You are currently viewing The Weekly 2022 for the Week of July 4 – July 10

The Weekly 2022 for the Week of July 4 – July 10

It’s another round of The Weekly. Each week, I will feature ten songs that you should be listening to and checking out this week! You can check the songs out in this post on the Spotify playlist at the end of this post! Let’s check out the song now.

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“Happier Now” by Elizabeth

“Happier Now is about the feelings that come after a heartbreak, you know, you are getting better, you are healthier, you won’t fall apart if you see your ex at a party. But you also start to have the rose-colored nostalgia for a relationship that was no good and wondering what could have been if you’d been able to make it work.” — Elizabeth

“Gemini” by Cassie Marin

“I’ve always had the tendency to look at things from both sides — it comes with the positive of not being quick to judge, but when it pertains to analyzing my characters, it can create a confusing and inescapable duality that becomes, at times, overwhelming. The song sees me tackling one side of myself with humor and the other side of myself with passion.

One side feels deserving of the good things that come to me while the other side feels stuck in an unwanted habit of self-sabotage. It’s a bit of a mood swing of a song that I feel many can relate to. Ultimately, it’s about acknowledging the partitioned soul, the partitioned mind, and attempting to fuse them against the forces that repel them.”--Cassie Marin

“Touch (feat. Rromarin)” by Golden Features

“Touch was born from that synth riff. I fought it for so long, feeling it was too happy and upbeat. After giving it some space I reharmonized everything under the riff and it instantly made me feel something. Claire (Rromarin) had actually recorded these vocals for another song on the record, but the lyrics just felt right for Touch” says Stell on the new single. “To me it encapsulates that feeling after the rave… At the kick-on laying with your head in somebody’s lap, smoking a cigarette while they play with your hair.” — Golden Features

“Cold Nights” by LZRD

“”Cold Nights” is LZRD’s biggest release yet. It’s an amazing song perfect for those unforgettable summer moments with friends and family. It also happens to be his strongest production to date, and it features the vocal performance from a well-established singer, which is why there is no doubt “Cold Nights” will be the soundtrack to everyone’s summer.” — LZRD

“Just a Blues” by Pablo Pohlmann

A professional musician since 2005, Pablo Pohlmann, has toured bars, clubs and concert halls in several states of Brazil. Whether it’s an acoustic solo show or accompanied by your band, your goal is always to distill your rock/blues, which mixes influences from country – blues – hard rock, presenting in their shows their own songs and re-readings of the greatest classics of Brazilian and International rock.

“Say What You Wanna Say” by This Kind Of Things

“This is a true story about a great friend who got involved with bad companions and ended up hooked on drugs. He knew no boundaries, let alone the word “no”. Today he is recovered and this song is my tribute to him.” — This Kind Of Things

“As We Go” by Jack Greenwood & TeawhYB

“October Song (with Christoph Otto Beyer & Albert Zilverberg)” by Ingo Höricht

“A large-scale title for cello and piano in D minor. After a piano intro, a widely curved cello melody begins, touching all registers of the instrument. Very melodic, very epic, very classical, the piano part is very finely worked out. ” — Ingo Höricht

“You in Your Rare Ugliness” by Welcome Strawberry

“Warp Speed” by Jonny Cool

“”Warp Speed” is a song written by # 1 R&B songwriter Jonny Cool. The song is about the need for love in an urgent way. Jonny Cool originally wrote and produced ‘Warp Speed’, which led to collaboration with musicians Jake Allegar on guitar and bass, Trevor Ryan Scott on drums, and Stefen Vereen on the epic synth strings outro.” — Jonny Cool

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