chill with this sexy instrumental by American Jazz Fusion artist Michael T Downing. “New Love” is a chilled instrumentation track with a romantic feel to the chill-hop soundscape. It is the perfect track to listen to anyway because of its slick and chilled atmosphere!

“Ethereal” by Irish Sparrow

“I wrote this song on my keyboard when I was living abroad in Japan. I had gone through a breakdown because I was feeling alienated and alone in a foreign country. I was also going through a breakup and had recently dealt with some unrequited love – thus this song was born! I took it to a producer and he really helped it come to life.”

American Indie Folk singer-songwriter Irish Sparrow brings real-life experiences with her newest single “Ethereal”. Dealing with alienation and separated feelings, “Ethereal” was created. It is a wonderful song with melodic vocals that brings the listeners in with their emotional lyrics. Even though Irish Sparrow wrote the lyrics based on her experience, the words are written so well that anyone can relate to them, especially to those who felt like saying “I don’t feel like I belong in this world”. Such a powerful tune that I hope listeners feel empowered even from these sad words.

“Angeles” by Daniel Versman

“This song was written in the aftermath of a 6 month, cross-country tour in my bandmate’s minivan. After nightly performances and traversing nearly 5,000 miles of America, I returned home to California completely exhausted, unsure about my future in music. In a moment of introspection, ‘Angeles’ was written as a farewell song to my music career.”

American Pop Rock singer-songwriter Daniel Versman gets influenced by the music of Elliott Smith to craft his newest single “Angeles”. In a time of uncertainty, the artist paints this beautiful track that offers an inspective look at his feelings at the moment. Versman puts down any masks to offer his vulnerability in this song, and it is so gorgeous. His emotions and thoughts come crashing as waves as the melodies go through various moods and volumes. It is such a beautiful song that offers a glimpse into Versman’s wonderful songwriting as he really finely details his struggles with metaphors and relatable phrases. A must listen!

“What Happens Next” by Paul Weinfield

American singer-songwriter Paul Weinfield releases the single“What Happens Next” ahead of his anticipating fall album. It is a song about aging, loss, and hope for this beautiful, beautiful world. It is a gorgeous indie-folk that is easy to listen to. The soundscape is soft and melodic with soulful musicality and emotions sprinkled throughout. Listeners have to listen to the lyrics as they tell an important story, but also how Qwinfield crafts the melodies around them because it is brilliant! These melodies are so lovely!

“Golden Girl” by Ben Camden

Ben Camden is back with his newest single “Golden Girl”! Camden has a distinctive deep voice that is so beautiful and addictive to listen to in his music. His smooth baritone vocals are combined with the mellow melodies presented in a bare soundscape. But don’t be fooled by the light instrumentation as the artist’s indulgence and buoyance in his musicality is the key to making “Golden Girl” so well.

“The Laying Club” by Food Club

Get ready to dance with this funky Pop-Punk track by American artist Food Club. “The Laying Club” describes the loved one feels for their partner, in an ambitiously lazy, but very sweet way. The track mixes funky hip-hop verses that reference various things from pop culture to shapes to detail what the character doesn’t want to do. But then by the chorus, melodic vocals sing the character’s wishes about what they want to do with their lover. The chorus’ melodies are super catchy and will have listeners sing them over and over. “The Laying Club” is an awesome song that mixes two diverse musical genres together to create something unique.

“Afraid to Feel” by Brian David Collins

American jazz musician Brian David Collins reflects deeply in his newest track “Afraid to Feel”. This mellow track features lyrics that encourage anyone to break down barriers. Collins composes an interesting melody, especially with the piano, as includes some interesting piano techniques throughout. Don’t forget to listen to the very end as there is a key change that makes things interesting!

“Shake on the Floor” by Lucifers Beard

Post-grunge rock band Lucifers Beard lets go of any cultures and restrictive associations to create his own music, like his newest single. “Shake On The Floo” focuses on themes of control and/or lack of control. The track features compelling vocals that are layered on powerful rhythms and blazing guitar riffs. The song pays homage to British rock roots, but at the same time, hones in a sound that is emotive and contemporary. And the result is a really intriguing rock sound that is filled with lots of flavorful layers that cannot be missed.

“Run Follow” by Johnny Latebloom

Get ready to dance this week with “Run Follow” by German Indie Rock artist Johnny Latebloom. The artist blends the drum ‘n’ bass beat with the indie rock sound to create something upbeat. There are hints of 90s alt-rock, especially in the chorus, with the melody progression. The chorus is also a place to hear some hot guitar licks mixed with catchy melodies. “Run Follow” mixes dance with a rock to create an infectious melody that you can’t get out of your head!

“Say We Tried” by Jenny Kern x Jacob Neverhill

“”Say We Tried” captivates and depicts how hard it is to face the truth that a relationship is over while bringing the listener on an emotional journey. It evokes the emotions we feel when trying to understand our own actions and the actions of others. In the end, it’s about “calling it” when you know there’s nothing else you can do to save it. “

American Indie Pop singer-songwriter Jenny Kern is back with a new single entitled “Say We Tried” with Jacob Neverhill. This emotional journey of a relationship is over beautifully painted in this track. The feeling of heartbreak is present in all of the songs, from the melancholic soundscape to the melodic yet emotional vocals. Kern’s and Nverhill’s vocals mesh together so well as they bring a new depth of emotional pain to this song. So beautiful!

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