You are currently viewing The Weekly for the Week of September 6 – September 12

The Weekly for the Week of September 6 – September 12

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now!

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“Medicine Gun” by Dr. Zwig

About the artist: Meet Dr. Adam Zwig—psychologist-musician, educator, and author. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology, has had 9 Top Ten hit singles on the U.S Adult Contemporary charts, and is an internationally renowned workshop leader and lecturer. He has been featured on Billboard, SiriusXM Radio, CBS Radio, and many other stations, and in People Magazine, Pollstar, and many other publications. Dr. Zwig has released 7 albums, has songs on NBC, Fox, and Fuel TV, and has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube.

“One Night Only” by Sydney Raneé

About the artist: Sydney Raneé is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and producer with a stage presence you won’t forget. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sydney’s dynamic voice has drawn in fans everywhere from Australia, Italy, Greece, and Singapore to name a few. She began performing at the age of 10 and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Cornish College for the Arts. Sydney doesn’t recognize any boundaries in her music, which is primarily R&B/Soul yet contains elements of jazz, funk, rock, and pop. 

“Can You Fell It” by Starzun

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“Too Much” by RUTHIE

About the song: “Too Much (Confidence)” is the song to give you that extra push to show off your worth to anyone that may be in the way. The effortless expression of the power each of us possesses, knowingly or otherwise, is what we all need to hear. You don’t have to give anyone your heart, but some confidence never hurt anybody. 

“Get Up” by Beau Audio

About the song: “This song is a call to dance, a metaphor for being happy and having a good life. It’s a dance song with Jazz elements constructed over a driving bass line.” — Beau Audio

“The Way I Do” by Manny Wilde

About the song: “This song tells a story of love at first sight, with a beautiful woman that has completely captivated the heart of the singer. He is completely spellbound by her and has wishful thoughts of spending the whole night together until the morning comes up.” — Manny Wilde

“Cry No More” by VG Rasta

About the artist: VG Rasta better known as VIBEGOD , is an upcoming female independent artist. Native of South Carolina, she embraced music at a very young age, starting her musical aspirations in the church. Known for her versatility and determination to succeed, she strives to touch all walks of life through music.


About the song: I’m RIICK, an R&B/Pop singer and songwriter from Portugal. This is my new single “Love in the Air”. It’s a love song with a catchy summer vibe that I’ve been obsessed with!

“Jigsaw” by Maygen & The Birdwatcher

About the song: The new single from Minnesota-based folk turned genre-bending Americana-Newgrass duo Maygen & The Birdwatcher. Entitled “Jigsaw” the track is an “honest look at the dynamics of what family life really is. I know MANY families that were entirely shaken by the pandemic and the newfound EXTRA EXTRA time with only the people under their roof. You’ve got a number of individual humans with all their own wants/needs/quirks/triggers all living in the same space. It can be a PUZZLE to figure out how to keep everyone feeling loved, valued, and heard. It’s important to continually shift and shape your unique family into something that can thrive no matter what life throws at you.” 

“Stay Between The Lines” by Alicia Stockman

About the song: “”Stay Between The Lines,” was written during a long drive home from New Mexico and the highway-inspired single discuss how we all can sometimes “dance between right and wrong and personal limits and boundaries to keep life interesting.” The reverb-drenched guitar and wild west twang make “Stay Between The Lines” an alluring listen.” — Alicia Stockman

The Weekly Playlist

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