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The Weekly for the Week of August 23 – 29

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Gracie” by Nature TV

About the band: Door-to-door heartbreak salesmen, Nature TV, is of Guy (guitar & vocals), Josh (bass), Zal (drums), and James (lead guitar & backing vocals). Straddling the line between indie-pop and psych-rock, their familiar yet unique sound is often compared to Peach Pit, Real Estate, and Beach Fossils.

“I’m Just a Man” by ID MUSEUM

About the song: “We would like to start by reminding you that this song has nothing to do with a man or a specific gender. We all are the heroes of this story. We wanted to express our longing for a person, an animal, a plant, or anything that we love and respect through the song. Sometimes we just wait for the one who left… We simply wait… ” — ID MUSEUM

“Bon Iver” by Spilt Milk Society

About the song:: “The song was written by band members Harry Handford and Steven Holmes as a lament on past relationships. The song details the aftermath of a breakup as the character stirs in his house trying to occupy his thoughts, feeling uneasy and unsure whether to regret the loss of the relationship or embrace the future. Trying to relax he puts on some slow music, Bon Iver’s music sounds out and the guy finds himself a mess, realising that he can’t bring himself to listen to music that was once theirs” — Spilt Milk Society

“Daughter of Country” by Megan and Shane

About the artist: Between the two of them, Megan and Shane Baskerville have played just about every kind of American music you can imagine. Born in Wisconsin and based in the Southwest—with a lot of rambling in between—they’re veterans of punk scenes, bluegrass circuits, ska bands, even hip-hop acts, all of which inform their work with the School of Rock franchises they operate in Arizona.

But nearest and dearest to their hearts is country music, which allows them a unique opportunity to meld all these disparate interests and to air their darkest secrets. Defined by Megan’s force-of-nature vocals and Shane’s inventive guitar playing, their full-length debut, Daughter of Country, is a memoir set to music, every word the God’s honest truth, as the husband-wife duo re-create the sounds pioneered by their heroes while putting their own personal spin on the genre. 

“One More Lie” by Chinaski

About the band: The Post-Grunge LA-based Chinaski carries Alt-Rock right up to the edge with its distinctive combination of driving rhythms, a guitar barrage out of the early ’90s, and a songwriting style that falls just left of the mainstream. Intelligent lyricism, no-frills musicality, and a straight shot directly into the listener — it’s a power punch to the innards driven by both brains and brawn. Chinaski has a simple approach to Rock: that rock itself shouldn’t be so simple, and listeners rave about their lean, smart, and stripped-down style.

“Art of Manipulation” by SINISTRA

About the song: “This song describes a game of influence. Questioning if the goals we set for ourselves in life are truly our own or are we playing someone else’s game? Musically I was inspired by Indian and Middle Eastern type themes plus the musical influences of Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Tool, and David Bowie” — SINISTRA

“Just Another Pawn” by Fernando Antunnes

About the song: “Just Another Pawn” is a powerful alternative rock song, heavily influenced by British bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles but with some Brazilian flavors. “The song is a criticism of the consumption alienation and how it transforms people. It’s about the journey of those who were caught lost in materialistic life.” Fernando Antunnes said.

“Nights Like This” by OCTAVIO The Dweeb

About the song: OCATAVIO The Dweeb shares a first listen of his new single “Nights Like This,” an angsty-alt-rock track that unveils a side of OCTAVIO we haven’t seen yet. Grungy percussion and a late-night guitar melody come together to create an anthemic track about the difficulties of being a striving artist.

“FLOOD” by Dana and the Wolf

About the song: “As much as we advocate for non-monogamy, it has its downsides. Opening yourself up to more relationships means opening yourself up to more potential disasters. Doing polyamory takes some major maturity and let’s just say we learned a lot of lessons the hard way. 

This was the first relationship I ever ended due to a difference of principles rather than a lack of love. I knew it was the right thing for both of us, but the feelings that erupted from it was, well… FLOOD.” — Dana and the Wolf

“Ghost” by The Frontier

About the artist: The Frontier is a one-man indie/acoustic project emerging from the D.C. area that combines indie rock and acoustic pop to make a unique sound of its own. Formed in 2016, the band has already garnered the likes of producer Austin Bello (Universal Records and Forever the Sickest Kids).

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