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The Weekly for the Week of August 2 – August 8

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“This House” by Paige Shannon

About the song: “I turned 22 in May, and I’m moving out for good this month. I wrote, “This House” with my dad, Harry Shannon, about leaving home behind, growing up and getting older, and facing change head-on. I hope you love it as much as I do.” — Paige Shannon

“After the Renaissance Comes the Blues” by Rose Spearman

About the song: “The song tells the story of an illicit love affair that crossed multiple racial and social boundaries in New York/Harlem, against the background of Jazz as a rising art form. How the personal, historical, and social intermingle and – as the album reflects are passed down as learnings or the need to learn through generations.” — Rose Spearman

“Let’s do Happy” by Victoria Simmonds

About the song: “It is a feel-good song that is upbeat and enjoyed by all generations. It has a Rock / Country flavour to it and at the moment it is just what people need to hear this summer” — Victoria Simmonds

“Vanish” by Giveon (Remixed by Klarck)

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“Downfall” by Frankie Maurie

About the song: “Downfall is a song about jumping into a serious relationship and fearing the worst that could happen, it’s about being so head over heels for someone that you start to worry about how it might end and how it may affect you.” — Frankie Maurie

“Umweg” by Luis Ake

About the song:“The song is about a detour you have to make every day to avoid walking past the house of your ex-partner. This detour always costs you 10 minutes and reminds you of the past time, which you mourn after). Everybody knows this situation, especially if you live in the same part of town. Once there was great happiness, now it’s only constant suffering.

In the end, you emancipate yourself from the street and turn into a bird to fly back to the balcony of your former love to say that you still love her.” — Luis Ake

“He Knew How To Love (Live At The Florist)” by Georgia Cécile

About the artist: One of UK Jazz’s hottest new prospects, Georgia Cécile is at the helm of an exciting new wave of UK female jazz talents. Tipped as ‘One To Watch’ by BBC Introducing and Jazzwise Magazine, Cécile’s stock has been rising on the strength of her live performances and her songwriting partnership with award-winning pianist/composer Euan Stevenson. She has an accessible approach to jazz (with pop to soul influences) which is key to her crossover appeal as she cites contemporaries such as Celeste, Melody Gardot, and Gregory Porter as influences – as well as old favourites like Stevie Wonder, Sarah Vaughan, and Nina Simone.

“Boulders” by Dane Roberts

About the artist: Emerging singer-songwriter Dane Roberts imbues his writing with a sensibility beyond his years. His atmospheric, harmonious sound is laced with thought-provoking ideas, finding sense in an overly complex reality. Nothing if not multi-faceted, beyond the melodic acoustic writer is a promising young producer, drawing on a lifetime of musicianship to craft beautiful soundscapes.

“Down Day” by Jayd

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“Girl With A Gun” by SHNO

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The Weekly Playlist

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