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The Weekly for the Week of July 12 – July 18

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Eclipse” by Love Crumbs

About the song: “The track is about trying to connect with someone and not being able to despite the best of intentions. It’s about the things that aren’t said or are left unsaid.

I had a relationship that ended kind of suddenly, and I kind of didn’t know why. It was a meaningful relationship to me. The person was typing to me (as evidenced by the “…”) but I never got to hear their response. Closure isn’t something that someone gives us, in the end. It’s something that we have to come to on our own. ” —Love Crumbs

“Nightstand” by Keep it a Secret

About the band: Nightstand is about the melancholy of looking back on relationships and the accidental, self-destructive behavior that can stem from ignorant innocence. Life is about learning, and emotional learning often requires feeling hurt, but it’s never the end of the world. Even if it feels like it sometimes.

“June” by Kat Hammock

About the song: “I was inspired to write “June” after having a conversation with a friend whose new relationship unexpectedly shifted to long-distance at the beginning of the pandemic.

The song is written from the perspective of a college student who is in a long-distance relationship over the summer (and anxiously awaiting returning to school/relationship normalcy). I attend a college that’s across the country from my home, so the song is a mix of personal experience, artistic license, and the anecdotes of friends :)” — Kat Hammock

“Coolin While Ur Foolin” by Driver45

Make sure to check out the band on their Instagram!

“Break Me” by Ryan Hendrix

About the song: “”Break Me” is about several relationship issues I go through and don’t think I can work through. It feels like it’s too much for me and my significant other to get through. We go through the same cycle every day and can never break it so why are we trying?” — Ryan Hendrix

“Shining” by Erick Tyler

About the artist: A 4th generation musician, Erick Tyler has followed in his family’s footsteps. His grandparents met during the 1960’s playing in a band together in Southern California. Singing & playing guitar ran through Erick’s blood and at age 9 he immersed himself in mastering the guitar. He spent his teenage years obsessed with guitar and baseball. After high school, he received an athletic scholarship to play college baseball in New Mexico.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, Erick came back to Fresno, CA, and became a substitute teacher. He quickly realized that music was what he wanted and started performing at open mics around Central California. His first band, The Erick Tyler Trio, was playing 3-4 nights a week at coffee shops, wineries & bars across California.

“The Moon” by Dempsey Bolton

About the song: “The Moon” is a feel-good track that aims to deal with mental health in a way that is charismatic and accessible. Soulful harmonies, quirky background vocals, and a fat bassline drive the energy forward, setting the tone for a Mac Miller-esque production. Through tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Dempsey Bolton is able to deliver plenty of lines that will resonate with anyone who has been going through the pandemic blues over the last year:

“Come On Get Up” by Emmanuella

About the song: ‘‘This song is an extension of the love, both given and received, within my support system but also a reminder that even in the midst of varying external circumstances, in situations that are outside of our control and when the words of encouragement begin to die down, we are each left with one choice… do I tap out? Or do I get back up for round 2? I hope we continue to choose the latter.” — Emmanuella

“After All” by Couchsleepers

About the band: Folk storytelling that tastes like indie rock; a soundtrack for the restless nights.

Couchsleepers was formed in 2019 by writer, producer, and neuroscientist Harrison Wood Hsiang, uniting under a single name a sprawling collective of musicians and artists. The band made its debut with the nine-track Only When It’s Dark in late February of 2020. Their debut tour took them through many colleges (Middlebury, Vassar, MIT), festivals (Nocturne, The Miscellaneous), and venues (Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, Pianos, ArtsRiot, Once Somerville, …) before being abbreviated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Rollercoaster” by Masahiro Shinoda

About the song: “Getting out of your comfort zone would be a difficult thing more than it sounds. anybody wants to avoid having any troubles from doing so, but it would be the only way for you to get what you’ve been craving for from the bottom of your heart. Don’t be hesitant to step forward to your dream.” — Masahiro Shinoda

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