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The Weekly for the Week of July 5 – July 11

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Chasing Stars” by 4nzek

About the artist: A genre-alchemist working to bring something new to the EDM/bass scene…or to bring the genre to places it’s never been via the production of “deep hybrids”. Showcasing his innovative production style, 4nzek has released more than forty multi-genre tracks averaging about 9-minutes long each that incorporate multiple electronic dance music styles including trap, electro house, dubstep, and progressive house.

4nzek seamlessly transitions between each style as if it were a DJ mix. With powerful deep bass lines, electro-infused synths and uplifting melodies throughout, 4nzek’s music is consistently diverse and unpredictable.

“Whisper” by Tryzdin

About the song: Sixteen-year-old breakout artist Tryzdin releases his second single as a solo artist, ‘Whisper’ on the 29th of January via Grá Mór Phonic Records. The song is the first of its kind to be written by Tryzdin himself, with long-term collaborator Marc Darcange (Saint Mars) crafting the arrangements. The song was produced by Billboard Top Twenty/UK no 1 rising DJ/Producer Herbert Skillz (Wayne Wonder, Pit Bull, Tory Lanez, King Doe Boi, Alonestar, Ed Sheeran) and features Pharrell Williams/N.E.R.D. guitarist Brent Paschke.

“Y2K” by Darth Nater

About the artist: Darth Nater is the solo project of Buffalo-based musician Nate Noworyta. Rooted in indie rock and pop-punk music, Noworyta’s songs are marked by his nimble lyricism which combines storytelling, dry wit, and raw emotion. His latest single, Y2K, is a visceral dive into the psyche of a teenaged doomsday cultist.

“Slowly” by CBKtraxx

About the song: “It felt like the words should be about getting to know someone. Slowly. So the words and chorus are “Slowly”. Day by day. Enjoying things slow might make it last longer. It is a song that wrote itself in 15 minutes and wanted to get out there. Electric piano. Retro influenced.” — CBKtraxx

“The Cosmo Carnival” by THROPUS

About the artist: Form in 2010 by Okarifumi, La (FROITO), Pikaichirou Wakinishi (FROITO / Tomy Wealth), and Drumkun (Drumkan). DJ Broccoli (IN THE SUN) participated as a noise mixer, and Yukari on Demand participated as a chorus. In the live performance, the band’s icon, the mysterious mandrill, PING-WOO, will be added, the experimental stage with entertainment that stimulates sight and hearing will be a hot topic.

While influenced by NY No Wave, New Wave / Post Punk, and US Indie Rock, it develops a unique alternative sound that combines electronic dynamics and progressive development with a modern feel.

“Keep Your Love On” by JUICYPEAR

About the song: “Being married is not always an easy task. You may have to stretch in ways you never thought you would and talk about emotions you never thought you had. But throughout the process of being in this relationship with each other you start to see your love growing for one another as you “use your words” to communicate and grow together. Keeping your love on for one another as you give each other space to grow and learn and be.” — JUICYPEAR

“Lust in Light” by Danto

About the song: “”Lust in Light” is a celebration of love. It’s a hand that reaches out to radiate warmth. It’s a torch that we carry for each other’s tenderness. It’s a luminosity that unifies us all.” — Danto

“The Fear” by Brandon Howard Roy

About the artist: Brandon Howard Roy is a Music PEI-award nominated queer singer-songwriter based in Charlottetown, PEI. Born and raised in Montreal, he took classical piano lessons in his youth and practiced a total of 6 times in 8 years. The piano, however, would become his lifelong songwriting companion, and his first complete song It Kills Me Inside topped the charts in mom and dad’s living room some 14 years ago.

“Let It Pass” by Travis Shallow

About the song: “I released this song on Cavity Search Records out of Portland, Oregon on June 26th 2020. I was watching an old dear friend of mine going through a separation, and she was holding onto the idea of how things used to be in that relationship, and fighting the gut feeling that she knew it was over. It was toxic and time for her to leave. I told her “it’s like your holding onto an electric fence, when all you have to do to stop the pain is let go.” The chorus lyrics came after that, “if it ain’t meant to last, you gotta let it pass..” – It’s a universal truth.” — Travis Shallow

“One For The Ages” by Devin Farney

About the artist: Devin Farney is no stranger to the pop/rock/indie scene as well, frequently playing piano, keyboard/synth, and guitar with groups and artists including The Love Dimension, Mark Nelsen, and many others.  

His 2014 EP Lost In The Cloud was released by Black Toast Records.  Devin has also independently released two full albums of original music: Some Were Made Of Gingerbread and Magnum Passion

The Weekly Playlist

Check out the songs on this week’s The Weekly!

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