You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 28 – March 6

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of February 28 – March 6

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“My Only Friend” by Brian Mackey

American singer-songwriter Brian Mackey is back with his newest single “My Only Friend”. It’s a song about 2 friends who forgive and can be honest with each other about anything. Mackey’s songs are special as they are filled with pure honesty from the songwriter’s personal viewpoints. The distinctive lyrics are coupled with a up0beat yet feel-good Americana melody. It is quite a listen!

“I Don’t Talk To Boys That Make Me Cry” by Penny Lame

Make the high-energy “I Don’t Talk To Boys That Make Me Cry” the rock anthem of your year! An empowering song that tells about takes relief after a relationship goes sour. The chorus just screams with the blazing guitars and raw vocals that take the energy to the next level. Everything about this song is super catchy, from the delicious melodies to the blazing instrumentations. It will have you sing “I Don’t Talk To Boys That Make Me Cry” over and over again!

“Ashgrove” by Colour Tongues

“”Ashgrove” is named after a small suburb outside of Brisbane, Australia, and represents a place where you learned to sink, or to swim, and came into your own as an adult.”

Canadian indie rock group reminiscences on living life with their current single “Ashgroove”. The lyrics ponder on the memories of the exhilarating adventure of navigating life when we were younger. It is a high-energy rock tune with a mixture of cool vocals and blazing instrumentation. The genuinely found in the song’s lyrics is what makes this song such a pleasure to the song as listeners can connect to the narrative so easily.

“Super” by Xris Beltran

American alt-rock singer brings his unique musicality style in his latest single “Super”. This song is a quick glimpse of the wacky ups and downs of his life thus far. “Super” is going back and forth from catchy rap verses to slick rock verses. It might sound like a weird mixture but Xris does an amazing job blending the two sections together to create a popping track. From the first beat, listeners will enjoy the uniqueness of “Super” which is super catchy and an attention-grabber.

“Every Other Hour” by Steven Sater

Steven Saters tells an endearing vocal prowess with their latest single “Every Other Hour”. The track talks about young lovers who are caught up short but trying to regain those moments in the past once more. It is an up-tempo commercial tune that has elements of jazz sprinkled throughout. But it is Sater’s vocal performance that listeners have to listen to! An emotional performance from start to end. It will sure to capture anyone’s attention with explosive energy, diverse range, and the stylistic vocal techniques that take this song to the next level. Such an amazing listen!

“Your Vibe” by Promantz

Get ready for a high-energy workout with this blast from a past tune by Promantz. Thought released in 2021, “Your Vibe” has throwback elements from the 90s with heavy synth riffs, slick R&B vocals, and a dark bassline. There is a sweet contrast in the track with the dark bassline and lyrics with the bright melody featured in the chorus. But listen to the end as there are some awesome synth riffs that buzz with the 80s/90s.

“Turned Over” by Kohei Okutani

Kohei Okutani thinks back to his childhood dreams in his newest single “Turned Over”. This tune features authentic lyrics that reflect on the artist’s roots and dreams of an aspiring teenager who dreams of becoming a rock star. It features an honest feel with the instrumentation featuring a chilled organ, an acoustic guitar strumming along, and a subdued guitar that surprises listeners at the end. The turning point of “Turned Over” is the raw emotions displayed in the vocals. If you like James Bay, Kodaline, and James Blunt, then you will love “Turned Over”.

“Midnight Man” by Jaguar Sun

Explore It is a nod to those midnight summer walks where all you can do is think back on old memories and think about where you’ll be tomorrow. It is a mellow indie-rock tune with a lush blend of soothing vocals and acoustic instrumentation. This is the perfect tune to cruise around on a sunny day, to relax after a long day of work.

“Laura” by Sofi Gev

“We used a French Connection analog synth to produce the song’s signature piano melody and added Moog bass, strings, and electric guitar to add character and emotion. I could never have improved on the original, but I hope listeners enjoy it and that it leads more people to Natasha’s music.”

Sofi Gev is back with her cover of the impressive song “Laura” by Bat for Lashes. Using the instrumentation as a basis for the song’s emotion, Sofi Gev gives “Laura” a personal touch with her own musicality. The verses swell with each musical note until it crashes with full-blown energy and passion at the chorus. But Sofi Gev doesn’t do this with the instrumentation, but her voice as well as how she performs the songs in something to listen for. It is such a touching cover for a lovely song!

“Romantica” by Peter Cavallo

Enjoy this marvelous orchestra piece by Australian musician Peter Cavallo. It features him on solo violin with Prague String Orchestra. It is the perfect tune to study with as it has dynamic sections yet calmed with soft strings melodies. It is quite a relaxing listen!

BONUS: “Road Leading Nowhere” by Andy Vought

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