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The Weekly for the Week of December 20 – December 26

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Good Doors Bad Doors” by Warren Cockrell

Warren Cockrell displays his vocal power with his latest single “Good Doors Bad Doors”. The song explores the anxiety, nihilism, and alienation that comes from living in the modern-day world. Yet, it seeks to find a brief release of hope and peace of mind. Cockrell’s vocals are layered across a soothing mixture of rock and experiment experience to create a flavorful musical experience. The true star is the vocals are they display a wide range of vocal expressions through their passion and power. It is an exhilarating listen!

“Jez Dame” by Keith Rayburn x Rayburn Brothers Band

Keith Rayburn is back with his band Rayburn Brothers Band to release the song “Jez Dame”, a play on the term “Just Aim” and “Just Dame”. Rayburn’s hearty vocals take the center stage as they sing an ear-pleasing set of melodies. They will sure to lure the audience as the melodies twist and turn with such funky, cool undertones. Don’t forget to listen to the end because the solo guitar solo and how Rayburn changes up the ending chorus is something to listen for. It is very funky!

“Take the Bait” by Miles Newsom

Singer-songwriter Miles Newsom creates a soothing atmosphere with his latest single “Take the Bait”. The lyrics are an inner dialogue that questions a relationship that is ultimately not going to work..The tune features a comforting atmosphere with laid-back guitars strumming a compounded set of notes. Newsom’s vocals are distorted somewhat, yet they don’t seem to affect the song negatively. Instead, it brings an interesting aspect to the song as the contrast between the vocals and instrumentation is pleasing. It is a great song to listen to anywhere!

“Home – Caribe Mix” by Séa Byrne

Come and dance with the light-hearted atmosphere of Séa Byrne’s “Home – Caribe Mix”. The lyrics talk about the “feeling at home” in the modern sense of the word – where people are moving around the globe, missing their homes of origin, and building new homes in other places. “Home is where the heart is.” The Caribe Mix mix of the Séa Byrne tune was done so well. The tropical vibes in this remix are very cheerful, relaxing, and have some addictive flavors to this interesting rock song. Perfect song to dance to!

“Tell Me Something Good” by Nature TV

UK Nature TV created a dreamy indie-pop atmosphere with “Tell Me Something Good”. Listeners will notice a familiar yet unique sound with this Nature TV tune. It features that unique indie pop/rock sound that you hear from artists like Peach Pit, Real Estate, and Beach Fossils. However, it is done in a style that is unique to Nature TV with the way the band crafts the melody and vocals. The vocals and the dreamy guitar riffs are something to really listen to as they are filled with flavorful morsels that are pleasing to listen to!

“No Pain – Live” by Eric Hagen

Eric Hagen takes this Marcus King tune to the next level with his own rendition. Hagen takes a Blues/Americana spin of this tune that is worthy of a listen. Hagen delivers a powerful performance with his vocals filled with zest, power, and so many emotions. His performance feels like you are sitting there with him as he lays everything out with a certain type of bareness. Listeners should listen to the end as Hagen displays his remarkable skills as a musician with a thrilling solo where the artist just rocks out by freestyling.

“All My Love” by Matt Reynolds

Get ready to make your week more exciting with this relaxing EDM tune by Matt Reynolds. “All My Love” is a mixture of EDM and Indie Pop that have listeners soar with the laid-back, sweet synth atmosphere. The instrumentation is supported by honeyed female vocals that share the same sentiments of being relaxed and just so pleasing to listen to. There is a soaring electronic guitar solo during the break that adds a pop of excitement to the tune.It is the perfect tune to start your week off with its alleviated mood!

“Out of the Ballpark” by Forwardman

Finnish Indie Rock artist Fowardman delivers a euphonious performance with their latest single “Out of the Ballpark”. The song features a mixture of blazing rock instruments with an intense brass section to create the song’s unique sound. This mixture of brass and rock instrument is very interesting and a great listen as the brass section adds unique sounds that you don’t usually listen to in an indie-rock tune. The artist’s vocals add a nice touch to the tune as well with their euphonic tones. You have to check this one out!

“Western Sky” by Those Damned Jackdaw Saints

Those Damned Jackdaw Saints capture a unique snapshot with the musical aspect of their latest single “Western Sky”. The band wanted to capture a snapshot of the storms on the horizon with this song. Listeners hear it vividly in the lyrics and the instrumentation, especially during the chorus. The band chooses the right words to describe this storm perfectly. Musically, you can hear this storm brewing in the electrifying guitar riffs that seer open like a storm is brewing. But, the vocals deliver the same energy with their brash tones narrating addicting melodies. Those Damned Jackdaw Saints did a great job capturing the sentiments of a brewing storm in their new single.

“Green Bananas” by Man Tau

German Lo-Fi Rock artist Man Tau goes from the surface to diving deep with this song. Man Tau hopes that listeners will listen to the song fully to understand how the artist went from the surface to deep under. I can’t spoil how the artist does as I would love you to listen to the song, but the technique is there and they did an amazing job with doing so. Though “Green Bananas” feature some bizarre lyrics, it is a rock song that listeners have to pay attention to its musicality as it is very detailed yet ear-pleasing.

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